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Two Power Supply



So is this correct? i would just remove the jumpers? connect the v1 to the battery clip(the 9volt thingy)? and solder v2?


v1 would be 4.5V

v2 would be 5V


Thank You Again...

Too Scared to try :)


are my connections correct?



i read the manual...


im having doubts though...


sorry for the annoying question :)Question.jpg

PIng))) with Picaxe 28X1

I am using a Ping))) with 28x1 proto board and have it wired per this article http://letsmakerobots.com/node/1276 i am using the code snippet from that article aswell. I am trying to determine the distance of my ping and am having a hard time debuging. How would i go about doing this?

Here is my debug code. 






 LET DIRSC = %00000000

 PULSIN 0, 1, what goes here for the input? 


 goto Main 

SRF05 with common in/out pin

I'm trying to get the PICAXE-28x1 to work with the SRF05 usnig a common input and output pin. The reason is I want to conserve my input and output pins. I've seen discussions on this site about it, but I don't know if anyone ever succeded.

Since the 28x1 allows you to reconfigure digital inputs as digital outputs, I figured it should be possible to use "Mode 2" of the SRF05 with a commmon single input and output.

Here's the code I tried. I also tried some varations the timing, as noted.  No luck so far.

Range scanner comparison?

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum, and fairly new to robotics.  I'm currently considering working on a research project involving multiple robots mapping an environment (something simple, like a wooden maze) together.  For the mapping I would need a fairly reliable range sensor.  I would very, very much appreciate some advice from seasoned robotics veterans such as many of you on this site!

Here's my "ghetto-duino" complete with LCD!

 EDIT: Had to put this picture at the top.. everyone needs their LMR dedication! :D

Stupid LCD... it's 1 pixel short of looking perfect! cuts off part of the first w :/  

PICTURES BELOW (near the bottom of the post) of the solder job under the board.



Well I finally got my camera taking pictures I felt were satisfactory, so you may be getting an excessive amount of pictures of random stuff. :D

IR and Sensor rangefinding data visualisation

These images were created by stepping a pair of servo motors to create a file containing sensor readings for each possible servo position.

I took 3 readings for each position from each servo and stored them in a file, then read the data back in a seperate pygame program running on a desktop to generate the image. RGB values were generated from the 3 readings from each sensor.


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messing with the motor outs (A and B)

Just a thought:

(lets call the four motor outputs A1, A2, B1 and B2)

What would happened if I connected a GM10 (with the original spring still attached) between B2 and A2? Like in the illustration below


I was hoping to achieve the following: