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Question: Turn on a pin on a parallel port

I need a program to control a pin on the parallel port.

It need to work on windows xp and it needs to turn only one pin on.

The idea is to turn port D1 on with program: Pport1 for example

and D8 with an other program

so that with my project with voice control I just need to start the program with the voice control softwareto turn the port on.







Danny Temmerman

interface with atmega8 with parallel port

Does anybody of LMR knows how to for example turn port D0 on the atmega8 with the pc linked to the atmega8?

For example when I start this program the atmega8 turns on port D0 and when I turn an other program on port D1 turns on.

Which program do I need and what circuit do I need?

Can somebody give me an example program?







Danny Temmerman

Where have Picaxe & Techsupplies gone ?

Where have Picaxe.co.uk & Techsupplies.co.uk gone ?

Both websites seem to be down ? Have they both gone bust ?

PIC16F690 'delay'

I have spent the past day(i know it sounds stupid) figuring out how to make a 1sec delay on the PIC16F690 to make an led blink. hope you guys can help.


this is my code :










WOW! thats.. cool?

yes, very!!!  but also scary!


In a Swiss laboratory, a group of ten robots is competing for food. Prowling around a small arena, the machines are part of an innovative study looking at the evolution of communication, from engineers Sara Mitri and Dario Floreano and evolutionary biologist Laurent Keller.

PICKit 2


I recently bought PICKit 2 Starter  which has a Programmer and Low Pin Count Demo Board containing PIC16F690. I was wondering if if will be to possible to program any other PIC chip (lets say PIC16F886) with this programmer. And would I be able to use the board with PIC16F886 chip. I should have just got PICKit that comes with PIC16F886.

A Playstation controller as remote controller

So, suppose i have a couple of those wireless radio serial modules.. I'd like to hook the receiver to my robot, and install the transmitter on a playstation controller. Now, given that i can make a protocol of my own, the question is: how can i interface with the controller buttons&joysticks ? i'd like expecially to read the analogic joysticks.. is it hard ? How is it build inside ?

How do people get analog values? (Question)

I just had a question burning in my head. How do people get analog values from thier accelerometers, potentiometers, Sharp infared proximity sensors? How do you guys find those values that you can plug in the PICAXE?

Gadget Gangster Design Competition

Hey Guys - Long time lurker.  I'm the Gadget Gangster guy.  We did a contest a while back and a lot of lmr folks got involved, so I thought I'd let people know about our newest contest.

pwm on a picaxe

hay i was woundering if there is a picaxe board that can control the speed of 4 normal dc motors, ive looked but i cant seem to find a picaxe with 4 pwm channels,i think the 28x2 has something similar that has 4 channels but im not sure, any help would be appriciated.

dont worry found a solution