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Speed controller

Hi all,

I'm curious as to what you guys are using for speed control. I've had a dig around the site and I'm not really finding the answer I'm looking for.

What I'd really like to know is, are rc car speed controllers suitable? I've been looking at them on eBay and they appear to offer high amperages, forward and reverse and relatively cheap prices.

Do these things work OK, with Arduino?

Are there better alternatives?

Does someone know of a post that will give me some insight?



Are TechShops any good, or is there a better national chain


I will be moving into a motor home eventually. I can't afford to fit an entire shop into one for many reasons. One being that most shop equipment is noisy and most rvers are retired and like their quiet.

So I'm thinking of a national chain of maker shops. TechShops seem to be good and have a decent range. I can have a 3d printer and some simple hand tools, and I should be able to build robotos without much problems. I should even be able to afford a Titan in the future, though getting it in and out of a motor home might be the bigger problem. :)

Any thoughts?

Space invaders ship robot

I have to make a final project for school this year, and I've seen someone from college work on a project where he made a space invaders game showed it on a projector.

But the ship in the game was left out and replaced with a remote controlled car.

He told me he used bluetooth to connect the car to his pc and unity to link with the game.

My question is if anyone knows how this might work in order of sensors and data transfer to detect where the car is located?

Issues with LMR saving progress

Is anyone else having issues with the LMR site now allowing to save progress? i tried clearing browser cache and even using a different browser to no avail

Most Price Efficient Actuators for larger hexapod

I'm wanting to create a hexapod based robot out of PVC, maybe about 3 foot tall.
I'm not wanting to make it have to carry anything heavier than let's say 20lbs.

I'm still learning about some hardware in the actuators department, and know a lot of science, but not a lot of physics formulas. I'm considering trying to control each leg's from raise up to move forward by a solenoid, but need to know if I want to use a bi-directional solenoit, stepper motor, or something else to have the legs move forward and back when raised.

[Solved] Problems with programming Dagu Spider robot controller card

I am new to Arduino, prior to that I used Raspberry and other computers for programming.

So I tried to install the arduino software on SuSE Linux.
After installing the dependencies (e.g. arduino needs avr-libc which needs
cross-avr-binutils, avrdude needs libftdi and so on,
is a good site to find all that) I was able to install the rpm packages with
arduino 1.0.6.
Connected the Spider board with a normal USB data cable.
Red LED13 blinking which means bootloader waiting.

algorithm for autonomous robot/car

Hi, has anyone some experience with autonomous car? I want make some program for my autonomous car with some sonars - HC-SR04. 

If anyone can help me I will be so happy :) thanks

Aduino Uno with more beef

I have been quite frustrated using generic Arduino Uno boards with peripherals such as digital compass, IMU, and nrf24L01 radios. The problem usually manifests itself as not enough usable I/O pins, not enough power or ground pins, wrong sex on headers, an most importantly,insufficient 3.3V power. I have boards from Dagu & RFRobot that satisfy most of these issues but I need the Uno pin format to cleanly interface with the Dagu Scamper ComMotion shield.

Solution. Design my own board.

Question regarding Spider robot controller/Arduino Mega (1280)

Question regarding Spider robot controller/Arduino Mega (1280)

After some search I found the pin layout of the Spider controller:

One question:
Is it correct that the inner female pin is ground,
next inner male pin is GND
and outmost male pin is 5V?

All according to