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a 3 legged walker

Hi everyone!

 I have been thinkng about building a 3 legged walking robot. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to start or go about it?



Living Doll?

I had this epiphany a while back about a robot. What if you put a stuffed animal suit over a robot? (Exposing the sensors, of course) This is basically the foundation of most toys, but I think it'd be really sweet to have a "living" doll walking (or wheeling) around the house without shrill barks or other annoying noises going off every 5 seconds.

Or perhaps the near Wall-e look is getting old for some? I dunno. For my robot, I wanted to create a white, Dayna from a Witch's Tale-ish, mouthless cat with a black bowtie. Maybe a rabbit instead?

Direct pin reading/writing instead of digitalRead and digitalWrite

Hi guys, I'm trying to make a bit bang serial connection through mega328 and Arduino seems to lack speed as the connection never happens. Here is the code, so you can better understand what I'm trying to do:

line follower

actually  i am beginner in autonomous bots, i am making a line follower . i wanted to know whether its necessary to give  time delay  while programing the bot. if yes then how can we decide the right amount of time delay??

Arduino Duemilanove and Ardumoto SparkFun Motor Shield help

Hello all... first post on here :)


I am very new to Arduino and coding, for the past few days I have been struggling with some code. I am working towards a small Arduino based rover with two DC motor for movement control. Before I build a body and all that fun stuff I wanted to get basic controls working.

With the code below I can move forward, backward and the BR200# and so on...  (RB case) all work. When I try BF200# nothing happens.. I thought it might be due to the LOW settings on both motors as the HIGH HIGH works ok. 


PIC processors

  I am getting use to Parallax basic stamp and find it easy software to use. Curious about PIC processors. They have many kinds and sizes. I am interestted with as much I?O as possable and imfo on an inexpensive programming board and perhaps a proto board later. The programming language seems similar to me. What is the compairison besides price. I am not a beginner with electronics just programming. Any helpful imfo would be appreciatted. Thanks in advance.

arduino code probs(again)

ok the motor code works fine now, but now i added, some of the 2-10cm infrared sensors ,and the code just drives forward, as if it doesnt see the infrared? any help would be appreciateted ,here is the code

int infra=3;
int value = 0 ;
int infra2=4;
int val2= 0;

void setup()
  pinMode (11,OUTPUT);
  pinMode (10,OUTPUT);
  pinMode (3,INPUT);
  pinMode (infra,INPUT);
NEW: the first 2 parts work the third doesnt 

Start robot, hooking up sensor

The cables that came with my sensor (Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor) are black, red, and white. But when you connect it on the start tutorial, it looks like you're connecting the cables through a black thing (sorry for my lack of electric vocab) that was used with a/the servo. My cables do not have this. They just...end. So how do I connect these to the microcontroller?

PolyMorph Hand (Anthropomorphic)

This for sure will be one of my next experiments........

Edit:- ........ Already experimented

Start robot pins

I really hate to ask this question, but what pins do you need to put onto the microcontroller to connect the servo and sensor? I ordered some online that I thought were correct, but they do not fit. I tried going to my local Radioshack to get more, but they sold zero pins. I'm going to order more online, but I would like to ask first to make sure I'm getting the correct items this time.