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Picaxe LCD Direct Connection Problem

Hey There,

I've hit a snag on a project of mine. I've been trying to build a servo calibrator (to test a servo's limits and test them on robots before they're connected to the motherboard) which should operate by positioning a servo depending on the position of a potentiometer, and display the pulse rate on a 16x2 LCD. I've built one before, with an LED display and a single servo output, but this one should handle two servos.

Except it doesn't. I won't even handle one.  There's two major problems I've found which I'm looking for solutions to.

Step up issues.

sc014a11d9.jpgxI recently bought a step up from spark-fun. The "DC-DC Boost converter NCP1400-5V". I power it with a 3.7v li po battery but it seems to be dead so I powered it with apporx 3.9v. I had used it in my micromouse and I am faced with a BIG problem. You see, I

connected( all in parallel)


Ripsaw MS1

Ripsaw MS1


Imagine the 'H' bridges on this baby. More details here

Running Multiple EEPROMs with i2c

I found an older post /node/2119 with a link to this site (http://profmason.com/?page_id=106) which i have been looking at for a while. I somewhat understand the addressing, however the electronics part is a bit confusing. I know what pins 1-4 are grounded with pins 6 and 7 hooked up to the i2c sda and i2c scl pins (in that respective order) on the picaxe, in my case pins 23 and 18. IF I got all of that right, I'm wondering how (physcially) you're able to hook up more EEPROMs on the same line. I understand the adressing part, however the electronics part is a bit sketchy.

robotic arm

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can i use picaxe 28 into 1 to programme 6 hitec hs 311 servos.



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Arduino Serial to Processing

Ok, thanks for helping me with my last question, but now I have another one...

I am currently trying to make a robot with a tactile switch at the front. When that tactile switch is pushed down the robot reverses and turns around. Here is the cool part though, when the switch is pushed down it will also send data to processing, causing a face to jitter onscreen. So far I have been able to make the code for the face jitter (except on mouse over) Here is the code if anybody is curious:


hello folks..

i took a look at the easy aurdino robot using LDR found at this location 


i am making the same using AT89S52 controller. I wanted to ask how is can I interface the LDR using ADC 0808. I mean what clock frequency should i be using and how. Also how can i implement turning of the chasis without jerks.

I am turning the chasis by stopping one motor and letting the other run.


90 degree shaft

I would like to know how to change the direction of a shaft by 90 degrees (I want the output shafts of Mr. Basic to be 90 degrees down without moving the motors). Any suggestions/ideas ? (please focus more on how to mount the 'system' to the shafts). Thanks.

 PS: I know I could easily do that with two special gears, but I don't have and/or know where to buy them. Would it be possible to modify normal gears to fit this purpose? If so, how?

absolute noob :)


Hey there... :)

Glad to be here.... I came across this site while am doing some reading about "line follower Robot"  :)

I/my team have to build one as a school project. Just got the problem formulation yesterday.

Basic requirements: A Robot following a line :P

More  requirements: Implementation of an advanced feature!

My thoughts: I would love to have a fast robot with a CMOS camera mounted on it sending to a pc. I would also like to be able to remote control it (start/stop + manually movements) via bluetooth.

helicopter project

hello there.i am new to this forum and i am about to built a controller that could control the tail of the helicopter model.

something like a heading lock gyro.have anyone any idea for how can i do that or any similar project?thanks for your time time and looking forward hearing from you