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SR05 Help on first robot

Hey everyone,

what servo's should i use with PICAXE-40X2 micro (3V) and what battery voltage?

hello i recently buyed PICAXE-40X2 micro (3V) and i would like to know how many batteries should i use and what servo. thanx

Miniature Swarm Bots - Prototype

Cool, miniature bots. These are prototypes, but they show how they want them to be eventually.

Break dancing Robot

Manoi humanoid break dancing.


Giant Robot Hand

I just came across this and thought it was a bit cool.

Tri-Color LED Resistor Question

I've seen Oddbots tutorial about LEDs and picking the right resistor, but since this LED costs a few bucks and the wordage is different on Radio Shacks parts I want to make sure I have it right.

Supply coltage is 5 volts
Forward Current 30mA (green/blue), 50mA(red)
Forward Supply 3.5 volts typical, 4 volts max (green/blue); 2 volts typical, 2.6 volts max (red)

2 tests and 2 failures - what am I doing wrong?

Hi All,

Firstly - I am fairly new to the Arduino but have experience in C.

what is wrong with my code?!

i dont know what's wrong with my code!

i made a simple code that should make my robot simply avoid walls, stuff etc.

i placed SC-QR-1 (my robot's name) upside-down and pressed [F5] (the "run" shortcut) and watched him move his cute little robot legs..     WTF?

the new code seemed to work untill the walk part was over and he started to turn..    ..left.        and then again left and again and again..    etc.

he is suposed to keep walking!!!

driving motor with bjt

i want to thank every body here for this usefull forum and the great answers i have found.

I want to run applications with PIC MCU but PIC can not sink them(like DC motor).so i need transistor.

but as i look to for example C945 datasheet,the betaof transistor is not specified!!!!!!
only a range is specified for beta.

so how can i have precise design to let my transistor work with the exact CE current I want?????