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T'REX robot controller


The T'REX robot controller makes controlling robots easy!

The Arduino compatible controller comes pre-programmed with sample code that lets you control it with a supplied Android app, Radio Control or with an external controller via I²C.


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Charging LiPo Batteries


I have a Turnigy 2 Cell 7.4v 2200mAh battery and iMax B6AC Balance Charger.

I made it

Looks like the procedure was a success. BP has been hovering around 130/70 all day but no cortisol counts are back yet. The Foley is in a really bad place though. My roommate brought someone with smokers cough along so I'm not getting much sleep...

looking for ideas how to attach third wheel

Hey guys I am slowly buildibg my bot this one will stand

roughly 4 feet high. Before I jump right in and start making

any cuts or add ons I was lookibg for ideas

what to use and suggestions on place ment.

I do have two more wheels of same size as the ones currently on the motors in the pic. Plus one smaller one. I 

am looking for the castor wheel type but as of now dont have a big enough one.



how do I find the time....

Hello fellow robot makers,

This may sound familiar for some and for others maybe a stupid question, but how do you guys find the time to practice your hobby.

expandable processor

Which processor board is easily expandable? What if you suddenly end up needing more inputs/outputs

I'm afraid that when I create my robot project, I will eventualy end up using all the inputs and outputs and will need to change the processor board.

using Multimeter as current sensor - can it output to Arduino?

Hi All,

I'm in need of a current sensor, but don't want to wait 40 days to get it shipped from China, or want to pay over 10 times as much buying it locally.

I have an old cheapo multimeter lying around, and I just opened it to see if it had a current sensor IC in it.  It didn't, and now that i've put it back together, the conductive rubbery strips that press against the LCD are misaligned and the display shows me gibberish.

Sonar RADAR GUI Windows APP (SensorVal,Degree)

UPDATED 3 Sonar Sensors 360 Degree - 120 Degree Servo Rotation

Improved for multi sensing. You can now use THREE Sonar sensors to display on a graph.

Improved Serial port handling, Wire-Tension is coming soon, Serial Port Availability[Menu Item] is also coming soon.

Stencil for Fun Light Switch Box

I just received a Fun Light Switch Box kit from Jameco.  The instructions call for a stencil to be found at http://letsmakerobots.com/files/userpics/u5293/Fun Light Switch Box Stencil.pdf. A request for that site yields a Requested Page Not Found window.  How can I find this stencil, which is essential for my putting this kit together?