Let's Make Robots!

Transmiting Video/ serial data

Well after seeing Jim lovells updated bot i've decided i want my next project to go towards that direction. Sorry i still dont know how to link the post right but its here, http://letsmakerobots.com/node/6820. And starting either next year or in a few weeks ill be be the president and founder of our schools new robotics club : ), i think for the first meeting i would want to show a bot that would demonstrate a wide range of tech.


Short movie about weird people, not everything is about robot, but still one of the guys build a giant quadrupod.

Would these parts work well with Arduino

I'm doing some shopping on sparkfun.com and I've come across a few things I want to buy to try out with Arduino. I would like some feedback from the people that worked with these components on the quality and ease of use of these products. Any suggestions are also welcome.

WiFly 802.11b Serial Module - Roving Networks

Accelerometer Breakout Board - ADXL322 +/-2g

QRD1114 on picaxe too slow for wheel encoder...

I am trying to use QRD1114 in trying to encode wheel rotation. Even at the slow speed the QRD1114 can't detect the dark and white strips on the wheel fast enough. My setup is like the one on HVW (>here<) with some changes on the circuit. I have 4.8V rechargeable battery for the V+, and I changed the resistor values to make it detect dark and white. The 10kohm to 420ohm and 330ohm to 220ohm. It sends a high when white is in front and low on black but its too slow. Is everything wrong?

Robotic Crane using PIC16f or 8051

hey! i'm planning to make a robotic crane.and i reallly need help.

the basic idea is to build a robot WITH PIC16F877A (OR 8051) which carries magnetic loads(it has other auxilliary functions as well)

Some Programming and Connection Questions

Hey everyone, I just found this website and have been browsing for a few days now and some of the stuff I've seen is very cool. I want to get started on my project and I really just want to jump right in. I have some experience in both programming and electronics and I want to get started on my first project. In terms of function I think i'll keep it pretty simple, but I want to create a solid base that I can easily expand upon. What I'm going for is a basic robot with four wheels. I think I'm going to use an Arduino microcontroller but I want to make it wirelessly controlled.

L298N + picaxe28x1 (axe020) could work?


recently i found that the problem with my project is that the motor consumes more than 1 amper (with no load),

because i tried using the L293D it didnt really work well (that's an understatement).

since i would really like to save the trouble of building my own high current H-bridge, i thought the L298N can do the job.

so after measuring i found out that the motor consumes:

1.5 amper with no load.

2-2.5 with the nominal load.


Dual 18F4620 board with supporting 18F2525 for display

Right now I am working on my master-slave-slave board that will suit my needs for a long time. It has a master 4620, that communicates to another 4620 for processor assistance.

 4620 MASTER: Spaces for 5 servos, rs232, I2C, sn754410 motor controller, 8 ADC channels, 2x5 header so it is expandable into another board.

4620 SLAVE: Setting switches, proximity IR sensors (8 for complete sensing), speaker, encoders (rear and front for a car drive bot, left and right for 2 wheel operation), 38khz IR led driver, bumper switches and spaces for 6 servos I2C.