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BoB from toy to tool

i think its time to take my BoB from a toy to a tool. and i would like ideas from you wonderful folk at LMR.

what improvements would you all make to make BoB more classroom friendly?

what ideas do you have to help in the aid of manufacturing?


my basic guidlines are:

4xAA powered (most likely ni-cad or nimh)

MG90 servos (metal gears and kids seem to sound likea  good idea)

Arduino for a brain (not sure what board)

so please throw your ideas in to the pot and ill try and incorporate them into the design

BoB printed in trade for parts.


As some know, I was and still am building a 3d printer.  Due to work, family and health I have been unable to complete it.

I really would like to have a k12 BoB body printed to play with.  I can offer parts or cash in trade.  



Lego mindstorms books to go.[gone]

Ok, I've got these two books about Lego mindstorms as a prize for my LadyBugBot winning the RobotBox online competition lying around for a long time. Now, as I dig them out, I definitely know I will not be reading them for a long time... So, they are looking for a new owner, who is interested in Lego NXT. The books are:

ICStation Chinese New Year Sale: Up to 35% OFF

Happy Chinese New Year!

ICStation will be on holiday from 14th, Feb to 26th, Feb to celebrate our the year of sheep.

Orders which placed before 12th, Feb will be shipped in 2 working days, or it will be shipped after our holiday.

Hurry up to enjoy the discount now.

Wheelchair Robot for rough terrain farming telepresence joystick question

I am new to the forum and want to first thank everyone for being part of this vibrant robotics community.

Communicating using 2 MAX485

good morning everyonei am making a project in which there will be a large distance betwwen two aruino's 

one of them will be a joystick which will take the orders and send them to the other arduino 

this is an tutorial for it with arduino


and this is an a example code between two arduinos 


going half on filament

am looking to buddy up on some of the exotic filament like:

http://www.imakr.com/filament/36-carbon-fiber-175-mm.html and http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261359455825

the T glass on ebay is the cheapest source I can find

basically the idea is to go half on the stuff, how I thought we can sort the postage:

if its like free from ebay, we split the postage between us to the other person.

Help to convert a blank ATmega328 into a speech synthesizer chip for under $5

Some time ago when I was looking at the cost of speakjet and other hardware speech systems I remembers that back in the 80's there was a program call S.A.M. (software automated mouth) that ran on my Atari XL. It was also available for the C64, Apple and possibly some other systems.

3D Printer VS CNC

if a robot builder on a budget to buy either this or that. which one ?