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Building my first Bot: Quadruped

I just completed my first Quadcopter and was looking for a new project to keep me busy when I came across some 3D printed Quadruped and hexapod chassis'. So now I want to build a Quadruped. I've got two to choose from below..... An 8 servo model [IMG]http://i1254.photobucket.com/albums/hh601/Duhjoker1/Quadruped/D6A66983-2AA0-47CE-8F47-15D51A76EA38_zpshxlz2dap.jpg[/IMG] And a 12 servo model [IMG]http://i1254.photobucket.com/albums/hh601/Duhjoker1/Quadruped/333312B7-1DC4-4FE7-B444-2B5A0C626174_zpsqpjm1so0.jpg[/IMG] I would much prefer the 12 servo model for more articulation.

The <20€ European open robot kit(work in progress)

The purpose is to make a bill of material to make an easy to build, easy to hack, cheap and full of features robot.

There are various builds, so it's better to list components that fit the bill (easy to use, cheap and readily available from arduino kits and chinese e-commerces)


Voice controled Raspberry robot

I want to make a voice controled raspberry pi robo. I am using rapberry b+ .Pls help me which audio device to use and how can I programe it?

hardware question for neural fuzzy systems


I had a hardware parts question, I'm building a neural fuzzy system which can learn my places prefrences by knowing my choices time after time, so far the software is going fine but I wanted to implement the system on a hardware.

I use c language and java and I wanted to know if there is any microprocessor that I can use to implement this system on and display the results on screen, I wanted to use arduino but it won't help me because all the data saved will be cleared as soon as I close the system, so what can I use/build?


thanks in advance


The new droid from Star Wars. Whoever makes one first wins at LMR this year.

Memristors for sale

Memristors for sale... =D


Per the BEAM yahoo group (where I learnt of this news) here is an email reply to price inquiry:


"Hello Richard,

Wild_Thumper I2S interface + controlled by PS2

Hello colleagues. I'm doing the robot controlled by PS2 gamepad. as the driver of the motor I use

TREX controller

in charge of the flooded sketch Wild_Thumper.

Recommendation of H-bridge

Hi awesome robotics enthusiatic people 

I'm in the need for a good reliable H-bridge for two projects, however I always like to buy something with the posibility of using it for an upgraded project, therefore I am interested in knowing if I can use a 25A conteniously Dual H-bridge when 
the motors I use only draw 5A each. or would I be better of picking a H-bridge with can support 5 or 10A?

I'll use an arduino Mega as microcontroller.

Programming PWM

Hi, I need to program a PWM but I have no idea how.

Does anyone have a program for PWM or just a good article on how I can make my.


I have a project where I need a total of 6 PMW's but the largest amount of hardware PWM pins I can find on a chip is 4.


I use Flowcode or C