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QP-Nano QM State Machine Programming?


Has anyone worked with qp / qm state machine programing?


I am looking into this for controlling robots.  Has anyone here used it or has any opinion about it for programming Arduino ?


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Pin type force sensor?

I am using a linear actuator, that has an acme screw type of actuator.  It will be used to apply up to 400 lbs of force to a gripper mechanism.  I want to sense the force at the end of the actuator, which has a 3/8" dia rod-end type of connection, using a clevis pin.  Ideally, it would have a 0-5v output for easy interfacing to an Arduino.

I have found clevis-pin type of strain sensors, but they seem to be  very expensive. One was $900, and I need 3.

How to attach BaneBots wheels to motors?

Hi all.  A few years back, I bought a pair of BaneBots RS-775 12V motors in the hope of making a really fast robot.  I messed around with them when I first got them, but did not get good results because I could not find a way to securely attach decent wheels.  I now finally have time to work on it again, and I believe I have a better plan this time.  I would like to use the BaneBots T40 wheels (the 2 7/8" ones) and the matching hubs.  The hubs only come in 3, 4, and 6mm bores, and my motors have 5mm shafts...

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Dancing robot

Hi! Here is my new dancing robot. Enjoy! ))



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