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running 6S battery at 2S, then switching to 6S via radio control?

Hi All,

I want to test out a brushless RC system within 2S safe parameters, and then go into the danger 6S zone for a few seconds, then go back to 2S.  I will of course be using ESCs and motors that can handle the momentary 6S burst.

My question is, via radio control, how would I be able to switch the RC robot from 2S, to 6S, then back to 2S?  I have a cheap surface RC gun style 3 channel transmitter and receiver.

The 3rd channel looks like a good candidate for on/off switching, but i'm not sure how to do the 2S/6S switching.

GEEETech i3 3d printer

Hi to al im new in this, my printer is setup and ready, but i'm trying to make a parts from a draw and i dont know how to do that,  im using repetier for printing, also i found freecad and Slic3r

i dont know how to transfer the draw to a object!


Need help!!


Raspberry pi 2 + T'Rex controller -> battery

hi, I need to know, how to supply raspberry pi 2 and T'Rex controller together. I have this battery (http://emotors.cz/pohonne/11445-giant-power-nimh-1600mah-72v-10-20c-.html) - 5000 mAh, 7.2 V, 10-20C.

I dont know how big voltage can I connect to raspberry. If I can connect in series or paralel rasp with T'Rex to battery or I need new battery for rasp.

PS. - if you have some good article about connecting raspberry pi 2 to T'Rex (arduino) through I2C, send me that please :)

thanks :)


Excuse me friends,last post was full of Eng-mistakes

and I didn't get the right answer though

here is what I want to ask:

I'm just migrating from AVR to ARM and I'm reading a book about ARM

but still reading the first parts and introducing

I wanna "run before I can walk" 

I want to do small projects with ARM and experience

more than 70 MHz clock speed beside reading that

book (which is in persian) - so :

My Question Is :

Torobot software help

I ordered a 24 channel arduino compatible servo controller to use for a quadruped I'm building. It arrived today and I was able to research it a lil. Found out it's a Torobot chip on one site that also had the drivers and software. I managed to install the drivers so the computer will recognise it and downloaded the software. What came up was this


I read a short article on badji and it said this software can control the robot.

Wireless control-need help

I want to learn how to communicate wirelessly, particularly using WiFi. The aim is to achieve an automatic lighting system(inputs from sensors like ldr, motion sensor) and a robot(input from sensors like android phone's gyroscope). Please help me get through, first step will be to be able to use WiFi.

Arduino Motor Control


I am working on a web controlled rover and need a little help with fine tuning the controls, I need more precise control over the motors.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

How can I get the Arduino to process a command for a given time period, I know how to invoke a delay between commands using time.sleep(Number of seconds) but not how to run a function for a given time. My guess is that it would be in a timed loop but I don't know how to do this.


Help Recovering Arduino Nano ATMega328P - Lost USB Serial


I have an Arduino Nano ATMega328P Clone with a CH340 USB - Serial Chip. During an upload it reset my Mac and now the USB Serial on this device is no longer recognised.

I have tried many guides to re-flash the Bootloader using another working Nano connected to the bad Nano via ISCP (6 Pin Header).

No matter what I try I cannot get the programmer to work, I just keep getting a Device Signature Error message:

How to make a robot turn while going forwards

I have my robot http://letsmakerobots.com/start?destination=node%2F17 which i want to make turn while driving forwards, how do i do that?