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Custom PCB Manufacturing

Hello everybody!

Would anyone know were I could get made a custom PCB with two copper layers and a silkscreen layer? I have been searching for two weeks now, but all the manufacturers are either too expensive or don't accept my file format (PDF).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


NEW Actobotics Swivel Hinge!

BRAND NEW to our Actobotics line, 

Pycam and other free CAM products

I am close to completeting my CNC controller. This has been one of those projects that has spent a lot of time on the backburner. Now I am trying to find a good CAM package to recommend.

The controller and it's software is designed to try and make CNC machining as easy as possible for the novice so I was trying to find CAM software that did not need months to learn.

need help for an idea

Hello i hope i am in the right topic and you can help me. i have deagostini robot from paralax. i need your help to design the circuit and programm it. the goal is when i apply a certain value of resistance then activate a relay or something similar. thanks

High School Senior Project Quadcopter

Below are links to a wordpress site and youtube channel for Hyperion Robotics. We're currently working on a autonomous quadcopter that uses Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, and OpenPilot CC3D flight controller. All documentation is on the website, which is frequently updated with our progress. If you have any questions regarding the question, I'd be pleased to answer them. 




BoB from toy to tool

i think its time to take my BoB from a toy to a tool. and i would like ideas from you wonderful folk at LMR.

what improvements would you all make to make BoB more classroom friendly?

what ideas do you have to help in the aid of manufacturing?


my basic guidlines are:

4xAA powered (most likely ni-cad or nimh)

MG90 servos (metal gears and kids seem to sound likea  good idea)

Arduino for a brain (not sure what board)

so please throw your ideas in to the pot and ill try and incorporate them into the design

BoB printed in trade for parts.


As some know, I was and still am building a 3d printer.  Due to work, family and health I have been unable to complete it.

I really would like to have a k12 BoB body printed to play with.  I can offer parts or cash in trade.  



Lego mindstorms books to go.[gone]

Ok, I've got these two books about Lego mindstorms as a prize for my LadyBugBot winning the RobotBox online competition lying around for a long time. Now, as I dig them out, I definitely know I will not be reading them for a long time... So, they are looking for a new owner, who is interested in Lego NXT. The books are:

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Wheelchair Robot for rough terrain farming telepresence joystick question

I am new to the forum and want to first thank everyone for being part of this vibrant robotics community.