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Aluminum Frame

I am trying to build an aluminum frame for my robot but I am having trouble finding good techniques to cut and bend it. Anyone know a good way to cut and bend aluminum for a frame? I have basic tools, but not anything fancy. The frame needs to be about 7.5 inches and relatively sturdy.

Controlling AC servo motor with Atmega328


   I would like to know whether controlling a AC servo motor is similar to DC Servo Motor using Atmega328.

   I have worked with controlling a DC Servo Motor with Atmega328 by modifying the duty cycle supplied through PWM signals from Atmega328 Microcontroller.

Many Thanks



Hexapod IK problem

Hi everyone, So I'm trying my hand at making a hexapod and have hit a snag which has me stuck now for a while. Basically I have built the hexapod and started coding it. Now I am trying to do body translation, i.e. the body moves but the feet stay perfectly planted, which works perfectly if I move the body up or down( my z direction). However when I move in the x or y direction, the feet do not stay planted at all. This can be seen in the 2nd and 3rd pic attached where the 1st pic is the starting position.

I have a question about Jacobian

Hello, I am studying Robotics. But, I have some question about jacobian.


First of all, in this site, http://www.matlabinuse.com/Mastering_MATLAB/11080, said to me that if there is a rotation matrix[nx ox ax ; ny oy ay ; nz oz az ; 0 0 0 1], we use only ax, ay, az in order to solve jacobian about rotation. what is the reason?( I am sorry, the site is written in korean.)


Getting the Arduino to talk to a picaxe through rx tx?

I was wondering how one would be able to communicate these two microcontrollers together. I've been wanting to experiment using a picaxe to control a few dc motors, and have the arduino simply give commands for the motors to simply move forwards and back. I've been searching on and off, but every time I find information on it it's just people saying "herp derp, you can totally do it!" ... aaaand never actually explain how. I found a few answers where I can send signals to the arduino, but not visa versa.

Servo recommendations

Can anyone recommend a strong servo compatible with Arduino? Ideally I'm looking for:

  • Speed
  • Torque
  • Compatible with existing libraries

I'll have a separate power supply, so the voltage isn't too important.

I'm a newb, so any thoughts/recommendations appreciated from those with experience.

Controlling dc motor controller with RC

 use this motor control for industrial use.