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Based on Raspberry Pi Model A+, moving autonomously, obstacle avoiding, line following, maze solving, Braitenberg vehicle
NEW: Maze Solver Software Short description: PiBot-A is a small, autonomous robot based on Raspberry Pi Model A+. Varying sensors can be mounted on its front to … Read more
Learns from Listening and Asking Questions, Tracks Colors and Heat, 6 Web Services, Database of Learned Knowledge
Using a
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Robot boat motoring around the bay


We got our solar robot boat motoring around in the bay yesterday.  It really works!


A BiPed is born. Here is the biped I have been working on. It uses 8 MG995 servos, the Veyron 24 Channel servo controller, two 3.7v Lipo batteries and a Windows 8 … Read more
line following robot; running on 72MHz ARM Cortex M4, stm32f303 (pin compatibile with stm32f103); as controll loop pid is used for basic position control; for … Read more

Help with power circuitry

Ok so followng the advice in this thread and from these forums I have now bought a 7.4v and an 11.1v Turnigy LiPo rechargeable batteries (different voltages to be used in different applications).

Obstacle avoiding arduino robot uno for biginner

#include <Servo.h>
// --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Motors
int motor_left[] = {2, 

Best motor for "tap water turbine"?

Hey All,

In looking online, it looks like when developing a wind/water mill-like generator, a high voltage motor is best to generate battery charging ability at low RPMs.  One of the problems with any hobby-type toy motors is that they need to be spun really fast to get some good voltage out of them.

But if i add gearing to the hobby motors then they become too difficult for gentle winds/water to move the fins of the generator.

A basic comparison between a new low power microcontroller and an known one produced by the same manufacturer (in progress)
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