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Help sequencing a hexapod ripple gait.

Im looking to see if any body can help me design a hexapod ripple gait sequence for a serial servo sequencing program? Ive looked around and can find several move lists where it tells you which legs move and in what order but not what the othet legs are supposed to do at the same time.

I would like to start from the beginning. First leg if you please.

Any help would be appreciated.

How to calculate IK

Ive been working on a hexapod robot and trying to get it to walk and look good as its doing so. I have a sequencer program but its very limited on what can be done. Ive managed to get it to walk thanks to help from the peopke on this forum but it sucks and is slow.

Any way i would like to learn IK so i can make my bot walk right but i have no idea how to calculate the problem. Ive looked at many tutorials but they only focus on the what and not the how. I understand the what but not the how. And im no mathematician.

Please any help would be appreciated.

Arduino Speech Code

Based on a talking-lift-buttons project published on instructables (credits to ICstation); I have modified the schematic to the following:

- Arduino Nano controls the audio storage chip APR9600 which includes 8 messages.

- Arduino generates random 8 numbers

- each number calls one of the 8 messages.

The result, it will look like as if the Arduino is talking out of its own mind.(more realistic if we extend this systems into say 50 phrases or more which may need a different audio storage module than APR9600)

Dagu ComMotion Confusion

I purchased a Dagu Scamper to enter the OddBot art contest. Mechanical assemply completed without problems. Trying to get started with the software. Found the ComMotion instruction manual and a package called "ComMotion_Redboard_Demo" which contains four .ino files which compile and load into a Sparkfun redboard.

Hedgehog Educational Robotics Controller

The Hedgehog Educational Robotics Controller is now on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter! Hedgehog aims to bring robotics to the personal, educational and science domains by providing a simple, flexible and affordable robotics platform.

servos are not working

I have a spektrum dx5e transmitter and a ar610 reciever. I believe that they are paired because when I turn on the transmiter the recivers light turns on. However I lost the bind plug but I somehow managed to bind them. I pluged in my servos and batteries into the correct slots but noithing happens when I move the sticks. What am I doing wrong?

Wild Thumper T'Rex and ROS

Forum to discuss experiences @ryan

Servo knockoffs ?

What's with all the Tower Pro servo knockoffs? I was just about to buy some Tower Pro MG996R servos and I noticed they're mostly Towardpro, even from hobby shops listing them as "Tower Pro". Anyone know if these are cheap knockoffs or are they manufactured by the same company under different labelling?

I've also seen some color4way that look like the Tower Pro purple label on ebay. Since I'm seeing them at hobby websites listed as Tower Pro I'm afraid of what I'll get when I order.

Need experienced users of Pyose/NUKE editor for Hexapod

ive built a Hexapod using MG90S digital servos and a Torobot 32 channel servo controller but I'm having trouble learning the IK. I ran across a program called PyPose\Nuke editor.

The easiest way to program my bot using that controller would be to write each action group seperate and download it so it will give me a Function to program the PS2 controller it comes with to wirelessly control it.

T'Rex Controller I2C status request from RaspberryPi master triggers Shutdown

I am currently working with the T'Rex controller via i2c with a RaspberryPi as the i2c master, and using the Python smbus module to send/receive data to/from the controller. What I have found is that when I send a motor command, everything works fine, but as soon as I do a status request from the controller it seems to raise an error which results in the controller executing the Shutdown command. Specifically, this block in the controller code seems to trip the Shutdown: