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Drive train for Heavy robots

I'm trying to build a robot that is vision based. To do that I'm using roborealm (Amazing software its FREE!!!!) but it neeeds to run on a PC. I can't seem to find a cheep drive train to move the computer + a light weight robotic arm. Can someone please help me?!!!


ir remote help please!!! and thank you!


i need help with this when ever i try to debug this with any of the 3 remotes i have at my use i get the same reply like for example i get 0 when i just press the button and i get 2730 when i hold the button, i even have inclued a screen, and for the code i switched the debug to 2 cuz 0 gave me problems


Solar Cell

I can resist myself to buy a solar power garden light which so cheap. I was thinking to use the solar cell for my electronic project.

How can I know the output amp from the solar cell? 

Looking to hire experienced rc robot creators. **READ**


I am looking for some one that is experienced in the field of creating rc cars, and computer programming. I am looking to hire someone that can outfit several RC cars with webcams and make them so that they can be controlled via the web. On the programming side of things, the video streams from the cars will need to be live onto the web, and users will have to be able to control the car also via the web - so some sort of web interface will be needed. 

Several questions about picaxe, servos, servo-controller, connections, and life in general.

Hi everybody, i'm starting to have a lot of questions in my mind about the Picaxe, so i think it's time for me to open a thread :)

But before, just two useful precisions :

Servo mounting for "up-down" movement

hello, i was just wondering: which is the best way to attach a servo to a chassis so that it can move an attached camera up and down (no left-right) ?

I just couldn't wait...

I really want to build the famous StartHere robot, unfortunatly right now i can really afford the almost 100€ needed for it (i'm actually waiting for some extra money, but i won't get it until at least one month). So for days i just keep reading LMR, and reading again, and reading again, and explore the picaxe manual again and again and again...

Help with Axon Microcontroller with stepper

I want to use Society of Robots Axon Microcontroller, but i dont know how this controller working with stepper motors.

I'm a beginner, dont angry if my question so stupid.

I'm realy need help!



Picaxe programming

I ve been trying to write a code for my robot, but no luck. This is for a school project so it is sort of urgent. I tried adapting Frits Start here robot code. I will learn coding but i dont have the time at the moment.

if anybody could help that would be great !

Reuse Those Servos!

I'm kind of new here, so here is my first post. It might seem dumb at first, but I think it's a great idea. I've read a lot of posts about people frying their servos (hint: fritsl's cheap tiny blue ones, said so himself! :), so I came up with a money saving solution. REUSE THE SERVOS! YA! 

Servos are expensive after all, and they do have some good gears and they mount easily. So if you fry one, I wouldn't panic too much. 

See, why would you want to spend money on this-