Let's Make Robots!

Tiny light-seeking robots


Embed video doesn't wotk with Vimeo so have a look here.

More infos including how-to here...

Using Google search for LMR

Since we've been getting inconsistent results from the LMR search engine, I've taken to using Google search, and specifying the site.

In case you don't know how to do this, just go to Google and search for:

site:letsmakerobots.com <whatever you are looking for>

For example, if you want to find all references to Mr Basic, you type:

site:letsmakerobots.com "Mr Basic"


Building a Pedometer/Game Prototype

i have this cool idea about a pedometer/rpg gadget, that lets you advance through the game by walking/exercising. Just a simple little gadget with an lcd screen and 3 buttons (tamagotchi-esque). Think of something along the lines of what Bandai is doing and has been doing in the past. see screenshot.

help in building a robot

Hi every one..i am a first year student of mechanical engineering i want to build a robot so can any one help me out in this...

LMR Shirts!

I was looking around yesterday and saw an idea for official LMR shirts! I figured it would be nice to have a shirt expressing the awesomeness of LMR.com, so I looked into production of these.

Idea 1:


(your username and usernumber would go on the back...)

Idea 2:

PICkit2 programming and ICSP?

I need to implement this into my robot but I am not sure which circuit is the correct circuit to use.  I want to program the chip without removing it from

the circuit.I would obviously prefer the first one but if the second one is better then i would go for it. Please give some advice. 


Hole size on a mini servo horn? (+ where to find hex spacers)

Hi, i've got some miniature servos like this ones :


and i'd like to know the size of the holes on the horn, but not the center hole, the other ones which are pretty small... Does anyone know what kind of screws i need? M1 maybe?

Actually, instead of screws, nuts and bolts would be perfect for me, do you know if (and where) i can find those at that size?

And i'm also looking for that :

Question: Turn on a pin on a parallel port

I need a program to control a pin on the parallel port.

It need to work on windows xp and it needs to turn only one pin on.

The idea is to turn port D1 on with program: Pport1 for example

and D8 with an other program

so that with my project with voice control I just need to start the program with the voice control softwareto turn the port on.







Danny Temmerman

interface with atmega8 with parallel port

Does anybody of LMR knows how to for example turn port D0 on the atmega8 with the pc linked to the atmega8?

For example when I start this program the atmega8 turns on port D0 and when I turn an other program on port D1 turns on.

Which program do I need and what circuit do I need?

Can somebody give me an example program?







Danny Temmerman

Where have Picaxe & Techsupplies gone ?

Where have Picaxe.co.uk & Techsupplies.co.uk gone ?

Both websites seem to be down ? Have they both gone bust ?