Let's Make Robots!

Read the manual! (A guide to newbies)

Well folks,

It seems we have a lot of newbies lately. This website is here to ask questions and get answers however, there seem to be a lot of questions popping up that sorta shouldn't be asked... Here's what I mean:

If you are new to electronics or robots or programming don't ask a question about step 487 when you know nothing of step 1, 2 or 3. Again, if you are new to this don't even think about motors or sensors etc. YOU NEED TO START WITH A BLINKING LED, period. Baby steps, folks!

NEED HELP! with my motor controller

Hello guys. I'm creating a RF controlled 2.5kg sumo bot. I'm a mechanical engg. student and so don't have much knowledge in electronics.

Basically I need to create a 10Amp motor driver for driving 2 12V dc motors,10A each using relays.
Buttons on remote control:

2           3

1-Move Forward
2-Rotate Anticlockwise
3-Rotate Clockwise

I'm planning to use these schematics for radio controlling

Low and High are reversed?

Hi guys, something pretty weird happened to me...

I'm using a 18X project board. When i got it, no problem, i hooked up a led with a 330Ohm resistor, a "high 0" turned the LED on, "low 0" turned it off.

SENSOR problems

Hello all,
I am building a maze solving robot and am trying to use some QRD1113 ( http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/QR/QRD1114.pdf) sensors.  I am using a BS2 on a super carrier board.  I tried following the testing instructions in some of the manuals but have not been successful.  I believe i wired it correct....pin 1 VCC pin 2 BS2 input pin, pin 3 BS2 output pin and pin 4 GRD (and many more configs html>

why won't my phone charge?



Just kidding. This is scraping the bottom of relevancy though.

Could you perhaps point me to a good documentation source for charging a 3.6 V battery in an old Nokia? Or could you solve my problem directly for me?

My dad is about to go walkabout in the south of Europe. He bought a 12 V photovoltaic power source that folds like a wallet. He seeks my help on the simple stuff, like mechanical compatibility of connectors and pinouts. And soldering.

problem with everything

I want to build robots but have to many problems

#1 I dont know how to build robots

#2 I dont know where to find out

#3 I dont have the budget

# my soldering iron is caked with a black powder and won't melt the solder I sanded it off but it came back as soon as it gets hotenugh

Returning to home base

I have an idea for a robot that would also involve it going to a wall charger when the batteries get low. I have an idea for it to send out an IR signal when the batteries get weak. The signal is received by the charging unit and it turns on a laser light. When the robot roams through the beam it detects it and uses it to align itself with the charging unit.

Picaxe18x vs Picaxe28x

Hello, I am new to this site and i have ordered parts for my first robot. But i am second guessing myself- Should I have gotten the expensive 28x like i did or gotten the 18x? As this is my first robot, I'm guessing it won't be to complicated. Thanks!! :)

Tearing apart Nicd battery packs?

I was wondering if you could take apart a Nicd battery pack and use the cell like you would with any other battery.  Also would you be able to just put them in a regular battery charger to charge them.  Right now i can find 9.6v 600ma nicd battery pack for $3 so wanted to know that way I could have some for future use.