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Future Robotics Engineers

Check it out everyone. We had our first Arduino class. I was excited to see how many parent & child participants showed up. We were expecting 12 total but had double that!

Here are some photos.



picaxe programming; only one interrupt condition?? what??

Hi more knowlegable people.

I've made a little robot that runs into walls. It's meant to do that, but it's not meant to try to burrow through the wall - so I have what I'm sure is the normal bits and pieces - just debounced trigger switches and a ~10ms main loop that can react fast enough to change direction and stop the burrowing...

New Axepad for Linux Ubuntu users

The creators of Linux Axepad have created a .deb package for Ubuntu users. I was having issues with the other version off of rev-eds site. So far no issues with this one. 


Once you have it installed you have to open a terminal and run "sudo linaxepad"

Silent (veryquietatbest) drive system for robots?

Hi folks, i'm looking for a silent or quiet drive system for my robot.

It is just a wheeled device at the moment.

I'v ordered a tamiya track and wheel set which won't arrive for a few days, and

i was wondering if anyone could tell me how quiet it is without the motors,  ie does it squeak and rattle etc.


i'm pretty sure the tamiya motors i'v ordered with it will make some noise as they are geared down.


researching this site i came across Gareth's first robot (initially mistaken for spam :)

How to Make LEDs Brighter or Dimmer Using PICAXE 40x1

I have an idea for my next project after my color sensor and Mr Basic kit, but I need to control a ton of LEDs using 3 picaxe 40x1s. I need to be able to adjust the amount of current to the LEDs using the out pins of the PICAXE 40x1. I know I can use resistors, but I need the pic to be able to adjust them on the fly. Any ideas? I was looking at PWM but the manual says it is x2 only. I also need to use every out pin on the picaxe 40x1 as well as converting the in/out pins to out. Basically I will be controlling 144 tri color LEDs and select the brightness of R G and B to make a custom color.

i want advises

hello i am new in this group.i would like to give me advises on how to make a robot witout paying a lot of money.if someone can help i would be pleasure.also my e mail adress is george_panorama_92@yahoo.com

picaxe as a turret controller?

i just finished a turrent with 2 DOF =180 degree right/left and 180 degree up/down.

now..   i would like to have a camera on it(and other stuff like roborealm) to make it autonomus and motion detecting! :D

and right now i have a spare picaxe, but would that ever work with a camera?? or even roborealm for that matter?

and if not(my guess..) then please help me chose a good controller to work with my turret(or sentry?)!

please comment!  :D