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Feedback on PopPet instructions

Hello all!

Firstly, just thought I'd let you all know that PopPet is going really well. Everything I need has arrived and I am now boxing up all the bits and pieces.

One thing that still needs finishing up is the PopPet build instructions. These aren't going to be included in the kit, but rather available on the website for viewing or download for offline use (due to costs of printing). A QR code is going to be in the kit to take them to the instructions.

Websocket implemenation @ Arduino or @ NodeJS + Firmata

There seems to be something wrong with my latest comments => repost them to be certain.

Architecture @ wifi controlled mecanum robot

Last year I made a mecanum robot controlled by a Spectrum DX8 radio transmitter. Goal of my next project is to control the bot with a tablet. Plan also is to add a video camera on the bot and plaback the video stream on the tablet.

IR and ultrasound based positioning beacons

I have this idea for a positioning system based on IR+ultrasound beacons. It is very simple, and I'm surprised that I can't find anything like that already in use. I guess there are some problems that I can't see, so I wanted to ask you to point the flaws in my idea before I invest time and materials into chasing a pipe dream.

The goal is to get an accurate position of a robot inside a room that is decorated with some additional beacons. The positions of the beacons are known to the robot, so that it can position itself relative to them.

The mini mobile robot

Here's a practical use for omni wheels. Check it out some time: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1686304142/the-mini-mobile-robotic-printer

How to sense the beginning and end of a ramp?

Hi guys,

I am a complete novice to building robots, yet have been

6WD Differential Turning issue



I have just completed building 6WD by follwoing the tutorial here.


1. 200rpm 12v DC motor Max stall current: 300milli amp and normal current :60milli amp and 2kg torque each.

2. 6X125mm Off road tyres

3. 12v battery with 4.5ah

4. L298N Motor Driver with Max 2amp output.

5. Aurdino Mega to control the drivers and aurdino UNO for transmitting wireless signels to Mega.

The issue:

what i notice is that the vehicle with PWM from 150 to 255 its able to move forward and reverse with out any issues.

The iPad of Dr. Moreau

Is anyone else getting weird renderings of the site on a tablet? Here's a screen cap I just landed:
ld5cWi8.jpgNever mind that johnnyalpha seems to be the logo out header, and that Duane's project picture is in the wrong box. What really disturbs me is

That ain't BDK.


Im trying to use these module/shield to run 2 DC Motors it that simple ......i thought..... (at moment Arduino sketch only to run one to see if i can get to work) I have attached pictures of my set up and as much tech detail about Bridge as I have hop helps thanks a lot to any who can help/guide me in right direction

Connection to ardunio clone

enable A on pin 5 (needs to be a pwm pin)

enable B on pin 3 (needs to be a pwm pin)

N1 on pin 2 conrtols one side of bridge A

IN2 on pin 4 controls other side of A