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Which Microcontroller to start with

So, want to start using microcontrollers. I know very little about them. Although i do have programming experience of basic and some c. I’ve basically narrowed down the options to either an Arduino or Picaxe. There basically the same price. The most important part for me would probably be the ease of reading sensors. I don’t really know much about them so this is where i would need your help. Although support is also important, the Arduino chips seem to have a bigger following. So could any one tell me which board they would recommend for an absolute beginner to microcontrollers?.

TB6612FNG and my basic stamp 2

I know i have asked this before, but jus for clarification, i wonder if some of you could clear my doubts.

according to robologist, i need to use this coding and connections 


Pic Shout Petition

THis is a petition to add pictures to the shoutbox. Like if you paste in a URL, it would turn into that pic! if you support this idea, or have a better version of the system, reply to this forum.



The shouts that started it all:

Benbo231: yeah, to see master chief right next to my name wen I post... or let us shout pix!

Big and Cheap motors in the US

Hey All,

Calculon is laying the groundwork for a new bot that is much bigger than his existing bots. He seeks input on where he can get cheap motors that operate in the neighborhood of 12 volts.

His priorities, in order, are:

-torque (30-40 lbs)


What do you guys recommend? Windshield wiper motors? Garage door openers? Power drill motors?

Worlds Smallest Robot? (not mine)

I was just looking at some of the Instructables.. I found one that is pretty badass.. wasn't sure where to put it, so hope this is the right area!

I like what he did, haha talk about ghetto-resourcefulness! 

Small Robot with Picaxe 08


Japanese geisha robots!

The latest humanoid robots from the land of the rising sun. God help us..


On a side note, I want to see this movie.

Edit: Warning! Danger to young minds! Fake blood and stupidity abounds!

Movie Editor Recomendations

I have a video recorder that does HD, but the software that comes with it will edit th emovie and change the resolution to 640x480 instead of the original resolution of 1280x720. Anyone have a recomendation for a video editor that is free or fairly cheap that will edit HD vids without changing the resolution and if possible also allow the video to be cropped so it will only show the robot and not everything around it if the video is farther away.

 Windows Movie Editor changes the resolution so that isn't an option. The video editor needs to work in XP or ubuntu.


5V More Current

I've asked this before, but I have pay-pal cash now... Could someone suggest a cheap. simple (limited extra parts) 5v voltage regulator? I'm coming down from 7.2v so I am not coming down much but I do need at least 2  amps --3 amps would be nice too. I did some digikey searching but they have so many options, I was a bit confused.

Final Question:

I need a digikey part # for a good, limited extra-parts, 5v, 2+amps voltage regulator.

 Thanks  Bunches.

Problem with my first robot


I have a problem with my first robot following firtsl's tutorial, i've done a robot like the part II of his course and i've put the same code. (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/254). It take sometimes to understand the code but finally i understood it.

You can see in the video that the comportment of the robot is not the one I expected. It seems to reverse the motor to many times and i don't why.

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(i've read it's a picaxe 08M inside...)