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Using GPS via Serial Connection!

Well, I found out that Maplin had a really cheap GPS module that supports UART (Serial) at 38400 BPS. I'm still waiting for it, but here's what I have so far!

Here's the unit, and specs: (unit was JUST discontinued, so won't be able to find much info on the device itself)


xmos progess anyone?

Calculon recieved a note from his lovely postman indicating that he will get it on monday. :)

From what he's been able to read, he gets the impression that almost all mechanics/electronics (motor control, LED control, adc, sensor-type switches, and so on) must be handled by other ICs that communicate to/from the xmos board with serial ...

Is that right, or is there something he doesn't understand yet?

pir sensor


 I have this sensor from a security alarm... i have open it and get the little pir sensor (2030B).

 I have readed the pdf about it and i know what are the connectors in it

 Question... the pir sensor will work stand alone? i have connected the sensor to arduino 2009 and use some code that shows the sensor response...but i think that is not working because even disconnectiong the sensor the values are the same.

What is needed to the sensor to work? can i make it with my breadboard?






Virtual Keyboard (Reads ASCII data from COM port)

Here is a program that reads Serial data, ASCII, and turns that into keyboard strokes. Works with the Serial.print command in the Arduino IDE. (Not sure how it works for Picaxe!)


About halfway down.. kind of hard to see the download link.

My parts are on there way!!!!!

So i just sent for my first robot parts and cant wait for them to arrive. i have the following on the way:

Picaxe 28 starter kit

picaxe 28x1 chip

motor driver

330 ohm resister array

tamiya dual gearbox motors

8 micro servos(Yeah i like servos, just wondering what to do with em :P)

catapiller tracks and pulleys ( from rapid im not sure what there liek so i can report back on them if anywbodys wondering=

2 120:1 motor things (like in the start here bot but i got em for £1.20 :) )

3 project boxes because they were on offer :P

Voltage Regulator

when i use the lm7805 oddbot's voltage regulator...the motor runs slow and the servo jitters...i test my voltage regulator it says 5.02V .85A...i used a 9v battery...how come its slower when i add V2??and cant run other programs that i coded

LMR's search engine

As everyone here is well aware the LMR search engine is fu^H^H broken. I am working on figuring out a replacement that works with what we already use, (PHP, MySQL) doesn't require me learning another langauge (Java), and could actually be suited to providing additional functionality (faceted search of components). Fun stuff, and it is my main LMR priority right now. That doesn't help you guys much though, so I figured I'd make a post about other workable options in the meantime.


BX24 cost 50$ and  it features RTOS

I like it

My ICS28 IC Sockets: For you!

Well, I accidentally ordered the wrong 28 pin IC sockets. These are the wide type, shown here: http://www.futurlec.com/Sockets/ICS28.shtml . What I need are 28 pin narrow sockets! Woops. I don't use any chips of the 28-pin wider configuration. I'm in the UAE so I can trade with anyone in Europe or Asia at a pretty low cost I think. Anyone up for tradesies? I've got 30 or so of these guys. If you have some extra 28 pin narrow sockets, fantastic, if not, whatever!

 So who wants 'em? :)