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I need to build a receiver and transmitter for a set of Motorola TLKR-T7s. the transmitter and receiver is only required to over come a mountain blocking the signals from each other. I only need to transmit 2.4 km with it. I want to place the receiver/transmitter at the top of the mountain so to go over it instead of through it.

Ataque de Pánico! (Panic Attack!) 2009

Hi All,

I haven't decided if I should use this as inspiration for my first robot project, but I just might. Be sure to check out the video.







Servo question

I'm attempting to put together the Start robot as my pieces come in the mail. I got my servo today, but the "you can get this here" link doesn't for me. So I got a different one from Sparkfun. In the Start robot pictures, it shows the servo with a full circle above it. The parts (3 different parts) that came with mine are not circular. There is one that looks like a cross, but the small horizontal lines are in the middle. Another that is just a 180 degree line. And another that is a line starting at the middle (like a line modelling a radius). I'm confused about how to set this up.

arduino application

hello i am using an arduino for artistic purposes . i  just bought a used laptop ..... 1 gig ram ,centrino duo, intel video card and vista and for some reson it is the only computer that i have seen that just doesn't lauch the arduino application ... i tried many version of the arduino application from 0012 to 0017 sometimes if i am lucky i can run it from a thumb drive.... about one chance out of a hundred

Best way to monitor battery level?

With a picaxe or arduino. Best answer gets a cookie. OK, Go!

Line following/normal mode switching?

I was wondering ; can you upgrade start here robot to a line follower and switch between line following and the normal mode by clicking/switchng a button! Cause i want it to go from my kitchen to my sofa so my mom can place a can of coce on it and press the button and volia! I heard of the new picaxe upgrade that has a remote control! that would help :)

how to calculate motor strength?

Is there a common formula for finding required motor strength?

If I know the total bot weight and wheel diameter, could I find out what kind of motor I need. I know that gearing will come into play, but I dont know anything about these physics thingys so I choose to phrase the question as vaguely as possible.. 

Like, what kind of specs would a motor for a scooter (with me on top of it), doing 35km/Hrs require

or,  an offroader weighting 10K, doing 3km/Hrs with 10cm big wheels in rough terrain?

L293d and ATtiny2313

Can anyone help me to use motor driver L293d and Microcontroller ATtiny2313 to control DC motors with simple code and schematic circuit!

Please help!

led stop blinking after disconnecting the programming cable


  I'am using Atmels ATtiny2313 microcontroller. Few days ago I was able to blink led after disconnecting the proframming cable. but now after disconnecting the programming the led stops blinking!!!!!!why???

Anyone Please help me why this happen????

Plzz help me!

can i still add a laser, speaker, led?

in my robot SC-QR-1 i have allready used all 8 servo-ports.

but can i still ad a laser(to see where it looks), a speaker(for it to call hor help or showing some sound-emotions..   etc.) and some leds(like a red to show power, white/bright to help my "primary-back-mounted-not-night-vision-spy-camera") 

and if yes would the servos disturb the lasers, speaker and leds?

and i was also thinking, stuff like the sharp ir sensors have ir leds in them, could i attach an led or laser to those pins??


please reply!! :D