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Op-amp in inverting voltage follower configuration

I want to use op-amp as a voltage follower configuration and positive dc voltage signal is applied to inverting terminal.
So I should get same negative dc voltage on output.

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Intelligent navigation with vibrating motors and IR L/V sensors
Using a
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Win a Jetduino robotics board for the JetsonTK1

I just launched a contest to give away 2 prototypes of the new Jetduino robotics interface board for the Jetson TK1. The Jetduino mounts on top of the TK1 and level shifts all of its GPIO, I2C, serial and SPI lines to 3.3V or 5v. It has Grove and 3-pin 2.54mm headers to make it very easy to connect commercial off-the-shelf sensors to the Jetson and communicate with them via Python or C++. It also has a built-in shield for any Mega or Uno form factor Arduino.

Anyone know about machine learning on Arduino?

I saw this code about Neural net on an Arduino here: http://robotics.hobbizine.com/arduinoann.html

and would like to know how I could apply it to my latest robot DuckBot so that it could figure out how get back on it's feet

on it's own instead of me having to code explcitely to do that. I have one sensor that currently says if angle of sensor indicates < 145 degrees then robot has fallen. It uses 3 servos to get back up on its feet.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

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Looking for other forums about building robots

Any other forums that are more active than this one? I just can't believe I can't find other sites that are making robots and talking about them. 

I want to build another robot with tracks that will be able to run through snow and water and not worry about ruining the electronics. Also I can't seem to find tracks big enough. Its going to be a large robot and will need tracks similar to say a honda HP250 or similar tracked wheelbarrow. I just can't find tracks. 


I have come across some on ebay from snowblowers like this...

Seeking picture of TV robot with tilted omni-wheels

There is an omni-wheeled robot I very vaguely recall seeing on TV many years ago.  I cannot recall the show confidently, but suspect it may have been one of the background robots in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. I would have seen it on TVperhaps in the 80's.