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L6203 motor driver

Hi, I'm making an RC car and as motor driver I'm using the L6203.

It has 2 inputs, 1 for pwm and 1 for a bit to choose direction.

But it doesn't seem to work.

Can someone help me with figuring out how I can program it?

My Code

Hi all,


I've got my robot working and I'm quite pleased with it, especially as I'm new to programming. I haven't written the code myself. I've downloaded various bits and edited it quite heavily. Non the less, I'd appreciate an experienced eye looking over it and pointing out any mistakes, or where I could be more efficient, etc. Which I imagine is numerous areas.


osccon bit, please check if i'm right

I want to set the frequency of my PIC16F1828. 

the chip: http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/41419A.pdf

the osccon setup is page 60 to 71.

I want to set it to 8MHz, so with looking at the datasheet I think I need to set the osccon= 01110011 

I'm not sure if I'm right so could someone please verify this?


I also have to enable rollover 0.1ms or something around that for my Timer0 function, but I can't find the value that I need to set tmr0 to.



RAMPS 1.4 as a robot driver/controller

RAMPS and arduino mega have lowered costs much thanks to RepRap movement. How much it would be useful to use it to drive a robot?

4 drivers could drive the base wheels and the last an ultrasonic sensor. Endstop headers could be used to drive servos? Heated bed and extruder heater could drive instead high power peripherics like a big lamp or pump... Or just keep doing what it does well and leave behind 3d printed objects!

controlling servos

How do you control a servo with a microcontroller in Flowcode 5

I was just going to use a pwm macro but according to my teacher I need to bring the speed down to a period of 20ms which can't be done. Now it wouldn't be the first time he's wrong.

So there is a PWM component macro in flowcode 5 and a servo component macro, yet he still says none work.

Does anyone know for sure if it works and if it doesn't, how can I do it?

Arduino Problems

Edit #1:Just found that instead of the regular chip used for usb to serial conversion on standard arduino boards, the clones have some sort of cheap chinese converter IC.I did some  finding and found out that mine was CH340.

Last month I bought an arduino nano clone for ebay for around 3$ but when the package came in my hands, I was shocked to see the import taxes - 16$, gosh! you can't be joking but yeah,that's what i had to pay to actually get hold of the package. 

Arduino connecting grounds

Hi all,

I have a question here, which is probably simple to some of you, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

When using multiple servos from an Arduino, I use an alternative power, to the Arduino's on board power, however Arduino and servo power all derives from the same battery. I also connect the grounds, from the servos to a ground on the Arduino. I assume this to be correct, as it works and all the information I have viewed supports that.

Arduino motor schield

I bought a new l293d motor shield when I connect it uno board the led of both board are turn off and the pc can't find com3 port.

Is it damaged one?


Can I put an infared range finding syestem and an servo on an rc car and reprogram the microcontroller,so it turns into an  obsticle avoider,sorry for all the stupid things I have been posting (resistor array)