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PIR to PICAXE interfacing

Hi everyone. I am thinking of making a robot which uses 3 PIR sensors RAPIDONLINE 61-1516  to detect and track objects emitting thermal energy.Do you think using a 9V battery this would
work?in terms of power consumption and stuff like,considering i would be using 3 of these PIRs and other sensors like microphone,buzzer etc.

Robort art made from spare parts!

A flickR gallery of robots made of spare parts!

Quite funny and expressive!




How To Add An Avatar

Hi Guys,


I'm brand new here and I've searched the site and can't figure out how to post an avatar....any suggestions on where I may look?  I didn't see it under my account settings, nor did it come up when I searched the forums.  Hmmmm...




Annie :) 

MTR - A planetary surface exploration rover

My PhD work, from concept to implementation ;)

Hello and My New Arduino Robot Project

Hi Guys,

This is my first post here although I have been lurking for a few weeks now. I am brand new to the world of robots and Arduino. I bought my first Arduino in September and I'm just starting my first robot! My robot's name is Herbert...named after H.G. Wells and kind of an homage to Star Trek....

I plan to have Herbert be a long term learning project. I'm starting with simple motor control and moving up and onward from there. Here is my first video documenting my learning about Arduino motor control using transistor circuits:


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picaxe 12 volt car battery

Hello there!


I'm gettting pretty excited with picaxe and want to start building circuits to control gadgets in my car. So, picaxe circuits all seem to run with 4x1.5 volts batteries ( 6 volts). I want to run them in my car: 12 volts. what is the best solution, and the simplest? (i tought about using those car cellphone chargers that convert 1v to 5.5v, but there is gotta be a better way, right?




Barak Obama Worried About Robot Takeover


(jump directly to 1m50s or click on the "watch on youtube" link)


Pololu's amazing Black Friday deals - up to 60% off selected products, starting Thursday!

Happy Thanksgiving from Pololu Robotics and Electronics!  I thought that some people on LMR might be interested to hear about our Black Friday sale, so here it is - You can use the following coupons to save big on select Pololu products from Thursday, November 26 through Monday, November 30, 2009: