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Support me on my trip to Space

I am currently competing for the Hackaday Prize 2015. The grand prize is a trip to space, a dream (yes, just a dream) since my childhood. You can support me by following me and giving my project 'skulls'.

Thank you, LMR!

Issues with my nozzle (Whey!)

I am having a bit of trouble with my 3D printer at the moment, and thought I could gain some wisdom from our 3D printing geniuses (plural?) here on LMR.

My extruder keeps blocking, I am using PLA, printing at 190 degree's, with a hotbed of 57 degrees

The printer is a makerbot replicator 2 clone, called the duplicator.

Seckill Activity: ICStation Atmega328P UNO R3 Dev. Board $7.00

ICStation New Seckill Activity is ON now.

Dagu Playful Puppy

I purchased the playfuy puppy kit for my daughter to build as school project.  It is the smaller one which I believe is the newer kit.  We got it assembled and it appeared the code uploaded ok. It wasn't functioning as anticipated and I planned to investigate further this past weekend. I did that and now I get the following error message whenever I try to upload the code "avrdude:verification error, first mismatch at byte 0x0000  0x00 !=0x3b.

LMR scrapbook

Hey guys,

More and more often our work is showcased on other sites - let's have it collected, links, scrapbook :)

pot with 6 pin

can i use a stereo pot as a mono pot to controll a servomotor

Geneva mechanism on Arduino

I am trying to make a Geneva wheel using Arduino.

The hexagon Geneva magnificent mechanism allows a rotating wheel to stop at each of 6 steps on the wheel for a short while and them move to the next one. It can be designed for octagon, pentagon, or anygon..

see this link abot Geneva mechanism


Below is a suggested code for a 4 stops using a sensor on arduino. Can anyone comment if it works ?



Bluetooth module as a key sniffer on Arduino?

Recently, I've come accros a keylogger in a wallwart charger. It uses a RF transciever, I think. Would it be possible to substitute the RF with Bluetooth?


Hello..am 2 weeks old to arduino projects..i had been using timing all this while to control my rover...now, i wanted to shift to using encoders..am facing quite some problems..am using arduino uno and a two amp motor shield..this is code i am trying to use..am using a 8V Li-po battery

http://www.myduino.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=170&search=rover+5 (link to rover)

http://www.myduino.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=131&search=motor+shield (link to motoshield)

LMR shop

I just wanted everyone to know how freaking awesome this is. I took FritsL up on the "Buy something for a dollar to test it" deal and then told him not to bother sending the actual merchandise, just to keep the dollar, but it was too late-Gamborg had already sent it! Well, from Denmark to the U.S. took almost no time, and I got the best deal on a tilt sensor ever. Anyway, support LMR and buy and sell some shit through the LMR Marketplace. You can literally get a Propeller for $1 there!