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PIC ports

I'm having problems with 18f252 ports. I seem to be unable to control it as an input or an out but. Thus I am also unable to use the BTFSC or BTFSS controls. Is there a difference between the 16f and 18f series with regards to inputs and outputs?


Sorry for the lack of info. I was in abit of a rush, I'm rushing now too :p

so the code i used is fairly simple :

The main part to control the 18f252 is ---->   MOVLW B'00000000'


Modifying source code (IR instead of ping)

So I have finally found a code that seems like it is going to work from this node:



However, I want to use a sharp IR sensor instead of the ping, as the sharp is cheaper and im on a strict budget for this project. I have no idea how to change the code, as I am just beginning to learn the language. Can anyone help me out? Here is the source code from that node:


Marry RC-Car and autonomous control

Has anyone been combining radio control car technology and autonomous controls?  I found the contribution by fritsl http://letsmakerobots.com/node/928.  It is over a year old now.  What has been happening since then?

Location, location, location!

Hello everyone!

RC power for my picaxe

I'm using RC ESC's to drive the motors in my current robot project. These speed controllers has a built in power regulator (called a BEC) that is meant to power your RC receiver. I've measured and the voltage produced is a steady 5.03 Volts.

Can any of you think of a reason why I couldn't or shouldn't use this as power source for my Picaxe 28x1 ? 


Can't seem to insert hyperlinks with Opera browser on my old iMac, so here are a link if you wanna read more about RC ESCs or BECs


Fingertech Robotics Question

Do you remember when you sent me that hard copy pdf file of the high torque servo? With all the stuff I needed to Cad it? I need a hard copy of the servo horns it comes with. Please email it to Benbo231@gmail.com as you did before. Hurry, I am at a standstill until I get it, and my deadline is rapidly approaching! I have until the end of next week to CAD about 40 parts, usingabout 3 square feet of aluminum. Please hurry.

Practical question about servos and capacitors

I have read in many places on this site about using capacitors to reduce motor and servo noise. I am now using 0.1 uF capacitors across the leads of my motors as standard practice. I'm also using 470 uF and 0.1 uF capacitors around both sides of my voltage regulator. As yet I haven't tried applying a cap to a servo, and I have a quick question.

Large Solenoid Actuator driven Display

Hello, I am new to this site so I hope you won’t mind if I ask a few questions that I am sure are going to sound quite amateurish to most of you. 

I am an American living in Berlin working on a collaboration between two art research institutes here.  I have been given the task of putting together a proposal for a dynamic moving display. That will be featured next year as part of a conference on kinesthesia. 


hello all

i'm making a robot, can you tell me how can i connect LEDs for signal purpose. like i will be conecting two servo on the front wheel and one on which IR sensor will be mounted. i want all the four thing 3 servo 1 ir sensor to be connected to LED which can give me signal.



USB Datalogger Questions


Can Anyone tell me if you can not only write to it, but read from it as well? I need to be able to get pictures from a camera (a robotics applications camera) on and off of there, as well as gps co-ords and compass readings (those and a few notes in a bundled file)