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Robot Costume Contest

Hey guys!

If anyone is interested (and has mad costume-making skills), ezrobot is running a costume competition for Halloween! It can be any robot, it does not have to be an ezrobot. :) You can win some credit, and we would love to see some submissions from Let's Make Robots!  


occupancy grid map with canvas?

Im pretty new in this and my english sux, but i do my best :)

Im currently on it to build a Robot based on the Rover5 Chassis with ExplorerPCB and using a Arduino Mega2560 as Controller on ExplorerPCB..

How to make a medium size robot. Let's make a guide!

Now we have wonderful tutorials for making beginners and small robots, but bigger robot need stronger frame, motors, bigger batteries and can do much more work.

There are good examples of medium size robots here, but it would be useful to me and maybe others if there is a good comparison of various motors and drivers, how to get them and what to care about to avoid crashes and dangers.

Where could I buy a cheap BLDC motor position controller?

Hi! Can you please help me if you know any cheap web for buy a motor position controller? I am looking for a BLDC controller that does position control, like a servo motor.

Spider controller is not recognized in Arduino IDE

After initially successfully testing the Spider controller, I unplugged the spider and when i plugged it back in, my computer wouldn't recognize it anymore, in Arduino IDE the serial port shows nothing. Has anyone had this problem with the Spider before?
When I uploaded the initial code I might have selected 'mega 2560' as the board type instead of 'mega 1280'.
I have seen some great quadruped robots on this site in the past few years and always wanted to build one myself. It became one of the most time-consuming projects … Read more
This is my snow plow bot. It is currently RC but I want to convert it to wireless for internet control.Weighs about 200 pounds. Some Specs: Read more

Sunny - The InMoov clone at DFRobot

May I introduce Sunny. He's a direct offspring of the famous InMoov.

We started building Sunny (well, I am actually not doing much work but giving a helping hand and advises) her ein DFRobot for display at the Shanghai Maker Carnival in mid October.

Right now the head is almost done and we are planning to move down step by step.