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Robust Autonomous Robot Localization Using Interval Analysis


i'm gonna do my project on autonomous robot.... and i got a ieee abstract.....

here goes....

Abstract :

FIRST Robotics competition

I hope this is the right catergory for this post.


So basically our school started a new team this year and we entered into the NY FRC challange which begins january 9th. Now i personally dont know too much about the competition regarding the specs of the parts and build requirements but we can worry about that later. I was just wondering if anyone here has done this at there school or knows more about it and would be able to give a first year team some pointers.

Futaba Controller Servo issues Picaxe

I am trying to use my Futaba Radio Controller, intercept the pulse and then pass it through a servo.
I guess that I could use a relay but I would like to process the signal.

Here is a basic bit of code:

   pulsin 1,1,b0
   debug b0
   pulsout 2, b0
   pause 20

this would seem to me that it would basicaly pass the signal from ch1 to ch2 but the servo is rather jumpy(servo moves back and forth).

I read similar post but resistors did not seem to help. it might be the controler.


Does any one know of  a sensor that detect at least a 1mm change in distance?

Noise From Motors

Hi Guys,

 Some of you may remember that I was having a difficult time getting an Arduino Motor Shield to run my 4 wheel motors on my robot Herbert.  No matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to work right so I finally decided to try a different route.  I bought two qik2s9v motor controllers from Pololu...one board for the front motors and one board for the back motors.

KTY83-110 sensor maximum temperature

Hi all,

 One question for you:

 What do PTC sensors as this one KTY83-110 (datasheet here: http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/philips/KTY83_SERIES_5.pdf) do when the measured temperature exceeds the one specified in the datasheet? 

In this case it is 175 degrees celsius, the temperature I would measure might go well over 200 degrees celsius.

Will it still return a reading? Will it smoke or will it blow?

hbridge basic question

Does a hbridge requires a positive, negative, and ground?

parallel, sync, async data transfer

which one is the fastest amongst those three?

line follower

want to build my first bot and it wil be line followwer looking for the simplist and cheapest to help me start to understand electronics any suggestions