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Controlled immersively, FPV video feedback projected to Oculus Rift in real-time
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The <20€ European open robot kit(work in progress)

The purpose is to make a bill of material to make an easy to build, easy to hack, cheap and full of features robot.

There are various builds, so it's better to list components that fit the bill (easy to use, cheap and readily available from arduino kits and chinese e-commerces)


Voice controled Raspberry robot

I want to make a voice controled raspberry pi robo. I am using rapberry b+ .Pls help me which audio device to use and how can I programe it?

BoB Jr. ~video~


EDIT: 6/1/15

Added a video of BoB Jr's first steps...

Will add a complete robot post soon. Promise. =)




Starting a BoB project after seeing Deshipu's μBoB.

STL Viewer (beta)

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