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Where finding powerful and special servomotors ?


i need special motors for my humanoid robot project to reproduce this movement https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2e/Pronation_and_supination.jpg arm and others also, how to call this type of servo ? I also wanted to know where I could find very powerful servo, looking around 1000kg.cm and 0,5tr/s, any ideas?

Custom robot transmitter and a few robots (Rpi, nodemcu and arduino)

Hi good people!

I have alot of robotic projects,and now I'm trying to make the one remote to control them all.

I have a lasercut box with a raspberry pi 3 inside, with the original 7 inch touch display, there is also two 3 axis joysticks. The touch display will do everything that I can't do with the joysticks. I currently have a quadroped robot using Phoenix Code controlled with a PS2 joypad. The interfacing on the touch display will be made in Kivy and python.

Mapping graph

Hey everyone.

I want a bot to scan/follow the lines in a room and maps the graph itself with a starting and an end point to find the shortest path. I am using array of IR to make it follow the lines, but how do I make the bot to create the graph itself? Please help

Wheel Problems

Good day! :) 

I've  been a member in this community just earlier, as well as I am in this field of electronics robotics.

I have my obstacle avoiding robot kit here with an arduino uno as the microcontroller. I encountered no problems in servos and HC-SR04, But I do with wheels. I used 293 to drive wheels on my desired direction, clockwise and counter-clockwise obviously. So here's my problem.

I wired them right and had no loose wirings on my DC Motor, I followed the pin configuration of L293D IC.

// code

const int LMA = 2;

Motor controller sketches


I just received my new Cytron 2A Motor Shield (RB-cyt-155). Can anyone tell me where I could find sample code/sketches/libraries for this. I have spent hours googleing and came up with nothing specific to this controller. I just want to control speed and direction of two 5V DC motors (Not Servos) in a simple object avoidence robot.

Is there such a thing as a generic sketch that the pin out could be modified for this driver.


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What microcontroller for a robot built about microsoft kinect?

Hello everyone,

So I am a undergraduate mechanical engineering in my senior year. I have not really had the time or money to invest into side projects but now I do and robotics has always interested. I have no idea where to start besides continueing reading books and tutorials, however I would like to just jump into things. I believe I have enough patience and knowledge to at least not frustrate myself.

Phoenix code any 3DOF 18 servo hexapod.

Hi everybody,

After 8 long months, some trigonometry lessons and a lot of experimentation I finally was able to get my hexapod running and walking great. I tried using several different servo controllers. A torobot, one stamped with a decepticon and a pololu. The sequencer programs are pretty cool but theres lil documentation (except the pololu but no hexapod code) and most of it is too vague to get them going using a code or micro-controller and the sequencer just cant capture that creepy walk.

AbHhGD - The Arduino based Hand-held Gaming Device

Dear everyone,

I found this great website by erik247 and I tried to implement it on my arduino but i think i am running into some errors. 

The link to the website is http://letsmakerobots.com/node/44115

I downloaded the ABHHGD file and put the .h files into the Arduino>Library folder but it did not work.


Can someone help me ?



Jason LEe  

How to create a Sonar - My proyect

Hi everyone thanks for checking in, does anybody know how Sonars are made? I need to develop a 360 degrees one in order to make a virtual map, I plan to make a circular set of little ultrasound emitters, including its own receptor, I can't find any information regarding how they're actually built and what they're composed of, please help!