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Help to buy a Mobile Robot

Hi all

I need help to guide me to buy a two wheel mobile robot with components (for example encoders , compass,others ) that make me know the robot position (i.e. X , Y , and Orientation ) precisely in global map . so which robot platform is good for that ?

Hint : I need this robot to implement Artificial Potential Field algorithm .


How to make a robot look steampunk?

Dear: LMR

Hello this is me Noah. You should know I am trying to build a steampunk robot chassis. This robot is going to be made of cardboard, arduino uno, and other materials. What I am trying to ask you is this how do you make something look steampunk, what materials do you use to make something look steampunk, and how to design a steampunk texture for my robot? I could use all the help I can get so thank you. By the way this is what I have done so far.

From: Noah 

Support PopPet


Looks like dx, banggood and tindie all pulled this from their 'shelves'. Banggood wants to know who can supply PopPet. I'm passing them CP's way.

I'm scrubbing this post to avoid giving anyone bad names at this point. Thanks everyone.

Hello Guys & Gals,

I am posting this so that fellow LMR members know what is going on, and send an E-mail to ____ in support of PopPet.

Excel ... Tip

Hi all just thought i would post this which could be handy for those who use Excel .... as i have seen post where people work out things for there robot projects in excel.

Test email service

testing the emain notifications

Requesting help: How to identifying a battery connector


I'm currently in the process of up grading the batteries for my current robot project to use 18650 Li-on batteries. However, the battery holder for the  4 x 18650 does not have a conector such as the one on the alkaline battery holder.

Can someone help me identify the connector?

I'm not sure if the connector is a Fut J, JST, BEC, etc.

Thanks in advance. 

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Large robot chassis with 50W MP3 player

Dagu is now selling the chassis for our Venus robot as a separate product for $435 USD.
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This is an ideal chassis for anyone who wants to make a large butler robot. It is an aluminium chassis with 2x 200mm (8 inch) drive wheels with rubber tires plus 4x caster wheels for stability.

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