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Maxbotix (with Arduino) LV EZ1 questions


I am having problems with wrong readings from EZ1 and my Arduino. I am using the PWM mode and I have checked all tutorials/samples I found. So my questions would be:

Fitting Arduino to Solderless Breadboard

Just taken receipt of my first Arduino compatible micro (NanoATMega328).

Had a quick test fit and it does not seem to want to go into my breadboard :-( 

The header pins seem on both side to bend in towards the middle, should I straighten them or will this break them?

Pics attached.



Nanosecond Timer on Arduino

Okay, I'm a complete noob to the forums.  I took a look to see if there were other topics like mine (there were) but I didn't see / may have missed the part where an idea like mine was proposed.  I found this topic:


And posted this reply:

All right, I know this is an old thread, but does anybody know how fast it takes for a single instruction to be executed?

URGENT! Need help with some ideas to "improve" the insect bot

I have about 4 months to make a project but I have to give a presentation tomorrow about what I'm gonna do in the next 4 months so I need some ideas guys. I have decided on making a basic legged robot which avoids obstacles and since it's very short for 4 monts, I was wondering what else can I add to make it more complex ?  I was thinking of adding a bluetooth module for controlling it via a laptop or smartphone and a gps module for coordinates or something .

What does this circuit do?

Found this today... I'm trying to figure out what it does. Any guesses?

Jitter problem with TLC5940 controlling 12 servos

Hi guys, I am a beginner in arduino and robotics. Recently I am starting a project for a 12DoF hexapod. I am controlling the servos(Tower pro micro servo SG90) using a TLC5940 based on this schematic by John Boxall:

From the schematic,I changed the LEDs to servos and attached a 2.2kOhms resistor between every output and the external voltage(in my case external voltage is from 4x1.5V AA battery)

CV and micromotion algorithms

Interesting.  I wonder how difficult it would be to port it to OpenCV?

Need a coupling for a 28BYJ48 stepper motor...

I'm building a device to pan a small camera. I'm using the uber cheap 28BYJ48 stepper motor. To mount the camera to the stepper motor I need a small coupling. One side should be bolted to the axle of the stepper motor, the other end should have 1/4"-20 thread (standard camera thread). Is there anyone here that could make me such a thing? I would like to build a decent, sturdy device so I don't want to resort to hotglue... I'm located in the EU (Belgium), any European people here that can machine such a coupling?

Drawing of the piece (dimensions are in mm):

Cheap Simple Robots


I am starting a Robotics and Computing club at my School and need some ideas for some cheap, simple robots that I can get the kids building.

The idea will be that they / their parents buy the materials based on info that I supply and I help them build there robots during the club (aprox 6 hours total).

I don't really want Maplins type toy looking robots and anything with a microntroller is hoing to be to expensive. The topic for the term is renewable energy and climate change so recycled robots may be on the cards?