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Problem with solar engine 1381

Hello everybody.
Foremost sorry for my bad english (i am a belgian boy).
I built a solar engine: model 1381.

PICAXE 18X High Power board

 I reciently got a PICAXE high power board with a built in L293D chip. This is my first PIXAXE. Does anyone know where I can download software? Also does anyone have any codes for a robot using a sharp analog sensor and servo? I am use to Parallax basic stamp and could probally figure out how to change I/O pins. I know PICAXE is popular on LMR. It is cheap compared to the basic stamp but noticed the I/O assignments on the pins are fixed.

Do you guys think a garage is to hot?

I am thinking about tring robotics out. I was thinking about making a workshop in my garage. I live in arizona and there are times that it gets in the 100s here. So I was wondering if I make a workshop in my garage and leave my robots in there is this going to effect them? Thanks for any advice.

Inexpensive PCB Manufacture

First off, if I've missed a previous forum thread on the topic, I's sorry and could I have a link?

EM sensor?

What type of sensor would be able to sense an EM pulse from a device? Thanks!

Converting a PIC program, to arduino C

Hi, i found this code on the net, but i need it in arduino C, i have no knowledge on it, and no idea where to start translating...

there is also this one, in basicstamp i presume...



Picaxe 28x1 & Servos

I am connecting 4 servos to a picaxe 28x1. I am modifying the servos for continous rotation and attathcing wheels to them for a project kind of like a car :). Each slot for the servos only has 2 pins each while the servo plug requires 3 pronged it appears. Am I able to plug in using only the 2 pins or do I need to solder on a third? Also as far as programming for continous rotation. How does it work since I am wanting all my wheels to go in the same direction(2 on each side).

Robot arm Kinematics

We are developing a C program for Kinematic analysis of 6 dof robotic manipulator,

Help us with Robot arm SIMULATORS, C programs, D-H Parameters,

Looking for a cheap long range distance sensor.


Would anybody know of a cheap long range distance sensor? 

Something with a max distance of 2.5 to 3 meters. It would be for my nitro rc car, I dont totally trust my radio system so a distance activated fail safe would be really reassuring!  

Accuracy isn't ran issue, but price is. 


Thank you in advance!