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3D Design work in exchange for parts - PopPet

Hello all,

Just thought I'd let you all know things are going well with PopPet. They are going to be shipped out by the end of this month and all is working out after this long time!

Because I have been so busy cutting and packing them up, I haven't had much time to just muck around and design bits and pieces as add-ons. I wasn't feeling so good today so I sat down and designed this little breadboard holder.

Rc car with arduino

Hi guys, I'm planning to make an obstacle detection rc car where the rc car will have its power being cut-off/reverse when the sensor detects an obstacle.

If I were to use an Arduino to make this project happen, how should I link the Arduino with the rc car?

Idea for robot navigation


I want to make a robot which should play a game. It should detect and grab balls of a certain color in a ground (small play area table made of wood). So it has to move in the play area, find the ball of a specific color and grab it, then find the next ball of the same color and so on..

Join the *LMR 3D Print Club*

Do you have a 3D printer?


Interested in getting prints done, but have no printer?

Let's help each other printing more stuff :)

There may be a 3D printer or someone who'd like to pay for a print close to you..

Affordable stater robot kits

Hi everybody!


I just started looking for a starter robot kit or custom collection of parts to get on robotics.

I will add my findings to this topic and everybody is welcome to do so. Please comment if you have good or bad experiences of the kits mentioned. I'll upgrade this post after reading about these.


The Cheapest:


+ a microcontorller (arduino pro mini?) + motor driver (l293D?)




Nanosecond timing-too fine for the hobbyist?

I recently got involved with an idea that requires timing down to nanoseconds registered across serial Rx. That's a little smaller resolution than an Arduino pumping at 16Mhz can provide. The thing is, I'm having trouble turning up any resources on line that would let me design and build a peripheral device short of a caesium fountain-maybe a little beyond what I could rig on the bench, but maybe I'm just not searching right.

Rotating Servos

Hello, I am trying to convert a mg995 servo into a 360 degree rotating servo. Im new to thi and need some aassitance on how to do this. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

Torobot servo controller


I recently bought this board for a biped robot project.


The problem comes when trying to make functions controlling it by the number of arduino port.
I think the program is good, but I can not make it work. Any ideas?. Attached photo and programming to provide you see my error.

Dagu Rover 5 -- questions on motor binding


I have been working on creating a speed control algorithm for the Rover 5 (t2 motor, 2 encoder). I adopted a reasonbly simple Proportional model based on standard control approaches. I began testing/tuning. While doing so, I instrumented the controller so that it would save the encoder signal period; this data gets printed after motion completes.