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After i finish up my mini sumo, i think i will be working on a micro mouse. I need some help with the deisgns and algos

More Theo Jansen, plus another dude

Robots.net has a pointer to a new video (to me anyway) and an audio podcast from robotspodcast.com that features Theo Jansen, as well as another robot builder I'd

Using a 18f4420 for something.. learning-ful, or fun?! :P

Well I aquired a PIC18f4420 when Circuit City closed down. Being an employee there, well.. everything was thrown away, besides what we could fit in our pockets without being caught.

And well, I found a... chip/board thing, that has a PIC18f4420 chip on it, and flip it over, and it slides into a breadboard. I searched online to see what it was used for, and the only thing I could find was the hand held devices that program cars remote-start, or something like that. Costing around $100 just for the chip on the board setup.

 Haha, now..

To hook it up and have fun?

Im a beginner...i may also be crazy

Hi, im looking into making a robot for a university project and have a few ideas. Ive played around with a MIT handyboard before and am now thinking about doing something a bit more serious.

I would like to make a security robot, that can collect information about its surroundings and then send them to a host program running on a pc to upload them to the internet for remote viewing (eg upload to private youtube account).


ROBOT sends:

video/audio , temperature,moisture.

SERVER processes data:

van da graf?

hay woundering if its possible to power a robot with van da graf generators?


Is anyone here good with diptrace? I am going to make a board for my led matrix when I start working on it but I need to create a tri-color LED using the specs found here. Once I finish the project (still waiting on LEDs) I want to solder it all on a professionally looking board. Perf board has holes that are too far aprt for the tri color LEDs. I need a quick walkthrough on how to make a component with specific dimensions.