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Hello, i was wondering if anyone knew where to find cheap servos (9g-20g)

Ant Hexapod with very cool moves

Hexapod with very cool moves



The video may take a short while to load.....its worth the wait

TED Talk: Dennis Hong's 7 Species of Robot

I'm not sure if this one has been posted on LMR before, but it's a great and inspiring video on creating all sorts of robots.


Update: Link fixed.


Quadruped walking code

I'm developing a quadruped and i have problems with making the walking code in arduino.Simply i don't know how it must work.Can anyone post a code from his quadruped so i can see the basic ideea?It's a 8 servo sg-90 robot.

Radio mast navigator - idea :)

Hi, just got this idea, and thought perhaps it would interest one of the clever guys out there. Hope is that a vendor will take this up, after a couple of clever LMRians have talked more about the details that I am too stupid to get into :)


huge gearedmotor

i have two geared motors but it isn`t small like normal geared motors that you use ,it`s huge ( in fact it`s a car with two geared motors one in each side ) ,so when i connect the two motors to  two 9v batteries in series it works very short time like a minute or something ,then the batteries is dead , what can i do ?????

please help.


Doubts about software development for robots

Hi LMRtians

After doing some programming for my first robot I was wondering (maybe because of my computer science background) if someone uses some kind of notation or software development methods at the hour of programming the robot.
When you are programming simple things like the Start Here Robot (http://letsmakerobots.com/start) it is easy to program a sequence of actions:

  Condition 1: gosub Action 1
  Condition 2: gosub Action 2

Servos Problem

Hello everyone.

I have been using one of those small blue servos(with the picaxe 28x starter kit), after about 30 minutes of usage the servo stopped working. I thought I may have damaged it somehow, so I used another new servo (same type), but it didn't work!, I tried all the blue servos I have and non worked.

I checked the picaxe chip and it woked fine.

Anyone know what the problem could be?

Thanks alot.

Starting my first scratch built robot

Hello All,

Very informative forum you have here. I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and decided it was time to join up.

Robot-y things to do in Japan?

We're going to Tokyo on March 30 to April 9. Unfortunately I'm missing Robo-One by a week, but maybe someone knows of other fun robot related things to do while there? I've checked Robots Dreams so I'll have a few shops in Akihabara to visit but there isn't anything in their calendar yet.