Let's Make Robots!
Animabot is a hexapod robot created to interact with humans. Talking, playing, home surveillance, remote control, and much more !       Read more

My Soft Robotic Hand in Popular Science

I'm really excited to announce that one of my robotics projects is now in Popular Science magazine!

I met two editors from PopSci last year at NY Maker Faire, and exchanged contact info. Later one of them reached out to me to ask if I'd like to do a robotics project for the magazine, based on the resources in Harvard's Soft Robotics Toolkit.The toolkit is an excellent place to start if you are interested in soft robotics.

Cannot get the motors to work for this robot

hey guys. I am not getting any movement or anything from the two dc motors. I am using a l239d driver 

here is the code and also a attachment of the wiring.Thanks I hope someone can help me

#include <Servo.h>

#include <NewPing.h>


//Below are the symbolic constants. Instead of having to type in a non-sensical pin number each time we want to do something we can write an easy to understand name which represents the pin, the compiler will then replace the names with the numbers

#define LeftMotorForward 8

Hi guys, Just wanted to make you all aware of a new project that is going to be released on Kickstarter on the 16th May.  Read more

battery case question

hey guys i salvaged this outta a toy wondering if i connected it wrong.

can you take alook at the pics and offer some insight. thanks

Connects electronics to WiFi. Easy to program
UPDATE: 27/04/2015 Wow: there has been a great welcome for this new WiPy! All spots of reviews are closed already! However, please write your comment on what you … Read more

first robot

hi guys i posted about the james robot which i am not having any luck with. I am wondering if you could suggest a robot i could build that has easy instructions so i can at least build somethibg and heal my ego. i only have one micro servo a ping sensor and two dc motors. and arduino uno


Earthquake in Nepal - Quick Update

Hello LMRians, 

Long time no see. For those of you who might not have been informed, Nepal was struck by a massive eathquakeThank you all for the wishes during these dire times. I am safe with my family. So are my friends.

James robot driving me crazy

hey guys i am seriously losing my mind. I am very eager to leanr and improve. I seen this project and i really wanted to build it. Its been like two months and i still am.having issues.

3-Axis Joystick with Button

I saw this joystick in a Hackaday article and I thought it looked cool. I really liked that it had a knob on the joystick.

Apparently there are two different pot choices and two different bezel choices. I thought the default 10K pots and rubber benzel were fine.