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UGV Monster truck platform

I'm planning to build a UGV monster truck, based on a Tamiya Super Clodbuster. I've heard that it's a lot cheaper if you buy it in pieces. However, I ran into a bit of a dilemma. The stock monster truck comes with a speed controller. Do I need that too (I don't need any RC functions) or can a motor controller for Arduino or Basic Stamp do the job too. I already own a BS2 with BoE, but I would like to buy an Arduino because it's cheaper, open-source etc. Note: I'm still a beginner in robotics.

Help with school project

Alright let me break this down quickly; i being the procrastinator that i am, (a very good one) left a project for the last minute (i.e. it should be due tommorw). I assume i can find most of this stuff in the manuals however i dont have enough time to test all the different circuits as well as design the aesthetic and written portion of my presentation.

FREE! (only shipping) Custom built sound effects module

I’m offering a sound effects module if anyone is interested in using for their project.    

It was designed for my Balbot to be sensitive enough to detect slow smooth-moving tilts and play a sound effect when tilted.  It works like a pendulum.  Unfortunately the weight of the module is too heavy for the Balbot.

Design a traking system

hai everyone here, i'm diploma electronit electrical student and i have to do final year project for this year end,by now i got a idea what to do to the project but now i'm headache with what's the coming step i take to continue my project.My project is consist of 2 part, the 1st part is the server circuit which is only avaliable for parents to use on it , and the other part is a Adevice is for thier child.The server circuit can manage to set the distance apart from the Adevice with the server cuircuit, and once the Adevice is out of the range of the distance the server set, autom

Jansen Walker Toy (sized) Bot

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here, don't be rough.

I stumbled on the this site about a month ago while doing research on a bot i'm building that's similar to Rik's current Jansen Leg project, that's actually what I was searching for when I found the site.

Anyway, I wanted all of you input on my project, my version uses a similar leg design and I'm curently planning on powering it with two servos and an Arduino-clone.


Servo Advice

Hello LMRers,

I've never used Servo's nor microcontrollers in any of my robot projects, always computers, dc continuous or steppers motors, and solenoids!

So, last Christmas Santa gave me an Arduino Duemilanove (I love Santa).

Now, I'd like to get some steppers.

I was wondering general advice, shops, prices, and other considerations of my nerdy bretherin 

This seemed like pretty good prices .. http://www.hobbypartz.com/servos.html  

help with vga wireless


Im about to start the next part in my project which is building a wirelss camera to build in my projects. Im starting this with absolutely no idea how it is going to work and if it is going tow work. Im hoping someone here may be able to point me in the right direction. The main idea of this post is for me to share my idea and see if anyone has any constructive input or critisism on it. 


The camera i have is :

maplin cmos camera 

Major problem with Picaxe 120 starter kit. Please help

Hi Guys,


I am absolutely new to this stuff, I know a bit about the basics in electronics, a lot about logic circuits, and even more about programming.... but as you can read, there is a shortcoming when it comes to the more advanced stuff in electronics, that's why I do need your help.

Confused about the 18X project board (servo connection, SRF05, analogue inputs)

I got a 18X starter pack because i wanted to learn the picaxe philosophy before actually building my first robot, but i'm almost starting to regret it as it's kind of hard to find informations, compared with the 28X1 which has plenty of documentation (here on LMR, or even in the manuals, which always refers to the 28X1 project board). Anyway i'm sure i still can do a lot with it, but i think i need some help...