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servos, ir, or proc speed causing issues with serout on a picaxe?

I'm a little confounded with an issue that I'm having. The setup I'm using is a Picaxe 08M with the following components connected, BT tranciever(uses two pins for i/o), a servo, an ir receiver, and the latest addition, a serial lcd display(connected to pin 0). 

Basically all of the components work except for some funkyness with the serial lcd. It appears to get garbled data when I use it on the axe with the above mentioned components.

Remote controlled unmanned power-chair

Ok, My idea...


I have reason to need a bluetooth or r/f remote controlable powered wheelchair. To be able to remotely turn it on (& off) and manouvre it from an outdoor shelter over to a freshly parked car's drivers door.

What I have at the moment is just the base power chair:

Powertec F50 by Sunrise Medical


What I wish to do as much as is possible is to leave the current set-up as it is, and to add the propsed r/c system to work along side it.


Sharp GP2D120 vs SRF05

Hi everyone,

I just completed the "Start Here" robot. I used a Sharp GP2D120 for the eyes and I used Fritsl's programming for the "Start Here" robot. I do not have any experience with programming but once I get this robot done then I will be able to learn more.

I have noticed that the robot is very slow, i.e.: It drives a little forward, then stops, and takes a reading, repeat. I assume this is because the robot is stopping to take a reading. If that is correct, then the SRF05 is better because it can take readings without having to stop the motors?

Conflict with PWM2 output and osc input (PIC)

this is some data i got from the datasheet of the 18f252:



Digital I/O. 

As a child

OK im new so didnt no what topic sorry for that.so the title says most of it as a kid 10-18-ish were you interested in electronics did you make anything?or did you just start robotics as an adult?

 (edit) i ask this because i am only a child so i wondere if there was any hope for me :] thanks for the feedback guys.

perhaps il just wait till i can actually buy some basic stuff but il still read up on stuff so hen i do get materials il be ready to start using my hands instead of my eyes

Salvage from a CRT TV and its remote.

A TV has just died (too dramatic a wording?) in my family where it went funny colours leading up to its not turning on. I'll need to check the plug fuse for them but it sounds like the CRT died after many years use. Rip it open time!

Free Range Robots (and hallways)

Uff-da... So I have pulled the training wheels off of Walter and am letting him rove around sans fences. I have actually had great luck with pre-solving a lot of problems (table legs and driving under things) but still I am running into a few problems.

I ask this as an open question.

My first project, lawnmower...



Im new to this forum, and new to robotics in general. The same could be said abou my knowledge about microprocessors and programming language (other than .html notepad stuff).
 I have some basic knowledge about electronics, but nothing worth braging about.

But, i have been thinking about starting on a new project soon (I'm currently in the finishing stages of a little cnc project i have for cutting out rc airplane foamies...) which i would like to start this fall, and hopefully be done with before next summer.