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Cheap mini wireless cameras

I was playing around with some code for machine vision (object/facial/color/motion-detection) a long time ago, and I'm thinking to put a camera on a robot sooner or later and see where that'll take me.

So I was looking for cheap wireless cameras and I was astonished to find these:

900MHz Mini Wireless Color Camera w/Built-in Microphone - $25.50

IR phototransistor

Hey LMR:

Has anyone used these?


Calculon picked up a bunch for cheap, but hasna figured out how to work it. His is an l7819, though. He's wired it up like so:


Which doesn't show any kind of result. Any ideas?

Before you ask: yes, calculon is a friend of the Google :>

Self Diagnostics?

Does anybody know if it can do self-diagnostics or know of a way to do it on the arduinos?

gear motors

which gear motor is good to use. like i am going to ue wood as the base and some other things too with the wood. so i want to know which gear motor i best.




which one.

Ladyada XBee adapter, not so good for Pro modules :(

Hi, just a note to warn you, in the case you're interested in LadyAda XBee adapter for an XBee-pro module.

They're advertized as being compatible but that's not really the case. The PRO modules have a longer tail that goes over the capacitor in the bottom, which prevent placing the module at all.

The guide says: "Make sure the capacitor and regulator sit close to the PCB, especially if you're planning to use an XBee Pro module". Unluckly, that's not enought.

How to use a BASIC Stamp 1 (BS1-IC)?

I don't mean code, I mean setting it up physically.  Step-by-step instructions on how to connect a motor to a BS1-IC (on the carrier board).

I would like to connect 4 servos on the stamp to be programmed to walk on a biped robot.

I've tried looking EVERYWHERE on the internet.  I don't understand. :(

I have NO experience in using microcontrollers.   I really need to learn and I have no money for a BASIC Stamp 2 (which is more commonly used and easier to find instructions for).

Many thanks!

Robot parts in Australia

I'd like to introduce my new shop 'Robot Gear' http://www.RobotGear.com.au . It's an on-line shop based in Australia. Currently we distribute only in Australia but will extend to international shipping if practical.

The aim is to sell parts for making robots at cheap prices and cheap postage. Buying robot parts has driven me nuts in the past with international postage and/or inflated local prices so I am attempting to make it better.

Acoustic Guitar Amp

I was wondering how to make a simple amp for my acoustic guitar with a LM358. I know it is common to use the LM386 but i don't have one and its costly just to order one. Any Ideas?

My BGMicro order is in the mail

Woot! My order just shipped! Even got the substitutions in that I asked for this morning, BGMicro rocks!  I had an epiphany last night while I was going over some data sheets and made a change to the circuit diagram for the drive board and so needed my order changed and BGMicro came through for me.  I dumped some chips that I was going to use and had them substitute a HC595 for them.  Leo will drive again soon because I ordered a few L293Ds for him too,