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Affordable 3D printer? (For small robotics)

Lately I've been getting frustrated with cutting, sanding and drilling wood. It takes lots of time and the quality is low. Im thinking a 3D printer is exactly what I need. Anything from the $300 to $500 range? Cheaper the better? 

Where to start?

So, I'm pretty much a blank slate. I have no knowlege on anything, my question is...where do I start? Is there a how-to guide or something. What is the most basic knowledge I need to know to start? Any direction would be very much appreciated.


Thanks in advance! ^_^

need some info on a humanoid robot for the robo games in the Kung fu event

Hello I'm new to this robot building hobby , my main interest in humanoid bots . I would like to build a bot for the Kung fu event in the robo games in 2017 or maybe 2018 be pending on my robot progress.  I plan to start out with a few kits  like the robots kits with wheels and then when I feel I'm ready get a hexpod bot kit and just working my way up to the humanoid bot .right now I just want to know what I want to know is what do I need to know is what would I need to build the bot for the Kong fu event .


Whats going on with this forum?

Ive been apart of this forum for a while now and ive learned alot from the people here.


Well i had one particular thread asking for help in solving the inverse kinematics which had a lot of good information. Now all that info and comments are all gone. Looks like im asking questions from myself. Every single comment made by anyone but me is gone.


Then i got curious and checked all my threads and they are all that way.


Help needed with Commotion Motor Driver Shield


I am trying to drive 4 motors (pololu.com/product/1445/specs) with the Commotion Motor Driver (https://sites.google.com/site/daguproducts/system/app/pages/search?scope=search-site&q=commotion).

For starters I plugged in one motor, then used the code available here:


And was able to drive the motor two/three times, but could not do that any longer. I am not sure what changed.

What does an 8 year need for a programmable robot?

My 8 year old wants to enter a robot into the tech fair coming up but it has to run off of a computer program. We was wanting to make it out of house hold items but did not know what electrical parts we needed to get or how we would program it. If anyone has any tips that would be awesome!

Giant wiper motor servo problems

Hello al I'm new here ! I am trying to build a large scale servo For a large RC project From a wiper motor modified closed loop A tower pro 996 servo wires removed from original motor to signal My robot market place HV simple H bridge using a simple linkage Back to the servo for feed back. It does work ( kind of ) but I have feed back issues causing extreme left/ right polarity switching to the H Bridge Which I don't under stand what I'm missing ! If anybody could give some advise it would be greatly appreciated

Raspberry pi and robots

Hello I was wondering how good a of a platform the Raspberry pi is for robots. Is their anything special I have to download to the pi in order for it to communicate to the robot? Or does it have those features right out of the box.

Can This Lego Robotic Arm & Hand Be Improved?


Is there any way to speed up this Lego arm? More power? Programming? Any ideas?




Arduino and motor driver underpowered ?



I'm building my first robot.

I'm not sure if I may link to Aliexpress for the parts I used, so I'll list them.

Parts :

- Uno (Arduino Uno copy)

- L298N board

- tank chassis with 2 "universal motor 130, support 3-8v voltage"

- HC-05 Bluetooth module (optional)