Let's Make Robots!

I ordered a yellow tread package Just Like Frtisl :)

I ordered yellow treads from www.solarbotics.com because I saw the Yellow drum machine and REALLY enjoyed it.


Should be here in a week or so :) 

Need Ideas for random junk

Sooo lets see. I have no creativity but a burning hole to learn and build. I have some crap laying around and need some of your creativity. First ill show you the way I got these parts.

I had one of these


And then I somehow turned it into one of these,


And now I have these

best sensor for object sensing?

well more like geese? ha!

 i was thinking maybe just using a sound sensor to go towards to sounds of the geese..

would that be the best way?
i dont think infared would be the best since the geese are outside and it could sometimes be bright.


YAAPQ = Yet Another Arduino Programming Question

 After struggling to wrap my head around programming the Arduino in C I completely understand why Frits recommends starting out with the PICAXE...However, I am too stubborn to give up and switch to the PICAXE so I have another question.

a few questions regarding picaxe 28x, ,voltage regulators and SRF08


well im working on my first robot and i have the picaxe 28x1 board from the start here guide

i am trying to connect an SRF08 to it, i understand i should connect it with i2c,

i looked in the picaxe 28x1 manual (http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/docs/picaxe_manual1.pdf page 28)

and it says that the scl and sda are legs 14 and 15

my question is, where are these legs on the board?

is it really input 3 and input 4?


my second question is about the v1 and v2 on the board

Custom Casting and Fabercation

Hello all, I am an bench Jeweler/machinist now moonlighting and trying to start my own hobby robotics & specialty parts business aswell as offering recycle electronic componants.

 I have just setup my home shop and am willing to take on some small jobs, casting custom parts for you guys too.

 I work in plastics and aluminum aswell as etching circuit boards. I prefer to work with recycle materials but will also work with new materials, if my cost are covered.

Arduino coding help

Hello I recently visited the arduino playground site to look how to control two servos and when i used thier code it brought up an error thing is anyone willing to post some code for me on controlling two servos please.

sound help needed

im waiting on parts to finish my blimp bot and to make a line follower walk though. but whilst thinking about the line follower i came up with wacky racer crazy line followers. This is something im sure every one will like. what im after is code for a horn sound and a plane engine running sound and a car engine running sound plus a skiding sound. i havent  tryed to code for these sounds myself yet but it would save me alot of time if some one has already got them and i can post the walkthouhgh quicker. also im only useing a peizo not a speaker

thanks in advance


Servo Oddness

Ok, just got sensors and servos for my robot. I am using a picaxe 28x1 . Here's the thing, I know there is a bug in the picaxe a.4 firmware and it may cause servo problems. When I do  the servo command (servo 0,150 etc.) the servo does not do anything. When I plug in the battery pack (I am using two power sources) the servo buzzes a little bit thats all. I assume that this is because of the buggy firmware. When researching this bug on LMR I discovered that some people got their servo to work by using servo 7,150 when the servo was plugged into digital input 0.

A word of caution about the Picaxe programming editor

Ugh, this took me forever and a day to figure out!

Everything was fine and dandy when I first installed the Picaxe programming editor, until it started to randomly crash.

I tried changing comports, reinstalling, even reinstalling the drivers (I thought it was a usb issue)

No, the program seems to take an issue with side scrolling.

I have a Dell laptop, and every time the horizontal scrolling was activated, the program would freeze my system, then about 30 seconds later, would crash.