Let's Make Robots!

Which is the best way to build robots?

I'm lost and can't choose which way to go, I read David Cook's book, I read LMR's starter guide and some other sources. Saw a lot of robots in action here and there but I can't still choose which way to use, a programable robot wither using PICAXE or Arduino or even to stick to non-programable robots just like the one in David's book which is called Sandwich robot.


Darwin is a hacker

How many monkeys on type writers does it take to write the collected works of Shakespeare? Or Asimov for that matter? It has been claimed, but never tested, that a limited amount of monkeys will indeed produce such a work.

Given enough time...

programming question. should be easy for you guys i think :)

hello there everybody. i'm really new at robotics but i made the starter kit from LMR and it worked perfectly :) now i'm just fooling around trying to make program myself. i wanted my servo to react to how close my hand is to the Sharp IR sensor. first i made 2 symbols (far and close) and said, that if variable "b0" is greater than the first symbol and less than the second. turn servo if not, return to main. and it worked just fine. now i want to make 3 symbols, for the robot to relate to.

here is what i'm trying:


Yet another PWM Picaxe question

I am programming my Mr Basic with Mr Basic moron driver. I use a Picaxe 28x1. It is a very basic setup indeed, with a small servo carrying a sharp IR distance sensor.

After reading many pages of manuals and LMR and example code of other victims, I ran into a wall. It's the dreaded "PWM and servopos don't mix" wall on picaxes.

Self-Replicating Stationary Phototrophs

How many of you guys garden?

DC motor test


Just wanted to know, if any of you know a good way to test DC motors?

I need to test my motors for: Max and min. speed, current with no load, current with heavy load and stall current.

When i measure the motors resistor, i get about 3ohm. Then i tried to calculate 4.5V / 3 = 1.5Amp. But if i am correct hose motors have a stall current on about 2.7Amp. Did i calculate it wrong?

The 2 motors i need to test, are those from the LMR Mr. Basic.

Not sure how to do those test.

PICAXE or Arduino For Starters

I am just starting out in the field of robotics, and I am looking for someplace to start.
I was wondering if anyone had anysuggestions on which hardware I should learn first.
My end goal is to be able to control my bots remotely via wireless of some kind.
I have listed two of the kits I am looking at getting below. One is the PICAXE starter kit from LMR and the other is a starter bundle for Arduino's from Solarbotics. Any suggestions would be welcome.

LMR Starter Kit

Open Dicussion: Hard Copies

I was just wondering... I print hard copies of almost everything I work with. I make lists and jot-down ideas with a pencil and paper. I add notes and comments to code I am working on using a pencil. I flow-chart on paper before writing any code. I have stacks and stacks of papers to keep my mind organized.

rik makes fun of me for this!

Open discussion: How do you guys go from idea to code? Am I a dork with my pencil and paper?

Unusual servo movement in "start here" robot

Around a year ago I completed my version of the Start Here robot (with an SRF05) and have recently repaired it a bit (one of the motors wasn't working properly.) However, the servo now moves around a bit whilst my robot moves and sometimes even turns round fully to the left and just shakes. After playing around a bit, I figured out that the shaking only occurred when the output from the SRF05 was < 270 (about 45cm).