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Everyone's Favorite Motor Controller Board

Hi Guys,

I'm having problems with my Arduino's motor shield controlling my 4wd motors and I'm thinking about going another way.  So I was wondering what everyone's favorite motor controller board might be.  I need to control four wheel motors and I don't wanna spend more than 40 bucks or so at the most....

 Any ideas?


Annie :) 

Help with H-Bridge

 Hello, I need some help to reduce the chances of burning my precious Arduino/apartment.
I managed to build and test this H-bridge 

Programming exe for SD84

Hi guys, I am working on a university degree project for "Teory and method of Massmedia" in NABA (New academy of arts of Milan). I have some problem with code!!! :P


I choose a sd84 connected to a netbook with flashmemory to move my robot,  I have already test many codes on arduino and on a kit to take practice. Now I want to jump on i/o and c exe to run all. I noticed that is not simple as Arduino program. I don't know how to compile the program and which library I have to include and how to find comport and sd84 pin. Can you help me??? :P


Good wire vs bad wire question

I bought a spool of wire that is crap.  It is hard to cut and then strip without also accidently cutting some of the extremely fine strands in the wire.  Then when you do manage to cut and strip the wire properly the ends fray badly and are difficult to solder with any amount of precision.  I'm wondering how to choose good wire?  I really don't know what to look for when it comes to choosing a spool of wire.

Why is portc high = low?

Using Picaxe "portc", I can get 16 outputs from a picaxe 28, which is neat.

But I allways wondered why you have to write "high portc 5" to get "portc 5" to be "low"??

I understand that since it on default is an input-port, it must be set on "high" on power up. But still you should set it to "low" by writing "low portc 5", and not "high portc 5"?

Gets quite confusing sometimes in my code; half of the outs has to be set low to be high!?!?!

Regarding Battery Selection

Hey Guys!

For controlling two 12V motors, I'll be using an 25A sabertoooth motor driver. For powering the two motors I"m choosing an 11.1V/850mAH/3S/25C Li po battery pack.  Each motor draws 9.5A(max), so totally for both the motors the current draw is 19A(max). The battery provides 21.25A. So is this battery pack wise? Or should i go for an battery pack that provides higher current?


How to connect a light dependent resistor to a picaxe 28X1


I recently go a light dependent resistor

and i cant seem to figure out how to connect it to my picaxe28X1, would anybody here know how ???

Any help would be apreciated !!!!!

Window wiper motor for a steering mechanism (centers when you release the stick on the controller)

Hi all

I am building myself a remote controlled car with a lawnmower engine, and am currently having some difficulty in designing a steering mechanism, hoping all you guys could help.

What I have is a window wiper motor to operate the steering system and a servo, now I just need to design a system as basic as possible (hopefully just using switches, levers and wire).

micro controller

Is it possible to have one central micro controller connected to 3 other micro controllers? And let the impulse of that micro controller control the other micro controllers. My system works on a censor bases that skips the secondary control servos and feeds its impulses directly to the main servo. From there to the secondary servos and to the mechanical response. So the censors are connected to the main servo.