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is it possible to control more than 8 servos with a picaxe 28x1?

i wanted to know if there's a way to use the input pins for servos...

picaxe08M - using pin 5 for ADC input AND speaker output. problems.

Hello people.


The problem, as always is situated between the chair and the keyboard.

Telefox mentioned that a pizo is actually capacitor-like, not resistor like as I had assumed. The diode therefore, prevents the pizo from discharging. A proposed solution was to buffer the pizo with a transistor and pulldown resistor, or a double transistor (i.e an inverted inverter), with a pull up. 

I'll try these, and see how it all works out. 

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A guide to H-bridge design and motor interfacing?

I'm going to need a pair of H-bridges for The Heavy soon.

Each needs to control a 180Watt motor at 12v, but (ideally) be able to run 24v to the same motors at a later point in development. So looking at 15Amps per controller. 20 for safety?

I want to run them with PWM, and be able to change direction quickly, as well as lock the motor and set it to freewheel.

Polymorph's new friend, sugru.

Think this might interest a few LMR users, specialy those used to polymorph ! 
Here is the info about it http://sugru.com/about/, sounds like a mix between blue tack, polymorph and modeling clay. 
Hope somebody finds a good bot related project with this stuff!  
Video taken from their site.  

Little help with Processing code

So I got my new, nifty bluetooth module which should be a simple data-pipe i.e. data in/same data out. It came default in slave mode but alas, at 115,200 baud! I need this guy down to 9600. I am using a simple bluetooth dongle on my PC and the bluetooth module is good-to-go on the robot. I need to simply send it SU,96 during the first few moments during it's start-up. I have some simple processing code, but I am a little confused as to ASCII and hex etc.


Hello all,

amarino - a toolkit to connect android(google phone) devices and arduino MCU's

I'd been looking into doing something like this myself....luckily someone has already done it.



Need help with rotating electrical connection!

Hey guys,


I'm doing a project and would appreciate some help. I essentially have a DC motor controlling a blade from the center. On the blade is a sensor that I need to wire to the main circuit that is below the DC motor. The problem is when the blade rotates the wires will obviously tangle.

how-to LMR meet-up

Inspired by the 2 years anniversary text on the LMR front page, I got to wondering

What do we require to make a successful LMR meet-up in real life?  

Yes I know we're spread all over the world, and anything higher than a 2% show-up rate would be a unbelievable. But what kind of physical preparations would one need? A large conference room with enough electrical outlets, loads of tables, PA-system and presentation equipment, and short distance to a bar and a cheap-ish hotel.

What else?

Serial to USB

Can i ask for your opinion...   im using the picaxe28x1 starter board..i have a serial programming cable..com-294a.jpg




can i use this?can i program my picaxe using this?