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spreadsheet control

How do i get ioio input signals into excel(any spreadsheet) in realtime and control the outputs with excel?

Cheap MICRO USB Control 5V 2-Channel Relay Module $4.56 with Free Shipping

MICRO USB Control 5V 2-Channel Relay Module $4.56

It's equiped with the USB and Serial port which can connect to the PC and other devices conveniently.
The normal working voltage of this module is 5V and it has the 5V power port.

please i need help with programing something (will pay you)

hi there, i need help with one of my projects, i want to make a usb that i can plug in to my computer and will auto-copy all the files from 1 folder, i want it to be as easy as possible, prefferably i want to assin it a folder and then when i plug it in i want it to copy all the new files from that folder, i want this usb to work with windows 8 (the operating system i use), it would help me a lot if someone could tell me where to find a progam that could help me do this, or if you know programming and really want to help you could try to write a code for me (only if you want to of cour

Can't trigger this relay with signal from my picaxe

I have been trying to get this relay to trigger from a "high" signal from the picaxe 28x1 I am using. As you can clearly see, I am missing some of the technical knowledge to debug this simple issue.

This darn relay

I have tested that the high signal is sent properly with a LED. It works. I also tested that the relay works when I pass current directly into it from my battery. 

Hacking Motors?

Dear: LMR

You should know that recently my Poppet came in the mail after my dad backed Jayden Edwards off kickstarter. So anyways I decided to turn my Poppet into a self navigating Poppet. Because of that I need to replace the servos off of the Poppet. The Poppet servos aren't accurate enough to measure degrees so I need knew ones.

Arduino Code shaving

Dear LMRs,

This code below is by ICStation


They use a code works like this : when you press button 1 , Arduino instructs Audio record chip APR9600 to play first recorded msg whaich is (First floor) and so other buttons.

I know this is an ideal example of using matrix instead of line by line. but how ?

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                                                      Jinx 3Dprint bin.

More code

What I am trying to do with this code is measure air temp and humidity inside a cooler and outside the building, if the cooler calls for cooling say its over 35F, and the outside air is less than 30F and humidity outside is under 65% I want to open and ehaust damper with an end switch, the end switch will close when damper opens, then turn on a fan that will blow that cold air into cooler, also would like to show values on an lcd for a bit of wow factor.




need help with R-Pi and ad-hoc wifi

Hello everyone,

I tried the whole day to get my R-Pi B+ to host an ad-hoc network. I tried multiple tutorials and wasn't able to get it working. I always reached a point where I was able to see the SSID of the network on my arch linux laptop with networkmanager, but It didn't manage to connect. And on my windows 8 PC the network didn't show up at all :( So if you've done this before or know a tutorial that should work let me know.

I want to do this so I can ssh connect to my R-Pi based robot from about any device that can do ssh without needing a router.