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Using two power supplies with one on / off switch


I have built a robot using the parts listed at the end of this post.

I have been having trouble with the code and getting the motors and the servos to work with the detector but I now believe that this is due to a lack of power.

I am only using 1 x 9v Non rechargeable battery. I can add another 9v battery or use 4 x AA 1.5v batteries.

The problem I have is how do I only use 1 x on off switch? Could I connect this to a common Gnd? 

programing a Tiny13a directly from a mini USB board

Is that possible?

I have a handful of the tiny13a chips and would like to program them but all I have at the moment is an Arduino mini USB board. I found a couple of tutorials on how to program an Arduino Mini using the board and I found a few tutorials explaining how to program a tiny13a chip using an Arduino board but there seems to be a small gap there that I can't figure out.

Do I need to get myself an Arduino Uno or a mini or something? The USB board has a TX and RX but that's it.


Remote control via IR sensors

Starting my first robot, at age 73, called Orange Crush based on color paint I used.  It's based on McCombs Ardubot II but it's going to be a living proof of concept until it falls over or the batteries won't run it.  Right now I'm trying to use Radio Shack IR sensors as a remote control.  Since these sensors will only cover 90-120 degrees, I plan to mount them in a triangle or square so one will always be pointing at the remote control.

sharing experience robot JAVA programming on Raspberry Pi

For those interested in robot control via JAVA programs on the Raspberry PI, I have posted an update on my experience with JAVA in my robot description here:


Even better, if you are able to offer any help or advice, that would be great. I am slowly running out of options......




SG92 continuous rotation servos

I remake 2 continuous rotation servos sg92 9g 4.8v and put 2 resistors 2.2k and the i connect to arduino : set point to 97 deegres servo turning slow but not stop. one of motor stops and one slow spining its maybe becouse resistor ar 2.2k but inside are diffrent resistance?

Wiring up an Arduino Nano ATMega328 (CH340G) clone


Can anyone help point me in the direction of a tutorial on connecting up the following parts:

ATMega328 (CH340G) Clone bought here 

To an L298N Motor Driver here 

To control the DC Motors on this chassis

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Need advice with first project

Hello all,

I am Ernie and have just today joined this site. I am working on a very simple device and would like some help.

I am trying to control my digital camera with a Ping distance sensor, so that when the sensor detects a certain distance, say 12 inches, the solenoid motor activates, thereby releasing the shutter and taking a picture.

This is what I have:

Arduino UNO R3

solenoid motor 5vsainsmart HC-SR04 ranging detector mod distance sensor

Geneva mechanism on Arduino

I am trying to make a Geneva wheel using Arduino.

The hexagon Geneva magnificent mechanism allows a rotating wheel to stop at each of 6 steps on the wheel for a short while and them move to the next one. It can be designed for octagon, pentagon, or anygon..

see this link abot Geneva mechanism


Below is a suggested code for a 4 stops using a sensor on arduino. Can anyone comment if it works ?