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how to build a light weight armour and a attacking weapon within Rs600

i have a robo fight to play where i can earn points by hitting opponents hard or disablong them help me to design the weapon

Wheeled to Biped conversion

Greetings. *spock sign*

 I have been reading a lot of these articles over a period of time while trying to develop a good understanding of robotics before I begin making them. (It's always a good idea to test the water before jumping into a lake, right?)

IR puls modulation problem

Any1 know how you measure the puls on an IR range detector, when using a modulation?

How do i know where on the puls the A/D converter, convert the DC puls. As the voltage will fluxtate from 0V-5V, so how do i make sure the A/D convertion happens every time on the top of the puls?

Arduino: How to make your first robot with..

When writing this, LMR only offers "Start here" - instructions on how to make your first robot, using Picaxe.

"Nebster" wrote to me, and asked if I could do a parallel, using Arduino, and I think that is actually a very good idea (now that Picaxe refuses to pay me commission, haha)

Focus should be on making first timers get a robot up and running at a low cost, and most importantly learn how to hook up motors, a servo, and a analogue input in "no time".

Audible click coming from Maxbotix LV EZ1

Just got my sparkfun stuff today, and while testing my Maxbotix LV EZ1, I can hear a faint clicking noise a few times a second. Also, the Analog values seem to be completely inaccurate. I think the accuracy may be with the Power supply (ATX computer psu). The clicking noise can only be heard when the sensor is pointed directly at my ear. The sample rate of this sensor is 20Hz, so I know it shouldn't be the sampling device making the noise. Any experience with this strange problem?

how a sonar range detector works?


I have now been working with a IR range detector. But i have tried to find some information on how a sonar work, as some of my firends said that it will be better to use.

Any1 know how a sonar for obstracle/range detection work?

Hack your servo V1.00 - Turn your servo into a powerful linear actuator

Provided you have the tools and the servo you can built this for under a couple of bucks. The actuator extends with a rate of about 50mm/min. It is rather slow but very powerful. Get the full story:



Comments welcome!

A little help finding Things

Hello! I am new to the robot stuff... In I am planning on doing th "Start Here" Robot, But I have a great amount of problems finding the 1 PICAXE Servo Upgrade Pack and the 1 Sharp GP2D120 IR Sensor


a computer output to a video / cable

recently i got a mini projecter.my laptop computer is only 800/600

i was wondering if i could turn a monitor output into the cables that are yellow and red(dont remember the name)