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My ICS28 IC Sockets: For you!

Well, I accidentally ordered the wrong 28 pin IC sockets. These are the wide type, shown here: http://www.futurlec.com/Sockets/ICS28.shtml . What I need are 28 pin narrow sockets! Woops. I don't use any chips of the 28-pin wider configuration. I'm in the UAE so I can trade with anyone in Europe or Asia at a pretty low cost I think. Anyone up for tradesies? I've got 30 or so of these guys. If you have some extra 28 pin narrow sockets, fantastic, if not, whatever!

 So who wants 'em? :)


Arduino vs. Picaxe syntax

The idea of this thread is to provide a place for asking question about the SYNTAX of the Arduino and Picaxe languages. I invite everybody to do the same and I'll be happy to help with Arduino syntax. Perhaps we can create a basic "dictionary" between the two and hopefully this will help the users of the respective platforms to SHARE code.

Perhaps we're not so different after all :)


Here is something to get us started:


Just bought my first Arduino

Senior year (undergrad) Computer Engineering major here with way too little real world electronics experience.  I'm taking a microcontroller class where we're programming PIC chips in Assembly and I've always secretly wanted to be able to build robots, but was always intimidated by the idea of learning uControllers.

After finding this website and doing a little programming in class I got motivated to buy a setup and learn how to do this stuff.  Woo!

Where are the attachments???

Here is my question for the Admins: Where are the attachments on my robot page? Why are they only visible when you log in?

Salvaging a Color Laser Printer

Hey everybody! I've been following letsmakerobots for a while but haven't posted anything yet. Love the work guys, keep it up. :) I'll get right to it:

What Could be wrong?

i have this problem a while ago wherein i cant program the picaxe 28x1..

when i plug in the battery(4.3v) the servo jerks alittle bit  so that was an indication that the battery is workin...


but i cant program it...


i tried to put 5volts the servo doesnt jerk and still i cant program it...


i tested the programming cable its fine....



but after 8-10minutes... it suddenly works! what could have been the problem?


hope that doesnt happen again..



So I'm still thinking about buiding my LED array, but I'll try changeing my strategy.

has anyone used a MAX7219 LED-displaydriver with a Picax? it seems quite a few have done this but I'm finding it hard to find good schematics and examples of how to wire it all up. 

any Ideas of how to start coding for it?



PIC MicroController Questions


I am about to get some samples from microchip and buy a pickit 2 as well


what micro cotrollers do you suggest that i pick up?

i do have some below that have already shipped do you suggest any others  since tomorrow we can get samples?

Link here ->   http://makezine.com/halloweencontest/


Mr. Basic Motor Driver Kit Problem

Hi, LMR!

I need some help with troubleshooting Mr. Basic Motor Driver board. Basically, I couldn't make it work. I use 4xAA Alkaline batteries [5.8V actual voltage] as power supply. MC Picaxe 18X. Relays are working fine, but Motors are not. With my little experience in electronics I guess BD681 does not open for some reason. But not sue, I might be wrong...

My setup:


Troubleshooting done: