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Continuous running robot (while charging)


I know this topic has already been addressed, yet I could not find a complete answer.

Untill now, I have always built robots that needed to be turned on when I wanted to use them. So the charging has never really been an issue.

Now I'm thinking of a "sentinel robot" which would always be turned on so I can take control anytime without being on site.

So the idea is to have a base where the robot sits most of the time, his batteries get always charged. At anytime, it can leave its base, make a little walk and return to its base to recharge its batteries.

create horse racing betting game

Hello, i am totally new and looking for help for a project i have.


Basically i would like to have 5 robots going from a point A to a point B, starting at the same time but, according to a random speed, finishing in a different order every time, to simulate a race between each robots and determine a winner.

Here is a great example of what i want to accomplish :

I don't get my 74LS173N to work

Hi all,

For my current electronic project I need some 74LS173N. I read the datasheet and wired everything up on my breadboard but I didn't get it to work like it's supposed to be.

I found this http://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/ic-74ls173n.97895/ website with this ciricut :

I wired it up like this but it still doesn't work.

Does anybody have an idea why or how to get fix the problem ?

Thanks for reading and your help!

Humanoid concept Arduino

This concept to make a humanoid head, that speaks like a human, chooses phrases randomly. As (it) speaks , it moves head, eyeballs and eyebrows randomly in an emulation of a human. This can be useful for lonely people who cannot have a pet at home.

This is the basic idea..Later it is possible to develope it further to talk longer durations, and even tell short stories stored on an SD card.

How store data in eeprom !

Hi guys!
Im a beginer in arduino and Im really bat at coding. Can everyone guild me how to record the position of Servo in EEPROm by clicking the button and want the servo plays back after pressing the button 2 times 
Can every help me 

WiiCameras Available

Hey Folks,

Just a quick heads-up. I finally got around to getting the WiiCam DIY kit up at the Marketplace. You can find it here:


LIDAR Product Review

I was fortune to be selected by RobotShop to review the PulsedLight LIDAR Time-Of-Flight distance measuring module.

It arrived in very reasonable time. Nice shipping box with sufficient paper packing to insulate the device from damage during shipping. Device itself was contained in a plastic package with associated 6 wire connection cable. One end of the cable contained a 6-pin JST header for insertion into the module. The other end of the cable wires were bare tinned wire.

Note: The +5V wire is red. All others are black.

help needed. looking for somone local to Phx, AZ - 2 servo's, controlled via wifi

i'm trying to develop a device that is controlled with 2 servo's. i want the servos to be controlled independently over wifi with either a joystick or c# application. i have the project started with the following. i am looking for someone to help me complete this project, 

c# applications

Audrino uno

cc3300 wifi shield

Audrino 1.0.5-r2 sketch pad

2 Futaba s3305 servo's

DC 5V Stepper Motor 28BYJ-48 + ULN2003 Driver Test Module Board for Arduino



Where to put stronger servos on humanoid?

I have servos (17  of them ), making the Sainsmart 17 DOF robot, and I have 2 more very strong servos.
I am wondering which joints will need stronger servos, ankles, hips?

Get problem when control servo RC by potentiometer

Hey guys!
Im working a robot arm control by potentiometers
I write the code in arduino like that : myservo.write(map(value,0,1023,0,180)); When the potentiometer at 0 position( analog=0), the servo vibrates. After i rotate potentiometer until the value= 80, the servo is stop vibrating and moving 
Can you give me some suggestion to solve the problem  

Sincerely thanks!