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Can't trigger this relay with signal from my picaxe

I have been trying to get this relay to trigger from a "high" signal from the picaxe 28x1 I am using. As you can clearly see, I am missing some of the technical knowledge to debug this simple issue.

This darn relay

I have tested that the high signal is sent properly with a LED. It works. I also tested that the relay works when I pass current directly into it from my battery. 

Hacking Motors?

Dear: LMR

You should know that recently my Poppet came in the mail after my dad backed Jayden Edwards off kickstarter. So anyways I decided to turn my Poppet into a self navigating Poppet. Because of that I need to replace the servos off of the Poppet. The Poppet servos aren't accurate enough to measure degrees so I need knew ones.

Arduino Code shaving

Dear LMRs,

This code below is by ICStation


They use a code works like this : when you press button 1 , Arduino instructs Audio record chip APR9600 to play first recorded msg whaich is (First floor) and so other buttons.

I know this is an ideal example of using matrix instead of line by line. but how ?

All LMR are sold to you!

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                                                      Jinx 3Dprint bin.

More code

What I am trying to do with this code is measure air temp and humidity inside a cooler and outside the building, if the cooler calls for cooling say its over 35F, and the outside air is less than 30F and humidity outside is under 65% I want to open and ehaust damper with an end switch, the end switch will close when damper opens, then turn on a fan that will blow that cold air into cooler, also would like to show values on an lcd for a bit of wow factor.




need help with R-Pi and ad-hoc wifi

Hello everyone,

I tried the whole day to get my R-Pi B+ to host an ad-hoc network. I tried multiple tutorials and wasn't able to get it working. I always reached a point where I was able to see the SSID of the network on my arch linux laptop with networkmanager, but It didn't manage to connect. And on my windows 8 PC the network didn't show up at all :( So if you've done this before or know a tutorial that should work let me know.

I want to do this so I can ssh connect to my R-Pi based robot from about any device that can do ssh without needing a router.

Connecting two arduinos wirelessly

I've one arduino due and a uno. I want to connect them wirelessly i;m thinking of using bluetooth as it is cheap. I want to know is it possible using bluetooth and which bluetooth module should i use. If there is other cheaper or easier way to do the above mentioned task please let me know. thank you guys 

simple robots collaborate to lift a human body above the ground

Hey guys, 

 I am trying with friends to design a relatively small and simple robots that can collaborate together to lift a human body or move a human from one place to another. The assumption is that the human is laying on the ground and will not be moving. Assume a very simple enviornment.. I have a basic idea in mind, but I would like to hear more ideas and suggestions..

making own USB motor controller with 754410

Hi All,

I've got two 754410 motor driver IC's on the way, and i want to stack them one on top the other (as explained on the robotroom website) to increase their total per channel amps.

Is there an easy way to create a usb interface for this IC?  I've got spare USB cables, Atmel chips, and odds and ends that may do the trick, but i just don't know exactly how to combine them into what i need.  I'd like to make  a homemade version of the pololu usb dual motor controllers to be precise.  Any guidance will be appreciated!


Searching for a cheap 5 V approx. 15.000mah rechargeable battery

Hello all,

For my current project I need to control 13 digital servos.I am using an Arduino UNO R3 clone (Sainsmart) and an Adafruit 16 channel servo driver board (not the shield).