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Wild Thumper woes with VNH2SP30 controller

I bought a 4WD Wild Thumper after building three different robots successfully with a mix of Raspberry PI and Arduino and the L298N motor controller which is obviously not up to the current draw of the thumper motors.

This lead me to the VNH2SP30 dual controllers. I have bought 2 both of which give a different amount of current in forward and reverse - whether used with a small salvaged DC motor (500mA typical draw) or with the wild thumper motors. I am using a 2 cell LiPo 20-30C.

Wild Thumper, progress but help/advice requested

Hi all,

I had a lot of trouble with motor driver boards and my Wild Thumper 4WD chassis - in the end I bought a more expensive motor controller said to handle 60A. I am controlling the paired (left/right side) motors by PWM signal and  it now drives forward/backwards/left/right etc.

TTL byte packet from PS2handle through Arduino to activate Maestro 24

Working on a hexapod and bought a Pololu Maestro24 for my hexapod robot. I want to be able to control it off-line using a PS2 handle running through an Arduino Nano to the pololu. I found Bill porters site that connects to The curious inventors site that has some good info like how to wire the PS2 handle to an arduino and the sample code needed to program the arduino to understand the PS2 handles commands. There is also a pololu\arduino library.

Ive compiled the sample code and uploaded it to my arduino and im pretty sure it works.

Question about Dagu 4 Channel motor controller

As pointed out in
the frequency of the PWM for the motor controller might be an issue.

I am using this motor controller:
Dagu 4 Channel 5-12V, 2A Brushed DC Motor Controller
actually it looks a bit different:

but I assume that both are the same.

News About Product Reviews

We are happy to announce that LMR will be calling for reviewers at least twice per month with cool products and parts starting this month. Everyone month, we will provide two different types of products; One for more advanced roboticians and one for beginners. 

We are looking forward to having the community test products of different types as well as providing the chance to all; from experts to members fresh into robotics.

Arduino vs Picaxe

Should I go for Arduino or Picaxe for my next robot?

(EDIT: Please note that this is a very old post, things have changed :)

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Hi All,

control robot via controller connected to bluetooth

I have to make a final project for school this year, and I've seen someone from college work on a project where he made a space invaders game showed it on a projector.

But the ship in the game was left out and replaced with a remote controlled car.

He told me he used bluetooth to connect the car to his pc and unity to link with the game.

Get the most out of LMR

It’s ok to be a lurker, but those who get the most out of LMR actively share projects, news, videos and more. So what goes where?

arduino bootloader

hi every one 

kinda noob to this programing and stuff :) 

i have a small problem maybe some one could help me. Ive just bought 2 Deek robot mini boards ardunio clones but i dont have anything else to upload sketches into the borad other than arduino uno so i found tutoriel on google how to set it up.

taking out the atmel chip on the uno board 

and connecting

tx to tx mini

rx to rx mini 

reset to dtr mini 

gnd to gnd mini 

5v to vcc mini