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qrb 1114

anybody tell me where to get a schematic for this sensor or tell what each pin is

Romeo arduino compatable board boot loader

Hi every one 

 Well i am having some trouble with my Romeo. I havnt been able to program it via boot loader and i have figure it it my boot loader.

So A. how long does the boot loader take to load a program, less than 100 bytes. B. any suggestions on what i should do. eg. reload the boot loader, change a setting etc

 thanks for your help



I'm new to the idea of coding and would like to learn more about it, any tips or sites to go to to learn more about coding?

Pins for PICAXE 28X1

I bought the PICAXE 28X1 starter kit so that I can make the Start robot. I've ordered two sets of pins to solder on the two spots needed on the project board, but they were both the wrong size. I don't know of anywhere locally to buy these. Can anyone please direct me to a site with the correct sized pins for sale?

Servo Strength

Alright, so i've been out of the game for a while and most of my parts are being used. I now need to order several servos (12 in total) for a hexapod build I am planning. Each leg will have 2 DOF, with one standard servo (i'll come back to this) connected to turn the leg right and left, and a more powerful servo (coming back to this again) to move the leg up and down. I'm not exactly short on cash right now, but I really want this to be a relatively cheap build.

increase servo speed

Hi guys


i have built a well running heapod based on the picaxe 18x controller board


only thing i notice, compring with some  the bots here, is that the servos seem so slow


can i speed them somehow




ultrasound interference

Another question. Am planning to use 3 ultrasound one directly above the other at about 3 cm distance from each other my question is there a possibilitty that their signals interfere with each other thus messing out the results?

Radio Controlled Servo?

I am completely new to robot building, and electronics in general.  I am currently working on a homemade airsoft claymore.  It is designed to be toggled via a wireless remote control. The issue is that I don't know much about wiring remote controlled systems. I've built a few remote controlled cars, but they were from kits, so I really didn't understand the electronic aspects: I just assembled them by following the instructions. Here is my problem with my current project:

controll phidget with picaxe

Can i use phidget sensors using a picaxe 28x1 and a picaxe poject board?

IR puls modulation reciver

Now i have been looking after some info about when you are making a IR obstracle sensor. Is it realy that important with modulation if it is used indoors? And if it is, how do you get it to work, with modulation?

Most people that have made someting with modulation, dosent describe how you make the reciver modulate, or how you proces the data.

I can easily get the sender to modulate, but my question is, how do i get my reciver to modulate, and how do i proces the data.