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Arduino Mega 2560 + Dagu 4 Motor Controller

I am currently working on a line following car project.

I am quite new to electronics and it would be no surprise if I miss something basic in the theory side.

I am trying to control 4 motors using my Dagu 4 channel motor controller and Arudino Mega 2560. I am having power problems and after researching and some testing, I am quite clueless about what exaclty is wrong.

I have programmed the arduino mega to set the direction pin to HIGH and the PWM pin to 255. I have 2 setups for testing.

Hexapod problems with servos jittering

Hi everyone,  I am currently hands on an Hexapod, based on the same eBay kit as some other members, servos MG996R and then I want to control it via Arduino Mega 2560, in the meantime my tests are being done with Uno R3.

At the very end, I want to do some AI stuff thanks to ROS being executed in a Raspberry Pi also contained in the Hexapod.

Wild thumper trex controller wifi receiver problem!

Recently, I have bought a wild thumper 6wd with a trex controller to make a robot.

General printer recommendations, delta vs xyz

I'm looking to get a new printer or printer kit. My printer head seems to have bit the dust and the Robox printer head is a large part of its cost?

Because of a change in circumstances, I am planning in living in an RV within the year. RVs are a bit hard on delicate machinery. Imagine a medium earthquake happening whenever I move.

Printer recommendations

I'm thinking of either building one or buying a kit. Seems easy enough to build from scratch but why re-invent the wheel and possibly make the same mistakes as early builders.

Since funds are very limited I'd like to hear from experience how good the cheaper models are, what designs to avoid or at least what to look out for, and reputable sources. I can handle assembly and troubleshooting so a bit of work is not a problem. I just need something for small volume small parts as I'm not doing too well with casting.

Build a Raspberry Pi Camera Robot (Updated)

Hi all, I'm a big fan of Dagu's Mini Driver board, and having realised recently that its 5V voltage regulator could provide up to 1A I've put together a tutorial which shows you how you can easily use it to build an affordable Raspberry Pi Camera Robot that you can drive round using a web browser on a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Is an Arduino Capable of Reading All Four Rover 5 Quadrature Encoders?

Note: Sorry this post is so long. I used bold text to indicate the main point of the post.

I didn't want to hijack Oddbot's Rover 5 threadso I'm starting this one here in the forum.

In replying to odong's question about the quadrature encoders I stated (among other things):

Controlling lot of LEDs in parallel with Arduino & transistor

Hi all,

Got some questions about using trnasistor and resistor with lots of LED all together. I am not good in electronic planning but only drawing sketch out as image below.

Try to using as less resistor as possible so I only plan to use one and I know Arduino couldn't handle that many LEDs so transistor will be used as I know. However, I am not sure how to connect these points as identify in image below from A~G. Can anyone help me or sugeestion how this should be connected and what type of transistors, resistor should be used?

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