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Drunkest Guy Blaster Battle

Fritsl posted this video a while ago... but here is the explanation :

LMR keyrings and other merchandise

During my time as a member of LMR I have seen the odd discussion about LMR T shirts, caps etc.  Jack would like to help promote LMR and is looking at producing some keychains.

The minimum order is 300 and it cost about $600 USD to have the mold made. We would sell them at cost ($2 USD) or give one out with every order from an LMR member. We are not doing this to make money but to promote LMR as the best robot site on the web.

Below is the design Jack proposes. What do you think? Does LMR need or even want merchandise?

need xmas ideas

hey all. i'm rudolph's person and i am totally stuck on what to get him for xmas. i know nothing about robots despite his trying to explain it to me over and over. i want to get him something cool to you robot peeps but here is the chalenge, it needs to be affordable. cool and cheap. so anyway contact me via form or email drleanne at yahoo dot com with like a link or sometrhing. cause i need the really obvious directions on this stuff lol

maximum weight tamiya gearbox?

What would be the maximum weight i could put on the tamiya twin motor gearbox without stripping gears or roasting my motors? I've found out that my base is going to be a bit heavy......


Also, does anyone know what the dimensions of the gearbox are? LxWxH? any help appreciated. thanks.  

LMR Bot Communication Protocol*

My xmos project proposal included (rather, was refined to include) a communications library to make it easier for the robots to share map data. Then BOA mentioned a communication protocol to allow different peoples' robots to communicate as well. That is a pretty damn good idea, so here's a forum topic to discuss and finalize said protocol.

Sketch to CAD?

I have a paper & pencil sketch of my robotic design and I was wondering if there is anyway to easily create a CAD model by scanning my sketch into the computer. I user Google SketchUp and Alibre Xpress (yeah I'm cheap) and I can't afford anything "more advanced".  If there's anyway to do this, I would love to know, or if you could point me to a tutorial, that would be greatly appreciated.



RC car controlled by PC or PDA using wireless communication

Hallo Everybody !

This is my very first post ! ))

I am doing the robo-project in the university. The main task is to build a robot using wireless technology that can be able to perform number of tasks that are sent from the PC.

NiCad vs NiMH batteries

I wanna buy a charger and some batteries so I've been doing a bit of research on the different types. However the information I found is somewhat confusing and outright contradictory. And in any case I'd like to hear about the experiences you guys have had using NiHM and/or NiCad batteries...

Which would be the better choice? Pros and cons?

What type of wire would I need for a 9V battery?

I'm working on my first project for this year's up-coming sciencefair, but I'm TOTALLY lost! I've been using this old college text book I found at my school's library, but it doesn't help much, so I'd really appreciate the help. For my robot(Technesium) I'm planning on using a 9V battery(and if I should use a higher voltage, please tell me!), but I don't know what type of wire I should use. The book I'm reading says to use No. 12 wire, but I'm still not really sure. Also, I have one more question, how do I determine the current a battery has? Thanks for your help, really!