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rocket challenge

please keep working on your rocket challenge


IRobots Soft Morph locomotion - Jamming

How is this for new organic like movement for your bot.

URL :- Soft Morph Locomotion

also link here :- chembot

Problems with 18f252 port A and port B

I wrote a simple program with MPLAB for my PIC18F252.






org 0 ; START CODE AT 0








MOVLW B'11111111'


MOVLW B'11111111'






Battery Question

Hi all,

I am very new to building robots and don't have much knowledge of electronics, apart from the basics many years ago at school.

However, I got an arduino at the weekend and have started doing experiments with it. I've just managed to take apart a cheap RC toy car and get the arduino to make it go backwards and forwards via a L293D motor driver and a very basic program. There are two motors in the car - the other one is a DC one attached to rack and pinion steering - I've not connected this to the other side of the L239D though yet.

mosfet problems

I am having trouble with a project and hope someone can help. I have a pwm motor speed controller I bought from Carl's electronics (see http://www.electronickits.com/kit/complete/motor/ck1400.htm). I put this together and it works fine. Then I rigged a n channel mosfet to turn on and off from a rf receiver signal, with just the motor this works fine. Flip the receiver on the motor goes on, flip the receiver off the motor goes off (I used the mosfet circuit in this post from LMR http://letsmakerobots.com/node/4285).

Robot position with quadrature encoder

I'm building a robot for environment mapping. It's a simple "start here"-class robot: 2 wheels, 2 dc motors and a range sensor mounted on a servo. I plan to hook it up with my PC 1st by USB and later on by wireless somehow.

I want it to drive around and send the range sensor readings to the PC which in turn will be building a map of the environment. The hard part will be knowing the robot's position relative to it's earlier position(s). I know this would be easy with a GPS or an accelerometer, however I wish to find a more lowtech/DIY solution, so here is my idea:

Should we kick out vendors? Please vote!

Question: Are we seeing too many vendors on the pages, making challenges and pretending to be friends and stuff?

Write ***Y in comments below to vote Yes to the above question

Write ***N in comments below to vote No to the above question

We ARE planning to see lots of vendors products in a new components section that we are working on. But I am sure that will just be nice for all of us; Cool products nice to browse, and a nice place to showcase what you sell (unlike now where it is a not so nice list)

Regarding Robots which uses GPS tracking...


I am new to this forum, and I want to submit a project to school on Robots.

Aim: To feed the destination address like NMEA code to the controller and it uses GPS receiver to know its present position and compare with the destination address and move to the destination address specified by using stepper motors..

 Can u pls guide onthese..

How to decide about stepper motors and controllers I thought of using ARM7 whether its OK or not..???

PLease guide me...

Putting voltage through a photo cell and to motors?

While I wait to get some real parts, I've been tinkering around a bit. I made sure that one of my photocells could endure 9 volts without exploding (out of voltage regulators), and connected it to a buzzer and battery to see what would happen. It worked pretty well, and I found that the more light the photocell took in the more power the buzzer got (and thus the louder it got). However, when I replaced the buzzer with a small motor I got nothing. I tried a few other motors and still wound up with zip. How to I make the motor spin faster as more light is taken into the photocell?

Parallel port control for a Mac

Anyone have experience with controlling a parallel (8 or more lines) output on a Mac (OS X)? I want to control my CNC machine with a parallel interface but Macs don't have parallel ports anymore. I need to find a suitable replacement, but a serial port/MCU would drastically complicate things. Please help! What hardware should I get?