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Help with 3D printers

Hello Guys,
I have to make a project for college and I am thinking to build a 3D printer in that project. I am absolutely new to this field and all I know about this field is how the printer works. I did some research and I found this printer. It will cost about Rs. 22,000 (or $350). As I said, I am absolutely new to this field so I need help.

GSM/GPRS module and arduino


I've just bought a gsm/gprs module named GTM900b and 

and arduino UNO and I was searching about I/O pins but

unfortunately I have a big problem with pin names ...

can anyone help me how to connect it to the arduino and get it to work ?

What did you do with your robot today?

What did YOU do with your robot today?

Making a robotic arm which will collect vegetables

Now i got a stable base that can run on dirt and can bring a payload of 2kg, remote controlled and a good brain which can get where are the veggies.

The robot base is controlled with arduino, and i want it to control a robotic arm to collect things.

What is the cheapest way to get an arm that can lift at most 1kg, grab firmly but not squeeze?

Hall effect activity on a nema 17 stepper?

I am trying to figure out a way to trigger a switching signal using a bipolar nema 17 stepper motor,  without altering the wiring.  An example would be to turn on/off an LED when change in speed or direction of the nema 17.  Without attaching anything into the wiring or the core/shaft. 

Stock Up Electronic Parts and Components

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Questions on RF links and VirtualWire

Hi guys 

First of all I want to say this threat have nothing to do with robotics. Instead its about using some Arduinos to make a weather station. I've seen some of you are using RF links and VirtualWire in your projects so I hope you can help me anyway! :-) 

Sending serial data once during a rotation (routine) of the MPU6050 sensor.

Hello LMRians. How's everyone doing?

I have been fiddling around with an MPU-6050 and Arduino. Basically, a current idea is to flip in between Power-Point Slides based on the direction of rotation of the sensor. In short:

Complete Novice

Hello everyone. I am really interested in robots and I used lego mindstorms once but I want to upgrade to a new league. Im in high school and i need someone to help me. Any ideas on how I could start? Please reply soob thanks