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What to get with my Dangerous Prototypes Free Coupon?

Over a month ago I won a coupon for a free PCB from Dangerous Prototypes. They give a chance to win a free PCB coupon three times a week on their blog page, on Facebook and on Twitter. Once in a while I make a random comment to try to win, and finally I did.

Now what the heck should I buy? I'm really having a hard time deciding.

Top picks so far are:

New Off-Road Tires, Wheels and Adaptors!

We just released new tireswheels and adaptorsPerfect for your R/C vehicle or for creating mid-size off-road rovers!

Long distance remote control app


I'm making a remote controlled robot for school and I wan't to controll it with an app.

What would be the best way and the longest distance you can do with an app?

Plugging in Picaxe board makes mouse freakout

Hey guys so i got the starter kit recommended on this website and ive put it all together got the wheels to turn the head to turn and still having problems with the readings from the IR sensor. 

i havent used it in a few months but today when i hooked it up to my computer with the programming cable it makes my mouse click and move to the far end of the screen and i cant control it. 

this only happens when the board is hooked up and if i hold down the reset button it stops.

any ideas on whats going on here??

this is the kit i have


Dear LMR Robot Community,

I find myself often late at night browsing different awesome robot sites wishing everything was in one place and filtered so I could see the best stuff first. I came across Product Hunt and thought it was a perfect solution for a focused vertical like Robots, so I made a clone and you can acccess it here:


Custom PCB Manufacturing

Hello everybody!

Would anyone know were I could get made a custom PCB with two copper layers and a silkscreen layer? I have been searching for two weeks now, but all the manufacturers are either too expensive or don't accept my file format (PDF).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


NEW Actobotics Swivel Hinge!

BRAND NEW to our Actobotics line, 

Pycam and other free CAM products

I am close to completeting my CNC controller. This has been one of those projects that has spent a lot of time on the backburner. Now I am trying to find a good CAM package to recommend.

The controller and it's software is designed to try and make CNC machining as easy as possible for the novice so I was trying to find CAM software that did not need months to learn.

need help for an idea

Hello i hope i am in the right topic and you can help me. i have deagostini robot from paralax. i need your help to design the circuit and programm it. the goal is when i apply a certain value of resistance then activate a relay or something similar. thanks