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Low power radios

I would like to start a discussion revelent to low power (cost) radios and embedded electronics such as robots, environment sensing, and remote control of household or shop equipment. I am NOT an RF engineer.

To date I have experimented with:

  1. Raw, very cheap, tx or rx modules and transceivers
  2. NRF24L01 transceivers
  3. Hope RTM69 transceivers
  4. ESP8266 Wifi modules

I also have some other WIFI boards (Digilent PmodWiFi) that are still untouched.

Again, antenna and RF design are NOT part of my skill set!!!!

Question - Disable (power off) module if they are not in use.

I want to design a robot with differents modules:
GPS, Soud detection, ping sensor, optical distance sensors, and more
To prevent battery discharge, I wonder if I could disable modules if they are not used.

To do that I think to use an I2C port extender driving some Mosfets

My source current comes from a 7805, so max 1A to share. No need big mosfet

So my questions are:

ComMotion Shield in action!

Some time ago I built my Scamper robot to test / demonstrate DAGU's new Omni wheels with rubber rollers. Later I remade Scamper into a kit and combined the two Mini Drivers into a single PCB called ComMotion.

Dagu Rover 5 questions on motion accuracy

I apologize if these questions are answered, but I promise I've looked on this site and others. Perhaps I'm just dumb....

What do you look for in 3D filament?

Name one thing that you value the most in 3D filament. And why?


New Micro Magician V2

The new improved Micro Magician V2 is here! It has all the features you loved in the original Micro Magician but with an ATmega328P and improved power supply. The new black and yellow PCB looks great and is easier to read.

You can now download the manual from here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B__O096vyVYqUjNXVV9RMmFuNkk


Automatic plant watering system with picaxe

I designing a automatic plant watering system

.A probe is placed in grow bag.It finds the resistance

If the resistance high ( >200 with 1 k conected ) then high 0 and a relay works

It works resistance up to 100 ohm then stops


LMR T-Shirt Fundraiser

The time has come! As promised I am now working on an LMR T-Shirt.

After my sucess printing my own shirts I am now familiar with the system and know how to get these printed cheap. I will be using the same system, TeeSpring, so remember that this is all crowdfunded and much like a 'kickstarter' campaign. All profits that will be raised are being donated to the masters of LMR to help them in their tremendous efforts to keep this site going and also to the upgrade process to LMR V4.