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triangular wave

for ARP1

holds an oled display
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help me to make my balance robot standup right


I made my first self-balance robot using:

-arduino uno

-TB6612FNG dual motor driver

-motor DG02S


-châssis home made

-Kalman filter

-PID for PWM

-DFrobot battery 7.4v 2200 mAh

the problem is:

when pwm is under 50 the motor don't move !!

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Christmas/Birthday Shopping

I have a friend who has and Arduino Uno, but hasn't used it for anything. While he does have access to tools and soldering irons, he is reluctant to do anything with the arduino, being far more interested in programming on his computer. I want to take advantage of the holiday/his birthday, and find something that will let him apreciate the arduino. Any ideas?


He is a freshman in high school, and is competent in electronics, and a far better programmer than I am.

     Thank you in advance, Kidbot

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Couple of questions with Dagu T'Rex Controller

Hi Guys

Just trying to get my excellent new controller board up and running in my project. I'm only using the left motor and nothing was happening but have found from searching the pin assignments are not correct in the sample code is that right? I've switch around right and left and can now operate the motor, but current sense isn't working. Before I spend too long debugging I was going to try and get a correct list of pins in case maybe the current sense pins didnt need to be swapped?

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