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Full size Johnny Five

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I dont know how to u se it or what it can do but can i use it in any way.

It was found in a old DVD player that the laser was failing so I took it apart.

Any info maybe how i could program it / use it would be very helpful.

thank you 


9v battery in a picaxe


i plan to install a micro spy-cam inside my quadropod(SC-QR-1)

ive allready got the cam and it uses a 9volt battery to power it!

a problem is that the 4 AA batteries inside takes all the extra space inside, but if i took another 9volt battery with some kind of converter that makes 9 into 6 volt to power my robot!

the question now is: 

what should i use?

 please tell me what, where to buy, and the price of it! =D

EDIT: do you think something from these sites might be usefull?:

Animatronic NIN

Uh, yeah. Nothing like taking a happy fun memory and turning it to Nine Inch Nails :

FYI, the Rockafire Explosion was an animatronic band that played in a kids pizza chain, Showbiz Pizza, in the 80s. Kooky, happy, family songs, played Beatles Happy Birthday song for kids, etc. Now only in collectors and inventors hands. 

And now, after the Showbiz's have closed, this.  Wonder if they'll cover Pantera?

SparkFun order compilation

Well i've been saving up for another sparkfun order for a while. At the moment i only have a 28x1 w/ project board, one l293d, two motors, a sharp and a ping. Today i recieved two GM2s with some wheels and two more L293D's but i dont have another chip to use them with. Point and case i need some help picking up new parts.

You as a sensor?

Quick question... I want to make sort of a "person switch". Two contacts, where each person would place one finger each on one of the contacts then when these two people would touch each other the circuit is completed. Now, I have not done any preliminary work on this at all --I havn't even measure-thingy'ed myself yet (I would assume we have to be talking some pretty major resistance here).

Beginner here. I need some direction...

I have come to a point in my life where I have some free time for a new hobby and I think robotics is something I could enjoy.

As I understand it, the following seems to be the basic skillset necessary to really get into robotics:

-  ability to understand and create mechanical features with your hands

-  have an understanding of electrical circuitry (especially in the context of commonly used robotics components)

-  have an understanding of event driven computer programming

Accurate temperature reading


Sorry if this post is in the wrong place but I don't know where it should really go?

Does anyone know if there is a piece of hardware that I can connect to an Arduino that will give me an accurate temperature reading. 

Are thermistorsaccurateenough to get a reading from?

Thanks in advance,


Looking for foam tires that you can mount to a servo

I have been looking around the internets for foam tires that are made to mount to a servo horn. Any links?

Motion Detector

As my ignorance is almost complete, I'm looking for some advice on a suitable sensor to use with a PicAxe for a motion detector. I want to be able to detect a moving person at a distance of up to 2 to 3 meters, over a wide angle. Any ideas welcome - especially zany/arty ones.