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Low RPM Motor With High Torque Needed

I need a motor that has a lot of torque but the shaft looks like this:



I CANT FIND ONE!!  I need it to be cheap though... If anyone knows anything at all, please let me know.  Thanks!

P.S. Even if I have to slightly modify the motor, that's ok for me too!


Apologies if this is inappropriate to post here, but if you have a dog, and you're sick of playing fetch overa and over and over and over and over and over....


- this might be the answer to all your problems...



After i finish up my mini sumo, i think i will be working on a micro mouse. I need some help with the deisgns and algos

Idea: Instant messaging for LMR members?

Hi all,

Was just thinking while shouting in the Robot Shout Box, why not have an instant messaging server for the LMR members?

I have some experience with the Ejabber instant messaging server, I think it could be integrated with some work with the drupal user database.

So what do you think? 

(oh yeah and it is spelled idea ... doh)

More Theo Jansen, plus another dude

Robots.net has a pointer to a new video (to me anyway) and an audio podcast from robotspodcast.com that features Theo Jansen, as well as another robot builder I'd

Using a 18f4420 for something.. learning-ful, or fun?! :P

Well I aquired a PIC18f4420 when Circuit City closed down. Being an employee there, well.. everything was thrown away, besides what we could fit in our pockets without being caught.

And well, I found a... chip/board thing, that has a PIC18f4420 chip on it, and flip it over, and it slides into a breadboard. I searched online to see what it was used for, and the only thing I could find was the hand held devices that program cars remote-start, or something like that. Costing around $100 just for the chip on the board setup.

 Haha, now..

To hook it up and have fun?