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Canadian eletronics supply

This is a site that I have recently found browsing ebay for a local supplier to help me along the way of learning and building.





Please post if you know of any other Canadian affordable suppliers

IR and Ultrasonic

is it possible to connect GP2Y0A21YK0F ir sensor as a obstacle avoiding and SRF005 as motion detection? btw im using picaxe28x

Anyone seen any links to using a lathe /mill machine to make a robot.

I have only found ONE link searching the whole web. I recently bought a 7X10 lathe/mill machine and would like to use it to work on my robots, but no info except general operations.  Any links would be apreciated.




Simple Control of a DC speed controller


I'm about to purchase 2x 12V motor speed controller to drive a remote control golf trolley (4QD Porter). They can be controlled via 0-5K resistor or 0-3v. I want to use a picaxe 28 to control the speed, what would be the easiest way to control them ?

I would prefer not to have a servo mechanically driving a pot, is there a simple solution.

Please assume total ignorance, i am very new to this.

Many thanks.

Ripsaw MS1

Ripsaw MS1


Imagine the 'H' bridges on this baby. More details here

Hello LMR

Hi LMR i just joined the site like a day or two ago and im starting to work on a robot named Scoots (going to add a blog post for that) but i been watching this site for atleast a week or two and i decided to join.

I need help

Hi all, there are problem i'm in laos and i need to try to make simple robot but i am a new student, my problem is in laos have not picaxe (CPU).. Tell me how i can do, please..

CNC/Prototyper for Cheap

I am making a robot that needs a kermillion custom parts and I have like no money. I have seen the reprap machine, and am interested.


(whats the difference between a reprap and a makerbot?)

 I have also seen a manual one that looks modifiable, but not as user friendly, for much more money.

Any suggestions?