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Can't upload any pictures

Hi there,

I can't upload any pictures for some reason. This is what I see when  I open the upload window:

Directory error! - files/userpics/u21387

Anybody an idea?

I'm trying to put up a write-up about my BoBtheBiped...



Can you make a logo for LMR 3D Print Club?

A 3D print Club needs a logo. and yes, of course it needs to be downloadable, so it can be printed out ;)

There is no prize other than fame and glory - but it would be a great help if you could make a nice and cool 3D printable logo, and link to it / share it in the comments below.

Thank you very much :)

More info about LMR 3D Print Club ->

Damage Assessment on the Kossel

Well, I ran into my first real fail of cheap parts.  Apparently the RAMPS 1.4 board I bought has two defective mosfets.  I'd like to take the blame and say I blew them, but I was being insanely careful.

And after inspecting the mosfets I've found physical damage to them.  Sigh.

Do we want a LMR WhatsApp or WeChat group?

A while back I asked Frits what he would think about a WhatsApp or a WeChat group for LMR. 

Recent events about WhatsApp may change a lot but I guess that's a reasonable question if we want a 24/7 chat for LMR or not. The SB is ok for the use on a computer and the SB app is doing it's job as well but it's still not an optimal solution.

What I would like to read below is your opinion about that idea. Do we need a group and if yes, how we are going to do that?

Topics for Lumi's next photoshoot

Occasionally Lumi does a photo shoot with some very pretty girls and is good enough to share with us. I would like to get suggestions for Lumi's next photo shoot. There is no guarantee he can or will do it but we can still ask.

Max's gifs often make me wish Lumi could do a photoshoot like that. Hopefully Max can post a few here for inspiration. This was my inspiration for this post:

Please post suggestions of what you would like to see as a theme for Lumi's next photo shoot.

Robot ATV?

Does anyone else want to make a robot out of an ATV?  How hard can it be?  GPS, Laser Range Finder, sonar, compass, etc- they're all off-the-shelf-parts nowadays.

New tutorial on how to make an Arduino robot

I posted this on the Facebook page, but thought I'd post it here as well.

I just finished writing an in-depth tutorial on how to make an Arduino-based robot. It's targeted towards beginners and should help someone completely new to robotics to build their first robot, but anyone making a robot with an Arduino will find it useful. Here's picture of the robot I make in the tutorial:

Robot Self Defense

Robots or biomorphs (robots modeled after living creatures) are commonly fragile especially as you move to a smaller scale.

Robot vacuum cleaner, thoughts?

So I've build the tutorial robot and me and a friend want to do something more challenging. We've decided to re-use the parts of the tutorial robot and make a similar robot, this time with a vacuum cleaning goal. It's not the goal to make one for personal use or even a good working one, it's for a school project so if it moves around and vacuum cleans a little bit it's good enough.

Raw sketch of the body, wheels and sensors (Sensors are red, wheels black, body is large rectangle):