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Choice of inverter for 17 inch monitor

Hie everyone, for my next project i am working in a telepresence robot for hardware i have
GA-D525-TUD Mini itx, 1.8ghz intel atom D525
RAM- 4Gb
160W dc-dc psu (cheapest one i could find)
12v 12AH SLA Battery 
17 inch L1710S monitor (Rated at 1 A) 

Power consumption Spec:

Power Supply

What happen with my 3.2" TFT???

I got a problem with the 3.2" TFT. I connect the TFT module with Arduino MEGA 2560. Then I followed the instruction from http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=101029.0, downloaded UTFT library, used UTFT_demo 320x240 and changed the display model to SSD1289. It can show the demo, but with many thin white lines. The lines moves when the image moves. 

I have checked the wiring and it still happens. Any one knows why is that? Thanks for the help.

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Switching Frequencies for Industrial/Automotive Solid State Relays.

I have been working on a large outdoor robot driven by "Power Wheels" children's car motors for a while now (http://boomsandbots.blogspot.ca/search/label/Project%20Killzone is the section of my blog devoted to it) and I decided to build my own high power motor controller rather than buy one. As you can imagine, it has been a journey filled with smoking electronics, learning, and rebuilding. Anyway, I have relays set up to control the direction of the motors, and that part works quite well, but the problems I have had is with the speed control section.

Arduino Nano avrdude problems

Afternoon folks

I've hit a stumbling block with my project - I was planning on moving the project from my Arduino Uno to Arduino Nano to save space.

When i've used my nano, however, it worked to upload to it twice (I think. No success though - i attributed that to my poor coding) and have now noticed it is producing the below error:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync resp=0x00

When I hold shift and upload I am getting:

avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

Is an Arduino Capable of Reading All Four Rover 5 Quadrature Encoders?

Note: Sorry this post is so long. I used bold text to indicate the main point of the post.

I didn't want to hijack Oddbot's Rover 5 threadso I'm starting this one here in the forum.

In replying to odong's question about the quadrature encoders I stated (among other things):

Servo not working on dagu rover 5 from sparkfun

Hello everyone!

i've made a robot but the servo (a Standard Servo from Parallax) I use doesn't work, it turns all the time to one side, even if i don't use it!

I connected it to a 20M2, the servo does work when the robot isn't moving but from the moment it moves, the servo turns.

Here's the code:

polymorph hand!!!!

so ive been working on a polymorph hand for quits some time now and i need halp on the place ment of the servos

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Motor selection advice.

Is this motor a good choise for a 4wd/6wd robot weighing 1-3kg? It looks cheap, fast, and powerful.