Let's Make Robots!

which motors do i need?


I was looking for a new challenge in building robots.

The new robot is 100 kg and needs 4 motors. I am a quite noob with motors. 

i used this website to calculate the torque needed for the motors


but the problem was that the outcome was that I need 4 motors of 30 Nm. I think that is very much and i can't find motors of 30 Nm

can anyone help me with this problem?


Thanks a lot

How to create a Sonar - My proyect

Hi everyone thanks for checking in, does anybody know how Sonars are made? I need to develop a 360 degrees one in order to make a virtual map, I plan to make a circular set of little ultrasound emitters, including its own receptor, I can't find any information regarding how they're actually built and what they're composed of, please help!

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CSVPOVD - Charlieplexing Saccadic Valentine's Persostence of Vision Display

Happy Valentine with this strangely named new device!

CSVPOVD in action

explore the world via camera, Programmable, Through narrow places easily, battle with other robots
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