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Swap: Looking for GM10 motor and wheel

Im looking for somebody who wants to trade me a GM10 geared pagermotor for something that I have. I have a lot of stuff, so if you have the GM10 motor and wheel, and want to trade me it for something, let me know.

Confusing Motor selection topic, 12V DC reversible Gearhead YG-2732 vs. 6V electric YM2712


Aren't all DC motors reversible? Why is this gear head motor YG-2732 getting praise for being reversible while this normal 6V DC motor does not get the reversble praise?

I never heard of a store bought DC motor that can only go in one direction.

Which one should I get? Value or Performance?

I'm building a holonomic drive robot platform and jaycar is the only place I can find to find the proper motors.

If there is another place, tell me.

Or should I just use hobby motors?

Can you help me decide?

Controlling a bots turning movements

Im thinking of implementing something like whats shown below. The bot scans from left to right, in increments of say 20 degrees, storing each value recorded. Then based on these readings, moves in the direction where there is no obstacle. Now here lies my problem. I cant figure out how to get near precise control of the bots turning movements. I can, say make it turn 90 degree left or right; but how do i make it turn to an arbitrary angle from a halted position? Is this possible, or am i being over enthusiastic?

Problem to control servo with picaxe

Hi everybody, 

This is the first time i use a picaxe 28x1 and i already have a problem...

Yo! I bought a new book and it is...

(No spam here! No off topic posts here please!!! I don't want anyone after my life in LMR!)


A really good book, it's got schematics, photos, instructions and other cool stuff like "Using A DC Motor as an Input device/Dynamo".

I love this book, and I recommend it to all of you people here!

And in fact, I'd reccomend the entire series!

There's a special offer for a picaxe included with the book as well! (I don't need that offer, I use BS2)

Guidelines for new users and first time posters - aka newbies

A while back I think there was some talk about having a questionnaire  or test when a  new user signs up. I, at first did not agree with this but as more and more newbies join, I think that this may be a good idea if nothing, to instill some ground rules for said nubes.

I know this forum is super kind to all of it's users but as of late we've started to see postings that in some peoples(mine) eyes are unnecessary and in some cases downright silly.

C Programming Software for Mac

Hello LMR. I have recently been introduced to programming in the C language. Do any of you know or reccommend any specific software for programming? I am using a Mac Leopard 10.5.7.....

Where to put an On/Off Switch on Picaxe 28x1


While I'm trying to solve my distance sensor problems , I've found that it would be convenient to have  an on/off toggle switch to be able to turn off the robot any time instead of having to wait until the program ends or replug the robot back into my computer to download a blank program to get it to stop moving. My question is: where on the board would I put this switch?

I am using the the starter pack with Picaxe 28x1 microcontroller and board.



Hello, I look for an advice on the cards of programming for a future robot. I am going to build a "robot sumo" wrestling! But my problem it is because I do not arrive has to find a good card(map), I hesitate between some card(map) of programming as: PICAXE-28X1 or Cerebellum: http://botrics.com/products/cereb/ . I have the impression(printing) that it is the almost similar sound card but the picaxe in the air(sight) of credit note more memory(report)? Can you give him(it) advice(councils) to choose one maid card as my "robot sumo" wrestling?

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