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How to make a robot turn while going forwards

I have my robot http://letsmakerobots.com/start?destination=node%2F17 which i want to make turn while driving forwards, how do i do that?

More RS Bargains

If your Radio Shack didn't close down and you want a good deal on some Arduino-footprint shields, there's apparently a clearance sale on some of the Seeed line.  I got two of their XBees for $5 and an SD card shield for $7 yesterday.

Up to 50% OFF On Robots, Intelligent Car, Accessories, 7 Days ONLY

Hi guys,

Good news here! :)

All robots,  Intelligent Car and Accessories on ICStation are on big sale now.

For other items which are not with discount, customers can use the coupon code "ICS0814" to checkout to enjoy 12% OFF.

Thanks for your time and enjoy your weekends!

My Father's Day gift

     Today is Father's Day here (in Brazil), and it's my first one.

     That's what I got from my son Martin and my wife!

Tha $0.99 shipped list

This is a list of cheap, $0.99 shipped parts when you find something share it! If its just a screaming good deal under $5.00 please post as well, the idea is build your inventory $5.00 a week or a pop at least.

Mogul: lcd driver


jinx 4 aa battery holder


oss BC547 transistors


jinx 100K resistors, shipping is $2.00 varies for basket


Servo Standards?

Hey all,

Just graduated from college and started a new job. I finally have time to pursue projects I've always wanted to do.

ANYWHO. I bought a cheap aluminum hexapod frame from the internet that recommended I use Tower Pro MG995 servos. Unfortunately I just found out through online reviews that these servos and their improved models are not so hot, to put it extremely lightly.

I noticed however that a Futuba S3003 I had lying around seems to have a casing with mounting holes that fit flush with the holes in the frame as well.

Yahmez I hear you know someone, who knows someone.. Well I just have a question..

So I hear you have a good source for faulhaber motors, and I'd like to hear which kind of motors you're able to supply and the cost + shipping cost to Denmark.. 




Junkster mentioned in the shoutbox he has been admitted here,


and I just wanted to say Fantastic Work Junkster and I think a little Bragging is in order.

Robo-War--A call for ideas

We are having a robot war in our engineering institute, IIT Guwahati.

Need some ideas....the task is to push the opponent out of arena or immobilise it for atlest 30 seconds. Current limit-10amps, Weight limit-60kgs.


ROBOCALYPSE: WRECK OR BREAK AIM: The  objective  is to  make  a  wired/wireless,  manually controlled  bot that  can immobilize  the  opponent’s bot in  a  one  on  one  competition.