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Getting robot to a precise location


My robot has to move on a 3000x2000 mm  board. There is an object placed at a certain position with the (x, y) cordinate like (1500,1000) position on the board which i need to grab. How should I implement the part of taking my robot to that (x, y) position. Should I involve angle of rotation in it or do I like first move right for 15000 mm and then straight for 1000 mm.

Idea for robot navigation


I want to make a robot which should play a game. It should detect and grab balls of a certain color in a ground (small play area table made of wood). So it has to move in the play area, find the ball of a specific color and grab it, then find the next ball of the same color and so on..

Power For Motor Drivers (L298N and L9110S) and NanoATMega328 based Bot


I have been posting elswhere about building some low cost Avoidance Bots for a school robotics club. We have been using these L298N motor drivers but advice on here is that although they are handy and cheap the voltage drop is significant.

The motors are similiar to these.

Have the tools but need help with calcs

Hi guys.


I am heavily into automation in both my daytime job and my hobbies. I have always built gear I need. I have lathes, welders etc with access to milling machines etc, folding machines and other stuff.


I am building an autonomous hybrid farm utility. No issues with that.


I can do the the motor/gennorator etc, rams etc and all that. However, I need a push in the correct direction to calculate the drive train part. I know my required wheel size, weight etc so how do I work out size of the drive motors etc



New Micro Magician V2

The new improved Micro Magician V2 is here! It has all the features you loved in the original Micro Magician but with an ATmega328P and improved power supply. The new black and yellow PCB looks great and is easier to read.

You can now download the manual from here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B__O096vyVYqUjNXVV9RMmFuNkk


Need consistent 90 degree turns. HMC5883L and Arduino Mega

I am currently working on a project for school. The idea was to create a robot that could perform pathfinding functions using A*. The path is found using a virtual grid of nodes programmed into the Arduino where "X"s are non-passable objects, "0" as the start, and "1" as the destination.

Not sure how to insert code on this forum. Someone could help me out with that as well...)


Obstacle avoiding arduino robot uno for biginner

#include <Servo.h>
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motors
int motor_left[] = {2, 

Looking for a next step up after the Arduino Uno

I've run out of pins on my Arduino Uno. Im looking for something that has more I/O pins. More sensors, larger LCD, more useless flashy LEDs, etc. 

Something with more brains would be great as well. Im open to adding a visual LCD screen to a robot. 

I'd rather stick to the Arduino line of products but if anyone can suggest some other type of controller that does what Im looking for I'll be glad to take a look and do some research to see if its right for me.