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NEW ServoCity Gearmotors with Encoders

We're excited to announce the release of our new Actobotics gearmotors with encoders. Offered in 11 different speeds ranging from 27 RPM to 2,727 RPM, you're sure to find the perfect motor for your next project!

robot starter kit IR sensor reading

I bought the starter kit recommended on the webiste and put everything together everything was going fine until i got to hook up the IR sensor and get its readings back.

all im getting is 242-245ish it seems like its oscillating at the top end of the readings, dosent matter if you cover the sensor or not the readings just keep oscillating.

can anyone tell my if i have a bad sensor or whats going on? i appreciate the help!

Mini Driver Mk II - S4A compatible

For some time now I've been wanting to release a new version of the Mini Driver with the ATmega328P. Then the Boss asked me if our controllers were S4A compatible (Scratch 4 Arduino). Now we do!

Video of Doodle Bot using this board can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j95dTWg2-d0
Click on the picture for a larger image. Check out the features listed below!

Base motor for Robotic Arm

Im looking at my options for a base servo motor for a robotic arm I've been working on. I'd like the base to rotate 360 degrees, sail winch servo's are too expensive for this project though. I was thinking of using a continuous servo, but Im not sure if there is a way to 'home' it back to the center position. Is there a way to get a continous servo to move a specific point? 

Limit Switches with Arduino?

Dear: LMR

You should know my steampunk robot is going along fine with a minor setback. A few days ago I accidently shorted out an arduino uno for a simple mistake. I didn't know how to use a limit switch. Guys you should know I am using whisker type limit switches and arduino uno and I don't know what to do. I am trying to ask you is how do you wire the switch and how do you program the switch with my code. Thanks.

From: Noah

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myServoLeft;

Small Inexpensive Solar Cells and Motors - Beam Robotics


Can anyone recommend a supplier of inexpensive motors and solar cells for BEAM robots, preferably UK based.

Its for a school robotics club, the kids will need to buy the materials hence it needs to be inexpensive.

Here is an instructable that I have found, but something that moves a little more would be more exciting for the kids:



How i can links to components used in my robot?

info panel

How i can add links to what is used in my robots like the panel in the image?
Adding info in additional information seems not working.

We search talented persons to join our start-up !!


We create the first companion robot for the whole family, and we are looking for talents in robotics !! (internships, jobs, developers...)

Our robot works with a tablet and will be fully autonomous. We have already raised funds to develop the robot, so we are waiting for you.

If you want to join our team in France, contact me.



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