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Help with power circuitry

Ok so followng the advice in this thread and from these forums I have now bought a 7.4v and an 11.1v Turnigy LiPo rechargeable batteries (different voltages to be used in different applications).

I love BASIC and I'm not ashamed of it, on the contrary.


Once in a while a comment passes by here that Basic sucks. It's supposed to be slow, unstructured and what more. There once was a Dutchman (unfortunately, couldn't he have been from some odd country instead?) who even stated that Basic mamed your brain! Fortunately he was an idiot else we would have a serious shortage in programmers worldwide...

I could not disagree more, so I will debunk some of the "cons" basic apparently has.

Problem with ATmega8 & HC-SR04

I am getting garbage results trying to control a HC-SR04 sonic distance sensor from a Dagu Mini Driver board (ATmega8). The wires to the SR04 are being monitored with a scope and/or logic analyser and look ok. The TRIG and ECHO timing appear reasonable and change proportional to distance to hard flat object..

I suspect the problem is with the ISR. It often tPmodDIN1imes has the endTime set to something resembling the current time in usec while the startTime variable remains at 0.

Build a Raspberry Pi Camera Robot (Updated)

Hi all, I'm a big fan of Dagu's Mini Driver board, and having realised recently that its 5V voltage regulator could provide up to 1A I've put together a tutorial which shows you how you can easily use it to build an affordable Raspberry Pi Camera Robot that you can drive round using a web browser on a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Join the *LMR 3D Print Club*

Do you have a 3D printer?


Interested in getting prints done, but have no printer?

Let's help each other printing more stuff :)

There may be a 3D printer or someone who'd like to pay for a print close to you..

Any Makeblock kit owners?

I'm really interested in the Makeblock kits that exist right now (as opposed to the in-development electronics), but it seems like no one on the internet actually owns one.  Does anyone here have one and could make a detailed blog review with closeup pictures or any more information at all beyond all the marketing stuff that I've already found plenty of?  The threaded slots seem like the most unusual parts, do they work well?  Are the parts well-made, fit together well, and so on- anything would be appreciated.  

Best motor for "tap water turbine"?

Hey All,

In looking online, it looks like when developing a wind/water mill-like generator, a high voltage motor is best to generate battery charging ability at low RPMs.  One of the problems with any hobby-type toy motors is that they need to be spun really fast to get some good voltage out of them.

But if i add gearing to the hobby motors then they become too difficult for gentle winds/water to move the fins of the generator.

Robot boat motoring around the bay


We got our solar robot boat motoring around in the bay yesterday.  It really works!


This looks interesting.

A larger broken out 8266 board. Looks like it would be a neat little IoT quick-start board for small applications.

Looks like the web page for it is here.