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Hey guys,

More and more often our work is showcased on other sites - let's have it collected, links, scrapbook :)

pot with 6 pin

can i use a stereo pot as a mono pot to controll a servomotor

Geneva mechanism on Arduino

I am trying to make a Geneva wheel using Arduino.

The hexagon Geneva magnificent mechanism allows a rotating wheel to stop at each of 6 steps on the wheel for a short while and them move to the next one. It can be designed for octagon, pentagon, or anygon..

see this link abot Geneva mechanism


Below is a suggested code for a 4 stops using a sensor on arduino. Can anyone comment if it works ?



Bluetooth module as a key sniffer on Arduino?

Recently, I've come accros a keylogger in a wallwart charger. It uses a RF transciever, I think. Would it be possible to substitute the RF with Bluetooth?


Hello..am 2 weeks old to arduino projects..i had been using timing all this while to control my rover...now, i wanted to shift to using encoders..am facing quite some problems..am using arduino uno and a two amp motor shield..this is code i am trying to use..am using a 8V Li-po battery

http://www.myduino.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=170&search=rover+5 (link to rover)

http://www.myduino.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=131&search=motor+shield (link to motoshield)

LMR shop

I just wanted everyone to know how freaking awesome this is. I took FritsL up on the "Buy something for a dollar to test it" deal and then told him not to bother sending the actual merchandise, just to keep the dollar, but it was too late-Gamborg had already sent it! Well, from Denmark to the U.S. took almost no time, and I got the best deal on a tilt sensor ever. Anyway, support LMR and buy and sell some shit through the LMR Marketplace. You can literally get a Propeller for $1 there!

Any cnc folks

Hi All,

 Any of you familir with cnc milling, I would like to get into it on a small hobby scale, this is the lowest cost yet capable way I have found any opinions or observations. I will not be purchasing this till mid sommer so other ideas and option are welcome are welcome, I own a taig lathe and it is small but works for me, and I felt the quality was good for the money it is not cnc. I debated a non cnc mill but felt in for a penny in for a pound, budget is no more than $2600 or so complete.



getting started with nRF24L01

Hello guys I'm trying to send message from arduino due to arduino duemilanove atmega328 using nRF24L01 

arduino due is the transmitter and the code is


Flame Photodiode is more like a regular photodiode

I bought a small flame photodiode for a robot Im currently working on. Being a "flame" photodiode I thought it would ignore most light and pretty much only output whenever it gets light from a flame but it seems normal day light can set it off. Even lamps or sealing lights seem to be enough for it. 

Pretty much almost makes it a reguarl photodiode. 

I can get the data from it with this line of code: FlameValue=analogRead(0);

Just read the analog pin.


Anyway I can maybe fine tune it better for flames?