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Error: Hardware not found on COM3!

Please i have seen a lot of things to help but for the most part i dont know how to do it :P please i am probably the most beginner in robots ever so i saw one thing where someone said something about connecting the left and right two holes or whatever together on the place where you put the programming cable into on the robot. please help, thanks in advance.

This was my first project. I started out on a quite ambitious note. but i couldn't complete it the way i expected it to be. The robot, all it does is whenever it … Read more

High friction material

I've not logged in for a while, but I'm still working on my robot, as and when I get the chance. I'll update my robot page, when I have the next part finished. The next part is the reason for this post, however. I appear to have hit a stumbling block and as usual, I'm turning to the good folk here at LMR, for advice.



first I am not englishman, I live in Slovak, thats sorry for my english

second...I am building a autonomous robot, I have 6WD wild thumper, T'Rex motor controller and arduino (UNO and MEGA and some sensors)

I want a car which will have a sensors to be autonomous, GPS, camera to recognize object and faces, microphone to recognize voice, robotic arm. 

Help Recovering Arduino Nano ATMega328P - Lost USB Serial


I have an Arduino Nano ATMega328P Clone with a CH340 USB - Serial Chip. During an upload it reset my Mac and now the USB Serial on this device is no longer recognised.

I have tried many guides to re-flash the Bootloader using another working Nano connected to the bad Nano via ISCP (6 Pin Header).

No matter what I try I cannot get the programmer to work, I just keep getting a Device Signature Error message:

Servos not "smooth" during operation

Hie all. I am currently making a robot arm for my explorer robot :

The problem is when i power up the arm, it violently moves to the  "upright" position and there is a lot of buzzing in the gripper and wrist servo when i'm not lifitng anything. the arm is able to lift a quite a bit and is very light. 

3D printer issues

Why do homing my z axis it will go up 2mm and then go do 6mm? I had to plug my z end stop in the max part on my ramps 1.4 to get it to work this far. Is there something i need to set in my marlin file?

Here is my Marlin file, sorry I don't remember how to bracket it as a code for easy viewing.

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Wild Thumper T'Rex and ROS

Forum to discuss experiences @ryan
Balances on two wheels
This robot is called Wheelee. It is simple inverted pendulum robot made on arduino. Sensors:  L3G gyroLSM303 accelerometerMotor … Read more