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EM sensor?

What type of sensor would be able to sense an EM pulse from a device? Thanks!

Converting a PIC program, to arduino C

Hi, i found this code on the net, but i need it in arduino C, i have no knowledge on it, and no idea where to start translating...

there is also this one, in basicstamp i presume...



Picaxe 28x1 & Servos

I am connecting 4 servos to a picaxe 28x1. I am modifying the servos for continous rotation and attathcing wheels to them for a project kind of like a car :). Each slot for the servos only has 2 pins each while the servo plug requires 3 pronged it appears. Am I able to plug in using only the 2 pins or do I need to solder on a third? Also as far as programming for continous rotation. How does it work since I am wanting all my wheels to go in the same direction(2 on each side).

Robot arm Kinematics

We are developing a C program for Kinematic analysis of 6 dof robotic manipulator,

Help us with Robot arm SIMULATORS, C programs, D-H Parameters,

Looking for a cheap long range distance sensor.


Would anybody know of a cheap long range distance sensor? 

Something with a max distance of 2.5 to 3 meters. It would be for my nitro rc car, I dont totally trust my radio system so a distance activated fail safe would be really reassuring!  

Accuracy isn't ran issue, but price is. 


Thank you in advance! 


Tommy - Robotic Ethics - Food for thought

Gripping "Docu" about a Robot named "Tommy"

Two motors don't run at the same speed

I've got an old Rebound RC car that I've gutted.  I'm controlling the motors with an ATmega168 and a dual H-Bridge, all with a 6 V battery pack.  The problem is when power on both motors, one runs at full speed and the other runs very slowly.  When I power them by themselves they both run at full speed.

Does anyone know why that would happen?  If you need any code or pictures just ask.

Thanks very much!

Pb de communication between trans and rcvr

ello there,

Now that I ve gathered all the parts, I've tried to connect everything together but it doesn't work!!!   ;(

I've got;

Transmitter : old futaba  fp t7fg/k (found in a boot fair but working, apparently.. got battery signal)

Receiver : PCM 1024 FP-R1299DP

Both with a crystal t27 35.060 Mhz

One servo Futaba JR UK 3001

One battery 6V  4.5Ah


The thing is I have no idea if I have to set up my transmitter in order for it, to send the signal to the receiver, then to the servo.

Public Service Announcement

Only the 1st one is about robots, but still it's good that the government finally made something to warn people.

Selecting MCU n Driver for RC Tank

Hi all,

I'm trying to convert a small tank into a semi-autonomous robot. The chassis is pretty similar to the Tamiya double gearbox + track n wheels + base plate.


The problem is there isn't much space to play with (see pic). With 2 AA batteries, i might be able to squeeze in 1 flat PCB.

I was tinking of using an Arduino but I dun tink it can fit in.


Just remembered I've some small batt packs from Pololu, so 6 V sld be ok.