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Machines plastic, wood and aluminium
For the last few years I have been working on an Arduino compatible 5-axis CNC controller. The project stalled a few times but now it is almost complete. The … Read more
     Movies can be a great source of inspiration for our projects.      As a post-apocalyptic movies fan, I've waited anxiously for Mad Max: Fury Road. The … Read more
Controlls RGB and UV LED Strips, giving them the ability to react to music in mesmerizing patterns
Freqy Lights were originally inspired by my previous projects, the UV Ceiling Visualizer and the Wireless Sound Reactive Lights. A little over a year after … Read more

Autonomous navigation Robot

I'm trying to make a robot able to navigate autonomous though GPS waypoints. 

So far I've read and seen tutorials for individual hardware and trying to understand how it all works.

Next step will be to try and program something that will work.

Hardware I've
An adafruit ultimate gps.
micro sd card and breakout board for micro sd card
A HMC5883L compass sensor breakout board
Arduino Mega


Excuse me friends,last post was full of Eng-mistakes

and I didn't get the right answer though

here is what I want to ask:

I'm just migrating from AVR to ARM and I'm reading a book about ARM

but still reading the first parts and introducing

I wanna "run before I can walk" 

I want to do small projects with ARM and experience

more than 70 MHz clock speed beside reading that

book (which is in persian) - so :

My Question Is :

New Chassis - not the same

I thought I had found the perfect 4WD chassis for Minion 1.  It looks almost identical to the 2WD chassis I am currently using.  Then, I take a closer look at the New Bright Rhino, and see that it is skid steer.  Hmmmmm...

This is based on an Instructable I found. It drives forward and steers around obstacles. The Minion's eyes are Parallax PING sensors. They started as plain … Read more

The Maestro the Arduino and the Decepticon, Wireless hexapod.

As some of you know ive been trying to complete a 3DOF Hexapod spider using a Torobot servo controller. Well i burned it out about a week ago and ive been trying to do some research on a more plausible choice of controllers so i can get the movement i want and all the extras.

I read up on the Pololu 32ch maestro. It seems they do have a sequencer but i can further develop thier script too. I also found some good information on using the PS2 handle with the arduino and there seems to be some libraries already compiled so that will make things easier.

An LED by any other name

So it just now occurred to me while watching a product video on my favorite electronics website that people pronounce LED differently.

I have always myself said the acronym L.E.D. ... the letters, but it appears that some nowadays are saying led (I led the cow to the pasture) or lead.

So, to the point, I'm curious. How do you pronounce it?