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Can i control a servo with a 555 timer?


I would like to sweep a servo back and forth, and theres no point on using the arduino for this, and thats all i have at the moment, so if i supply 0v to the yellow wire on the servo(signal) and then supply it with 5v, then 0, then 5v again.... would it sweep the servo? or does it have to be modulated?




hi guys i am fabricating a modified form of a rhex. i am a mechanical engg graduate and i know nothing abt electronics . can you guys tell wat are the electronic configurations that are requied. like pic or pid or ic8085. wat sofewares can be used for interfacing. wat kind of material are to be chosen for leg design . the budget is within $400.

Dirk the homeless robot


And more cool projects on Electric-Circus!!!

Stuff to do while waiting for parts.

I ordered my parts for my first robot (from the start here section) and not wanting to sit idle I have been finding and doing projects from instructables.com that involve soldering or other skills that I believe may be transferable to robotics.  Any other suggestions?  The hard part is finding parts locally, Radio Shack just doesn't carry a lot of electronic components like they used to.

books with robots

where can i find robot books???suggest me some sites!!!

Homemade digital compass

Some time ago OddBot posted this circuit for a homemade digital compass based on hall effect sensors:


Unfortunately CircuitBurn couldn't make it work. However I'm inclined to try again. A cheap DIY compass would be great.

So if anyone has ANY idea as to how this could be achieved let's hear it. It could be an improvement on OddBot's circuits or something completely different and wacky :D

Calibration problems with a Maxibotics XL-EZ4

Ok, here's the deal. Today, I got my fantastically awesome order from sparkfun. It included:

The Maxibotics XL-EZ4 Rangefinder

The JPEG Compression Camera

I managed to soder some wires to three pins of the EZ4 without burning the house down. I got GND, +V, and pin 2 (Digital signal)

PIR to PICAXE interfacing

Hi everyone. I am thinking of making a robot which uses 3 PIR sensors RAPIDONLINE 61-1516  to detect and track objects emitting thermal energy.Do you think using a 9V battery this would
work?in terms of power consumption and stuff like,considering i would be using 3 of these PIRs and other sensors like microphone,buzzer etc.

Robort art made from spare parts!

A flickR gallery of robots made of spare parts!

Quite funny and expressive!