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I hope this is the place to post this contest to within the forum. If not, just let me know.



Arduino Contest: Think It – Build It – Share It!

Voltage regulator problem

Hi, i recently added a sharp ir sensor, a servo, and a picaxe 8m to my robot, trix. The power supply i made for the picaxe board and sharp ir sensor assembly was simple and should have worked i thought, it was a five volt regulator from parallax, a 9volt bettery clip, and a 3 pin header for the power out (5volt reg, un regulated 9v, ground), However when i plugged the power supply into the picaxe board, my multimeter read only like 2.5 volts across the picaxe and the voltage regulator heat sink got so hot i burt my finger quite a bit.

Need Help for AGV?

i'm working on AGV project rite now.low cost AGV.i'm totally dont have knowledge in software part that is programming part?especially to do the coding for the robot.but for hardware part is not a problem to me.can somebody help me with the coding part?i'm using atmel microcontroller and will attach with stepper motor.for sensor i'm using ultrasonic for obsctacels sensor.

arduino functions

Calculon is discovering the wonders of arduino programming, and he is confused with the function (subroutine) action. He defines and declares a function, but nothing happens. Behold the simplified code:

void loop(){

   goMotor;   //call the goMotor function


void goMotor(){    //activate dc motor via h-bridge



Shops for Aussies and Kiwis

Hey everybody out there in Australia. There are many shops out there that you can go to.

- www.robotgear.com.au (theres picaxe + arduino + some solarbotics + heaps of polulu + tank tracks +gearmotors +chassis and other totaly AWSOME stuff) and if you need other stuff, email them and u get them in like a month.

- www.robotics.com.au

- www.robotparts.com

Hooking up a Schmitt trigger (74HC14)

I need to hook up a 74HC14 to clean the signal from a QRB1134 IR sensor. I think I know how but I need to make sure. Could it really be this simple:

*Connect pin 14 to 5V (from Arduino)

*Connect pin 7 to ground

*Connect pin 1 to the signal output of the QRB1134

*Connect pin 2 to the Arduino analog in

*Place a .1uF cap between the 5V and the ground wire

Here is the datasheet and an example I used:


Problem with Arduino and SN754410 circuit

I arranged this circuit to prevent wires from crossing each other... I'm using using paperclips to make the circuit =). This is what I have so far: 


I tested the circuit and it works! Just one problem: during the "void setup()"part of my code (Arduino), the motor starts to run without any input. I tried to set the PWM pin low, but it didn't worked. How could I fix this? Pull-down resistors? Here's the code I'm using:

What distance sensors are better and best?

I am working on a much faster & stronger version of Robot Wall Racers, using quite fast RC-cars

I want to use lasers as distance sensors, but I think they will be a little over budget, altough this is a paid for job :)

Yes, SRF05's clai, they can detect a broomstick on 3 meters.. but in reality they are not stable before say 1.5 meters.

1.5 meters when you are traveling at 25km/h is NOT a lot, when you even are set up with drifting tyres.


Has anyone had any success programming the event phrases into the SpeakJet's EEPROM? I don't know if this is done via a PIC or right from my computer. The software implies that you load it onto the speakjet directly from the computer, but how would I do that?