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full sized robot guidance

hey guys 

I just finished salvaging a power wheels kids three wbeeler

I plan on upsizing my avoidance robot

to this frame and do what needs to be done

with motors.

I have a question and I am confused

This toy has only one motor and a gearbox i supise

How do I go about using this or can I

I am wondering how this works


3D model of psuedoscorpion

I am looking for a 3D printable pasuedoscorpion for my son. Any help and or hints will be appreciated.

Source for Wild Thumper Motors, Parts and Top Plate

Hello, I am wondering if there is a source for the individual components used in the "Wild Thumper" 6wd chassis? I would like to acquire another top plate and possibly some of the other aluminum chassis parts. Another question that I have is about the Motors with built-in shaft encoders for the Wild Thumper-- are these available in the 75:1 gear ratio? Will they fit the Wild Thumper chassis? I don't mind if I have to make something electronically to interface them, but will they fit mechanically? Is there a source for them? Thanks John

Motee - the tiniest & smartest motor controller in the World


I’m Karol Karczewski, the team leader of Lime Devices group. 
I’m happy to annouce that we have just launched our first campaign on Indiegogo:
The motor controller dedicated for robotics named Motee.

Find the Code Error! Take the Electrical Engineering Challenge to Win

Ready to participate in the Electrical Engineering Challenge (administered by Circuit Cellar magazine)? Circuit Cellar’s editors purposely inserted an error in the code 

NASA SpaceX Launch Invitation

Hello LMR,

As some of you might remember, we were recently awarded a small piece in the NASA SpaceApps Challenge.As a small gesture of giving something back to this amazing community, I'd like to invite a fellow LMRian(s) to  join me and a couple of my friends at the NASA SpaceX Launch at the Kennedy Space Center this September. It would be a pleasure meeting you in person.

Suggestion for a new "Add Content" tab:Your crappy kickstarter

Since we seem to get one or two of those a week submitted as a forum entry, why don't we just make it official?  "Here's the place where you can come to overinflate the originality of and grovel and beg for money to get your just-like-every-other-project funded."

Help me brainstorm up a new, perfect, Dog-chewing sensor.

This is my giant puppy Galileo (aka Leo):

aka "Vishnu, destroyer of leather furniture."

(These are only the last two examples.  There's one at the leather repair shop too.)

New Micro Magician V2

The new improved Micro Magician V2 is here! It has all the features you loved in the original Micro Magician but with an ATmega328P and improved power supply. The new black and yellow PCB looks great and is easier to read.

You can now download the manual from here: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B__O096vyVYqUjNXVV9RMmFuNkk


Dagu T'Rex Controller Magic Smoke


I am new to the forums, but I was told this is likely the better place to ask my question. I recently was rewiring my Dagu T'Rex controller and mistakenly reversed the polarity on the battery connection to the board, as result I let out some of the magic smoke. It was in the low-voltage mode when this occurred, and I identified D17 as a failed open diode. I am not sure just yet if any other components have been affected, however any recommendations or help I can get would be appreciated.


-Ryan H.