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Good Motor Controller?

I've been looking for a motor controller that I can use for my Arduino. I've been over multiple stores, but I'm not sure which would work best for an Arduino Uno. I'm also looking for a Triple h bridge or higher so I can control more than 2 DC motors. Range needed is at least 5v- 12v. Anyone have any good suggestions, first time using a controller that doesn't have motor controls built in.

For the tl:dr; version:
*I need a motor controller that fits on an ardunino uno
*Works at least in the 5v min range
*Needs to control 3 or more DC motors if possible

Problems with TowerPro SG90 servos and Pololu Mini Maestro 24

Hi all,

I am in the process of connecting up 18 Tower Pro SG90 servos to a Pololu Mini Maestro 24 controller to complete my build of a Plen 2 (Custom redesigned to fit the above servos and allow space to carry the controller).

I am using an adjustable power supply that has voltages of 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 and 12vdc.  The label says that the output is 300mA 3.6 VA max.  I am suspicious this could be my problem detailed below.

What questions to ask during an interview

More and more I find myself interviewing new staff for our company, with the remit being - find another you. I am currently overloaded justnow because i am multidicplinary, but i cannot seem to find anyone else who is - they are either, mechanics, programmers, electronic engineers or mechanical engineers. What kind of questions can i ask to dig up the real interviewee? The boss wont let me base my decision to hire on the ' do you own a raspberry pi? Or have you ever wanted to build a lifesize dalek?

Powering SG90 servos with lipo and BEC

Hi there,

I'm building a robot with 15+ SG90 micro servo's.

To power it, I've bought a 2C lipo battery, and a 5/6 volt BEC.

I've hooked up the BEC's 5v (red) to all the servo's red, and the BEC's ground to the servo's ground, as well as some arduino grounds (that control the servo).

The BEC has an on/off switch.  When the BEC is switched to off, and I plug the battery into the BEC, a surge of current flows through to the motors.  They all "twitch" very rapidly, and I've had some wires melt/smoke.

My questions are:

Trouble getting Redbot to turn using encoders

I am trying to turn a redbot precisely (relative) 90° using the encoders but I cannot figure out how to do this using the encoder tutorial. Any thoughts on how to do this?

I think i am getting lost in the serial side of things. Pretty much i want the robot to drive straight turn 90° drive the same disrance back and end up back at the start. 

Wha are the basics of robotics that I've to start learning

Hi, I'm a biginner in robotics, so I don't know what are the basics that I should learn, or start with, so please can you guide.

PICAXE-28 Project Board & A Voltage Regulator

im looking to use 7.2 V lipo battery with the PICAXE-28 Project Board, can i add a 5V voltage regulator to the board?


Phoenix code my hexapod

Ive built a small hexapod using MG90 servos and i would like to use a lynxmotion SSC-32 and botboarduino to control it using the phoenix code. Im actually looking for the proper code and some kind of step by step guide to configuring the firmware and stuff. Ive been looking at the arbotix code and can see that i need to change some numbers like the coxa length, femur length and ETC. But im sure theres a few more things that need to be changed. I also want to use my PS2 controller to operate it during off-line play.