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Wireless for cheap?

I was wondering how would go wireless for cheap, i was thinking of using ir or rf but where would i get parts for them?

PICAXE in Malaysia



Anyone whre know where to get PICAXE in Malaysia(south east Asia).



how to modify an Hs-55 micro servo to act like a GM10 motor

Hi all,

 I planned to use the HS-55 micro servo for my YDM-clone, but after playing a while with an arduino, it's seems that it's not fast enough to achieve nice rythm patterns...

Do you know if there is a way to modify it to speed it? (Maybe removing the electronics or something)

if not, do you know other good alternative  to GM10 motor? as I can't find any resellers in europe  (and i don't want to pay shipping cost from UIS that double the price of those tiny motors).

Thanks in advance

My first robot

Ok, i am VERY new to the robotics "world" and i was wondering if anyone had a good design that doesn't cost very much, because i am a kid and dont have a job so a fair sum of money isn't really in my grasp.

much apreciated.

Is there such a Thing as a Program Optimizer?

Is there such a Thing as a Program Optimizer?
After you have gotten your program to work fine in what ever language (C for me right now), is there a Second compiler you can put it through that it would search for code that would do the same thing with less code and replace the main code with the shorter code and make things run faster?
It is a silly idea, but it seems it would certainly save some time and be very useful, at least to me.
If they make such an animal, what would it be called?

Servo Control Problem

I know this looks common but mine is alittle unique. I have the PICAXE-08. Not M just 08. Which means i don't have a servo command. I tried seaking help and cwignell helped me as much as he could (Thanks a lot cwignell). But the servo just ends up spinning all the way to the left and jitters. I've tried his to example programs and PWM but the all end up the same

here's one:


Which rechargeable battery to choose?

Lately I've been a bit more careful about how I spend my money on my robotics projects (wasn’t able to get a summer job this year) and I have notices one big problem: batteries!