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Useless USB camera

As years went by, few USB cams are now sleeping in the drawers. Pity to throw them away, they were such a great add-on to a computer back in the ice age. Now these USB little gems are looking for something to do. Can anyone please provide a subject or hack to use them Arduino projects?

mirco servo mount

 push fit servo mount " no screws needed" should be a snug fit. the bearing 

used on the mount is a 623Z of ebay.and should be a tight fit may have to work that part to make in fit tight. the bearing not there in the normal sense of a bearing  just to give a c brackets a smooth surface to turn on. so a piece of copper tube at the right diameter could be used.


STL Viewer (beta)

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Recharging 4mimh aa with solar panel

The solar panel provides 6.57v and 40mA on full sun. Would this be enough to charge 4 aa NiMh 1.2v batteries wired in series?

How i can wire it up to the battery, and get some feedback of the charging process?

Arduino Code shaving

Dear LMRs,

This code below is by ICStation


They use a code works like this : when you press button 1 , Arduino instructs Audio record chip APR9600 to play first recorded msg whaich is (First floor) and so other buttons.

I know this is an ideal example of using matrix instead of line by line. but how ?

Can you identify this heat shrinked componented named LR?

Hi All,

In salvaging transistors to make H-Bridges, I cam across this receiver circuit board from a Maisto Rock Crawler.  It has two components that are shrink wrapped, and the PCB lists them as LR1 and LR2.  Wikipedia lists L, and I think LS, but there is no LR.  And I couldn't find anything similar by googling "heat shrink resistor," "heat shrink diode," and heat shrink component." 

robot face?

Hi guys

I've now got to the point where I want to add a face to my robot, having got it moving, and detecting obsticals.

So, I've been looking around, and all the small displays I've found work at 3.3V but my nano is a 5V one :( and I dont want to have to put in a level converter aswell.

So, I was wondering what people are using as displays for robot faces and debug messages?




Multiple Machine Redundent AI (MMRAI)

I've been thinking about Artficial General Intelligence (AGI) and OpenCog. These things would be much easier to implement if we had a full research supercomputer. OpenCog has that and still hasn't produced a human level AGI.

Since we don't, I'm thinking of another way of doing things.

Martin is building an AI server on his home computer. This is great, but with the internet the way it is, I expect lag time will be too great at times. It's also a very linguisticly based solution to getting computers to speak.

Parametric robot rover

Hi, I am just a beginner working on his little project, which is to:

create parametric design for robot rover ... (just rover), because I like a lot to programm the CAD model (actually written in Python which exports SCAD code that renders it)

and yeah, I want to try to 3d print everything (of course the "smallest" version possible to try it) at the start... (just because I don't have anything else ...). Final version should be made also from parts made on water/laser cutter

so here is what I have done so far (alias configuration I am working on):

Halloween bust Arduino sketch

Hi..New to code; I ask for advice on sketch shown below(attached txt also). This is another halloween bust that needs 2 motors+3 servo's all set to move randomly.

- Movement does not look so random..I do not know how to add Random seed which some say makes it better ?

- how to make entire movement triggered by 4-pin PIR sensor (ping & echo)? or even a shorter range IR reflection optocoupler ?

 #include <Servo.h> 

Servo servo1;         // Define servo1

Servo servo2;         // Define servo2