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More info than you'll ever want to know about current LED technology

This is a great read if you like knowing about the current technologies going into the components we use to build our bots or other gadgets. It's heavy on the technical info just as an fyi. 

While reading it I was also surprised to find the company that makes those luxeon LED's have some damn cool tech.



Power Grid (boardgame)

Hello guys,

just wanted to introduce to lmr this cool boardgame i've played a few weeks ago. It's called Power Grid and the whole point of this game is to buy power plants and give power to cities to increase you profits. I really like it because there are no dice to be rolled, opposed to the majority of boardgames.

Is it possible to walk with only one servo?



i will make my start here robot, but while i wait for the weels/ ir sensor and motors, i only have a servo, the picaxe board and chip, and a few pieces of wire and metal.


do you think it is possible to make a servo walk/crawl with just this?




In the first video i made it walk, but it only works on top of paper... it has some "claw" shaped ends in the metal legs so it kind of works... :p


H-Bridge NPN vs. PNP

I usually make a H-bridge with 2 NPN and 2 PNP transistors but I recently noticed that there´s allot of schematics on the net showing it with 4 NPN transistors and I started wondering what´s the right/best way to do it??



Great quick reference tool for LEDs!

This little sliding tool may soon have a spot on my wallet right next to my CAT5 wiring guide card. I can do lots of electronics stuff, but figuring resistance for LEDs always makes my brain work too much.


activate alarm using microcontroller

I have 2 circuits:

1. flame detection

2. alarm circuit

Flame detection circuit connected to the pololu robot controller.(atmel AtMega 328p) I am able to get the values from the ir sensor of flame detection circuit. I need to active an alarm when the value is, lets say = 100. I'm a little confused how can I do that using microcontroller... it dosn't output 5v, so I guess I need to use something that will work as a switch when microcontroller drives HIGH or LOW it would turn on/off the alarm circuit.


Recommendations for WiFi components

Hi guys,


I'm thinking of using WiFi as a mode of communication with my robot from my laptop.


So far, I'm only able to find three modules by Roving Network on SparkFun:



what are the specs to lookout for in selecting the right module?

Quick question about voltage regulator?

For a 5v voltage regulator should I buy the LM7805ACT which has 3A 2% OUTPUT TOL 3-TERMINAL or the LM7805SCT which has 1A Pos Vol Reg? The second is slightly more expensive, but they appear to be pretty similar so I'm not really sure what the difference is.

I'm using it to regulate a 9v power source to an axe023 by the way. 



Arduino questions


i'm from germany and i'm trying to build my first Robot with the arduino Platform.

I've desided to build my own shild for the arduino.

It should be able to drive two motors and to connect 4 -5 servos to the arduino.

The first problems with the L293D Motordriver are solved and I've done that it works and avoids objects.

Today my servos arrived and i tested my shield with the servos.

and then the first problem:

Someone has got to miniaturise this -

Ripsaw-MS1 Remote Gun Tank.