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cogs, pulleys, levers, buttons, pulleys, belts- how can I make a mexican wave movement?

How can I make a mexican wave movement?


I no nothing electronically or mechanicaly, therefore whatever I do must rely on simple ways.

I have some servo's, and a servo tester ( to create a constant movement for me) and can get hold of anything I may need.


what construction do I need to create a 'mexican wave effect'?


This is needed for my 'flopping fish' project.





Fiber optic proximity sensor

hello...i want to ask how to use and how to program it by using MPLAB software to make line following robot...i use 3 sensor at my robot.TQ...

2 pin dual

if i want to put the LED in G and V..... which method can i use to attach them. My idea was to use 2 pin dual female jumper like this one. if anyone has another method do tell me.i will be using picaxe 28x1. MECcab0007.JPG

Code works under usb power but not battery

Would there be a reason for code working differently by being powered with the Arduino FTDI cable and fresh batteries? I have checked and both supply the system with 5v. When it is powered with the cable, the program works as it should but under battery power, the program runs as if it is not reading the sensor. It is a PIR sensor and i checked that under both power situations, when it detects something, the signal pin is 3.5v. So the sensor seems to be working properly under both power supplies.

Picaxe Multi Programmer

I wish to dive into Picaxr programming and that means the whole family............

So my Question is :- Has enyone a recommendation as to Multi chip programmer that will do the whole range .

(ie the 08 to the 40x2) - is there such a beast ..... if so where can i get it.

Thanks in anticipation

P3AT Mobile Robot

I'm now working with P3AT mobile robot, I'm assigned to plug in USB webcam into the robot, then capture the video, and connect the video to another laptop via VNC Viewer software. But the problem that I am facing now is once I connect the webcam, I cannot connect with the other laptop through VNC. The connection can't be established. How should I do?Thanks.

Recommend a wire stripper please!

So I'm on the market for a wire stripper. I'm looking online, and my god are there a lot of them.

I could get a gigantic heavy duty one that does every kind of wire I will ever see, and makes toast too, or I could get a simple one with a smaller guage range that doesn't make toast...

I'd love to get some recommendations.

4 wheels or not to 4 wheels

I want to add 2 extra (fixed) wheels to my bot (front end) but wonder how that would behave when steering. Steering will be done by the motors on the rear wheels.


I'm redoing the base, it will have some suspension underneath the turret and a bit more batman like features (as I'm waiting on my servos still).


Going to build a YDM!

'Going to build a YDM'

Bit ambitious as a first project, but I have 'some' background in programing.

Right now I am a student at University of Idaho. I am taking C++ and attend the ACM meetings. ACM is a group on campus that does programing challenges and is now dabling in robotics. They recently got an Arduino board, and it is my understanding that it uses C++.

This will be my first robot, except for a semester in high school where I programed a robot to navigate a maze using only a sequence of commands.