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Begineer here help me

 I am doing my B.E in Automobile engineering ,I am intrested in robotics , so i need help to do some projects that is very basic

Help with 555 circuit.

Well, I have got the 38khz distance sensor working in picaxe form.



Now I am trying to wire-up a stand-alone unit with a 556. Now I know this is a RTF(data sheet) moment and I know the resistor/resistor*cap/2 (or whatever) equation, but the final circuit is still above my head. Are there any of you circuit guys out there that can do a little drawing for me? Maybe with a couple pots for fine adjustment? I plan on the final output going into a picaxe using the pulse-in command.

Thanks in advance.

picaxe or arduino automated ball pick up?

I have a picaxe and an Arduino, I'm trying to make a robot that scans for a golf ball, picks it up, then returns it to me, I found the CMUcam, but it is very expensive, is there an easy way to do this task? Am I overthinking this?



thanks :)

Beginner Here, Need Some Advice...


My Greeting to all of you part of this site, its awesome.

So, I am a student of Diploma in Electronics & Instrumentation in India, & I would very much like to make a robot myself but i am a novice here & don't know where to start.

I have the following knowledge

1) Good Grip on C & some knowledge on C++

2) Knowledge on Basic Electronics, Analog & Digital

Do I qualify the necessary knowledge to understand & build a robot ?

Moreover, how much it will cost to build a primary robot ?


hacking toys

hey all,

i'm trying to take apart a bunch of toys and other small electronics. They all have a push-button that mashes down on the PCB to operate. the spot underneath the button looks like this: (forgive the hasty visual):delete-me.gif

I think that the push of the button connects the two. So my question, then:

What's the best way to get "electronic-ize" this so my IC can do it?


-solder them together and turn the power on/off via my IC?

Picaxe programming, problem with head turning and scanning.


Picaxe programming, problem with head turning and scanning.


For some time now i have been playing around with my code to get it just right, but i have hit a snag that i cant seem to fix.


If you are good at programming you will see the mistake


My switch/case statement isn't working?

Ok I'm trying to to use the switch/case statement but can't seem to figure out what is wrong with it.  I thought I was doing everything right, cause I looked around.  I'm using an Arduino.


void mydirections (int myAngle, int distance)
  case 10:
  if (distance < range)

  case 20:

  if (distance < range)






The new Picaxe bug?

Consider this test code for Picaxe.

high 5
for w0 = 1 to 65535 next w0
high 6
for w0 = 0 to 65535 next w0
high 7

Please feed it to your Picaxe, whatever breed. Change the directive #picaxe.... accordingly or remove it. The directive #no_data just speeds up the program load.

Now tell me, how long does it take for the ports to go high (for the LEDs to light up)?

Powering Arduino and servos/motors with one supply

Helo, all

I tried to power Arduino (Duemilianove) and servos/motors it controlled with the same battery, but Arduino continuously restarted during the operation. Actually it was a surprise for me, since Arduino already has voltage regulator chip and filtering capacitors in the input circuits...

I solve this problem by supplying them with different batteries, but I don't like this solution. Could anyone help - how to provide single power supply?

Modding a servo

I am planning my first "robot", if you would call it that =p. I know you can mod a servo for continuous rotation, but I was wondering if you can mod a servo for less rotation, like 90degrees for example.

Thanks for your help