Let's Make Robots!
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problem with my code

hi i wrote a code to drive 2 motors but the weird thing when i run this on the arduino the arduino keeps going to setup each time it goes to read the serial recived but when i ran it on the aruino leonardo it kept writing a very weird error the io exception thing or idk

here is the code 


int motors[2][3]={3,5 ,                  //PWM PINs

                  4,6,                   // wire1

Mystery object time - Update one

Just for fun here is a 3D printed Mystery Object for you to ponder over.

Have a wild stab at guessing and post below.......

.... The blue object is the key to it all....

PS. if you dont need a clue check the name of the image...

Update video :-

Click Image below ......

Robot Arm with Rotating Base, tangled wires

I'm stuck on a problem with my robot. Trying to add a rotating base to a robotic arm but Im not sure how I would keep the wires from the joints from spinning and eventually getting tangled. Anyone come across this problem? Base was orignally supposed to only rotate 180 degrees so I think I may have to start over on my design. Anyone have this problem with rotating bases?

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PWM and motor torque

I'm building a robot using Pololu micro metal gearmotors, and I've noticed that the torque is very low using PWM (I'm using the Dagu Mini Driver). If I try running one of the motors directly off a battery pack with the same voltage as the PWM is generating, the torque is much higher. Is this normal? Thanks for your help--I'm very new to all this.
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Expresses emotions, solves problems, artificial consciousness
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