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Personal assistant robot

Hi all,

I have plans for a robot for a college project: in short, this is a personal assistant robot. It should be able to use Wolfram Alpha (just like Anna) to get information on spoken search terms (I.E. voice recognition) and output them using text-to-speech. This is all for now, as I want to have a working base that I can develop of my own accord. 

Help to convert a blank ATmega328 into a speech synthesizer chip for under $5

Some time ago when I was looking at the cost of speakjet and other hardware speech systems I remembers that back in the 80's there was a program call S.A.M. (software automated mouth) that ran on my Atari XL. It was also available for the C64, Apple and possibly some other systems.

Help on motor selection for graduation project.

Hi, I'm calling out for help in selecting motors for a graduation project for my elecric mechanics course. I'm planning on building an R2D2 (Star Wars) robot, driven by 2 motors, controlled by motor drivers and picaxe controller using R/C controller/reciever). The dimensions i have in my head are about 35cm height(14"), 25cm width(10") including legs, leaving us with about a 20cm(8") can. I currently have in mind some geared motors(low amps) so weight should be around 2kg(4lb). I plan on add a few things in the future, like a spinning head, sound system, led's etc.

L293D overheating, can't figure out why?


I am building the 'start here' robot. It's the first time I've ever built a robot and the first time I've ever done something like this at all, so bear with me as my terminology is possibly all wrong.


I've attached a picture of my set up


Tha $0.99 shipped list

This is a list of cheap, $0.99 shipped parts when you find something share it! If its just a screaming good deal under $5.00 please post as well, the idea is build your inventory $5.00 a week or a pop at least.

Mogul: lcd driver


jinx 4 aa battery holder


oss BC547 transistors


jinx 100K resistors, shipping is $2.00 varies for basket


UDP not working with static IP-address @ WiFi-shield

I use a WiFi-shield (firmware 1.1.0) in conjunction with an Uno R3 and IDE 1.0.5 r2.

If I use DHCP for assign an IP-address to the shield the Arduino UDP NTP-example works fine.

If I set a static IP-address (Wifi.config) I stop receiving UDP packets from the NTP-server.

Any ideas?

search and rescue bot, first attempt, failure on mechanics/power !!SOLVED!! thanks

first robot


Building my first robot, want to make an autonomous "search and rescue" robot. I am using a raspberry pi b+, pirocon2 motor board and some sensors (distance sensor, bump switches and wheel decoders) to start with. First did the mechanical part using lego parts and lego motors in found in the attic, including tank tracks. No sensors installed yet and no logic programmed. Just testing with a python script and keyboard direction control.

Additional information on robot page

I'm missing the form to enter additional informations (like CPU, operating system etc.). I could define these information for this project: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/38857, but not for my latest project (http://letsmakerobots.com/robot/project/pibot-a).