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Is this schematic ready for layout?

Dear: LMR

Just to let you know I am hoping to make a pcb for my robot in hopes I am not going to need a new chassis. Is this schematic correct because I am not so sure about the USB, the regulators, and the crystall oscilator. Thank you.

From: Noah 

Drop and Obstacle Avoidance - Which Sensors to Use

Hello Everyone! 

I'm new to the forum and had a few questions regarding sensors. I'm building a project bot and I'm looking for some info regarding two topics for some things I need the bot to do.

1) Not crash into anything - obstacle avoidance

2) Not fall off of anything - drop sensors

A couple dilemmas are - Direct daylight and dark surfaces.


Motor Help

I've salvaged a few motors over the years with hopes of using them someday. Wondering if  someone can help me with a motor I have and tell me if I can control it with Arduino.


Legally blind veteran needs some help building a robot

Please help me. I need a small robotic device that can periodically pull on a string with enough force to move a suspended weight approx 300 lbs . Then accassionally give another pull to keep the weight moving at a very easy rate. This needs to be very quiet operating and weather proof. It will be used to keep targets in motion at a range. DC POWER must operate for at least 1 hour on a small battery. The movement only needs to be 12 ibches or so, not a lot. Contact ne directly asos@verizon.net. We used to use a old baby swing to make it work but now need something more professional.

Reconfigurable "robot"

My mock-ups of (self-)reconfigurable modular "robots":

how to program a robot using mac

I usually find difficulties in programming a robot for a specific purpose. I had several issues like crashing of laptop, disappearing of command, and sometimes software like LMS-EV3 doesn't work on my mac

how to make a fling robot

Hey friends

i want to know how to make a robot fly since i can make simple robots . I want to make a robot which can fly at higher altitude

6 wire RC steering servo?

Hi All!

This is my first post so go easy on me. :)

I am trying to build an obstical avoidance robot and decide to salvage a chasis from an old Radio Shack RC truck. The main board is fried. when I got to the se=teering mechanism I discovered 6 wires coming form what I would think is a servo. I was expecting three wires so I'm not sure how to hook it up to my motor shield for an arduino.

I discovered that if I applied a voltage to two of the wires the wheels turn on direction and if I reverse them they go the other way.

How to program Dagu t'rex motor controller

I was just bought Dagu t'rex motor controller From Online i konw how to write sktch and how  to upload it on controller bu i dont have any idea about how to connect t'rex motor controller to Arduino Softwere. Do i need to connect t'rex motor controller via Arduno board or something like that??? 

Intel Edison Arduino Expansion ---> dymanixel motors

I was wondering what the best method to control DYNAMIXEL AX-18A motors from an Intel Edison with arduino expansion board would be, I have teh Arbotix-M, the UartSBee, the Edison with Arduino Expansion Board, and the Arduino Uno. I really want to make it so that I can use the Intel Edison w/ expansion board, and send that to the Arbotix-M. Can you help me?