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Arduino MEGA2560 stopwatch using registers

Hi guys!

I'm trying to make a stopwatch with 4 separate 7 segment displays using timer register. I already have a functional circuit and I found a similiar code HERE  that uses this register.
BUT. This code is showing in MM:SS format. And I want SS:100/SS. What I need to change in the code to have this format?

Bone conduction Head Phones

Hello folks , I have an idea about a project thus I need some information first .

I was wondering if we could 3d scan our teeth in some way and get an stl file or a file that can be processed later on a cad programm . I think i have a way though not sure how to do it . My idea is to mold our teeth with some kind of material 

then 3d scan that mold and get the file .


And the idea follows .

Cannibalizing a broken printer/scanner. Suggestions?!

My boss asked if i wanted a partially working printer scanner combo jobby today. Dont think he was expecting me to rip it apart for parts.

Ive only got SO far into pulling it to pieces, i will have to go and get a complete Torx driver set tommorow, ive gone as far as i can with >T15.

Anyone got any suggestions as to what i should do with this thing?!

The robots we've always wanted

In a recent thread, some LMR members started listing robots they loved and which inspired them, either real or from sci-fi novels or movies. My interest in robotics also finds its origin in our great sci-fi canon, and people listed some really cool robots I'd never even heard of. I thought it may be interesting to split this off as a forum topic and hear about even more robots out there and how and why they inspired our fellow LMR members to build robots themselves?   

Take that Apple!

After 5 stupid-ass denials, finally released a dead-simple serial terminal for iOS.  It neatly connects with an HM-10. :)

My sponsor was:

(Salt-water aquarium pumps contoller.)

Mini Driver Mk II - S4A compatible

For some time now I've been wanting to release a new version of the Mini Driver with the ATmega328P. Then the Boss asked me if our controllers were S4A compatible (Scratch 4 Arduino). Now we do!

Video of Doodle Bot using this board can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j95dTWg2-d0
Click on the picture for a larger image. Check out the features listed below!

Couple of questions with Dagu T'Rex Controller

Hi Guys

Just trying to get my excellent new controller board up and running in my project. I'm only using the left motor and nothing was happening but have found from searching the pin assignments are not correct in the sample code is that right? I've switch around right and left and can now operate the motor, but current sense isn't working. Before I spend too long debugging I was going to try and get a correct list of pins in case maybe the current sense pins didnt need to be swapped?

Soldering tutorial

Hey there

When first starting out on electronics, I found soldering really frustrating, mainly because I was missing a few good tips and tricks that make it a breeze! So I've just finished off a video tutorial, and thought I'd post it here in case anyone finds it helpful :)



Verbal Skills and NLP

I'm starting this forum for discussing verbal skills in robots including but not limited to natural language processing.  I'd like this to be a place to discuss conventional and out of the box ideas for improving verbal skills in robots.  This could involve: