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Arduino Motor Control


I am working on a web controlled rover and need a little help with fine tuning the controls, I need more precise control over the motors.

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

How can I get the Arduino to process a command for a given time period, I know how to invoke a delay between commands using time.sleep(Number of seconds) but not how to run a function for a given time. My guess is that it would be in a timed loop but I don't know how to do this.


Help Recovering Arduino Nano ATMega328P - Lost USB Serial


I have an Arduino Nano ATMega328P Clone with a CH340 USB - Serial Chip. During an upload it reset my Mac and now the USB Serial on this device is no longer recognised.

I have tried many guides to re-flash the Bootloader using another working Nano connected to the bad Nano via ISCP (6 Pin Header).

No matter what I try I cannot get the programmer to work, I just keep getting a Device Signature Error message:

How to make a robot turn while going forwards

I have my robot http://letsmakerobots.com/start?destination=node%2F17 which i want to make turn while driving forwards, how do i do that?

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My Father's Day gift

     Today is Father's Day here (in Brazil), and it's my first one.

     That's what I got from my son Martin and my wife!

Yahmez I hear you know someone, who knows someone.. Well I just have a question..

So I hear you have a good source for faulhaber motors, and I'd like to hear which kind of motors you're able to supply and the cost + shipping cost to Denmark.. 



Servo Standards?

Hey all,

Just graduated from college and started a new job. I finally have time to pursue projects I've always wanted to do.

ANYWHO. I bought a cheap aluminum hexapod frame from the internet that recommended I use Tower Pro MG995 servos. Unfortunately I just found out through online reviews that these servos and their improved models are not so hot, to put it extremely lightly.

I noticed however that a Futuba S3003 I had lying around seems to have a casing with mounting holes that fit flush with the holes in the frame as well.

Robo-War--A call for ideas

We are having a robot war in our engineering institute, IIT Guwahati.

Need some ideas....the task is to push the opponent out of arena or immobilise it for atlest 30 seconds. Current limit-10amps, Weight limit-60kgs.


ROBOCALYPSE: WRECK OR BREAK AIM: The  objective  is to  make  a  wired/wireless,  manually controlled  bot that  can immobilize  the  opponent’s bot in  a  one  on  one  competition.

Too lazy to think for yourself?? Get in here and be inspired for your next more advanced robotic project!

The Subject Headline says it all..

Not really beginner ideas, I just wanted to share the link

100 robotics ideas:



 Also is there a way we could share all our pictures of mechanical design, robots, etc in a .rar file. come on.. admit it.. you've saved a lot of pictures from google over the years, why not share it for inspiration / knowledge.