Let's Make Robots!

Build 1 - Please Review!

Hi all, I'm an 18 year old from South Africa interested in all aspects of technology! I hope to enter a Bsc in Computer Science next year at UCT in Cape Town. I am even thinking of going further and doing more afterwards for some crazy reason but thats later.. anyways!

Right so this will basically be my first build from scratch, my own design etc. Being my first build I want to keep it as simple as possible so please comment on anything, I don't mind.


Some questions from a beginner.

Hi Everyone,

First, thanks for taking the time to read the forum and answer questions from new guys. I know it's sometimes a pretty thankless task, despite being very time consuming!

 The site looks like an excellent resource, and when I have the time I shall read it more thoroughly. In the meantime I have some quite simple questions about a robot that I'd like to build.

Code Repository!

Can we get everyone who has got their code to successfully run to post their files here? Ive been looking all over the site for a central area for code, and I cannot find one. If there is one, point me in that direction, if not, lets all start posting here!

Try not to paste lines of code here, lets keep it clean. uploaded files only please!


Name of code,

What it's for

File (zip or IDE compatible file)


What do you guys think?

cheap omni-wheels

I have been looking around for the cheapes possible multi-directional (or omni-)wheels.

So far I've found these on ebay from UK.


robot progamming

hello all i am new here. i had an idea of making a robot that has two gear motors for wheels, three servos for the arm and one SRF05. i will use 28x1 picaxe. now i cannot get the programming codes for SRF05. PLEASE HELP ME!


       Hello, Well basically i'm a graduate with biology as my core subject. I had absolutely zero Knowledge of electronics but have now managed to know a little bit from this wonderful website. Please suggest me some refference ebooks for basic code programming.

       I also have a broken RC toy car with two functional motors and an SM6135W microcontroler on its circuit board. Unfortunaltely I couldn't find its remote control. 

       Please feel free to suggest what I can make out of this as my first robot. 

How far can you get in parts hunt?

Just an hour ago I have disjointed this little peaceful innocent birdy, just for a little switch as I ran out of them and did not want to stop my robot building proccess! I'm a feelingless monster...


The question of the day:

How far did you ever get in robot building fever? What dirty deeds you did and what sacrifices you put on altar of robot building?



(can't find the old spammers thread so i'm opening a new one)

This one's pretty clever... [rik: Fixed by Del]

Whack a mole

I'm requesting ideas on how to create a moving part.


How would I create the same mechanism that the game Whack A Mole would use to RAISE and LOWER the moles.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Also, if you know a great website for moving parts in general it would be helpful.


Thank in advanced!