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Beginner Questions

I would like to know where to purchase a lightweight but strong pinion and rack gears - the pinion needs to slide pretty easily in some type of track - the material that I'd like is something like carbon fiber - thanks in advance!

I'm looking for hands-on experience with different types of leg and hip designs for walking robots

I'm looking to find out, How do human-like legs compare to chicken legs and four-leg systems?

I'm interested in things like speed, agility, turning radius, complexity and cost.

Anyone know about machine learning on Arduino?

I saw this code about Neural net on an Arduino here: http://robotics.hobbizine.com/arduinoann.html

and would like to know how I could apply it to my latest robot DuckBot so that it could figure out how get back on it's feet

on it's own instead of me having to code explcitely to do that. I have one sensor that currently says if angle of sensor indicates < 145 degrees then robot has fallen. It uses 3 servos to get back up on its feet.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Trans-impedance problem in Potentiostat Equivalent Circuit

In potentiostat equivalent circuit, working electrode may sink or source the current (AM1) as per bias voltage. I have attached the potentiostat equivalent circuit for reference. If working electrode sources the current (during negative bias voltage), then current will flow from working electrode (WE) to trans-impedance amplifier (TIA).

Seeking picture of TV robot with tilted omni-wheels

There is an omni-wheeled robot I very vaguely recall seeing on TV many years ago.  I cannot recall the show confidently, but suspect it may have been one of the background robots in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I would have seen it on TVperhaps in the 80's.

Op-amp in inverting voltage follower configuration

I want to use op-amp as a voltage follower configuration and positive dc voltage signal is applied to inverting terminal.
So I should get same negative dc voltage on output.

Looking for other forums about building robots

Any other forums that are more active than this one? I just can't believe I can't find other sites that are making robots and talking about them. 

I want to build another robot with tracks that will be able to run through snow and water and not worry about ruining the electronics. Also I can't seem to find tracks big enough. Its going to be a large robot and will need tracks similar to say a honda HP250 or similar tracked wheelbarrow. I just can't find tracks. 


I have come across some on ebay from snowblowers like this...

Hexapod and 32 channel servo board

Help, I have a 32 CH servo controller and a ps2 wireless controller and I have a manual that is in Chinese, any way.

All I need is to find out which servo wires go where? I don't read Chinese,I tried asking but they just say look at the Chinese PDF file.

What I need is: servo connection to 32 ch controller--servo leads on each leg 3, 6 legs, so servo wire on leg 1 tip goes to pin #?, servo 2 mid leg 1 goes to pin #? Servo 3 base goes to pin, leg 2 tip servo goes to pin.......

Looking for a Small High Torque 12V DC Motor

I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me… I'm looking for a High Torque 12V DC Motor. I've been unable to find one that meets advertised torque values.

Important considerations:

#1. 12V DC
#2. 120 RPM or greater
#3. Body diameter approximately 25mm
#4. Shaft diameter 4mm
#5. Torque (Sustained) >4kgf-cm; (Peak) >8kgf-cm
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

24volt switch from the battery

what do people use to cut off power from the batteries in a 24volt system. I had a 12v dc switch that was rated at 30amps from autozone but I think the power going through ruined it. 

I just want a simple toggle switch to seperate the batteries from the robot.