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Worm Gear Servo build

Latest version - 9-18-2014


Tried this way too....


Finished product... well, nearly, still need to finish the controllers... and now working on elbow and wrist joint designs


New Video 8-24-14      RG2 combines several ideas i have been thinking about for a few years.      With one CR Servo it can go forward or turn left or right. … Read more

ComMotion Shield for omni and mecanum wheel robots

After building my first omni wheel robot I realized how difficult it can be to monitor 4 encoders and drive 4 motors so I designed the ComMotion shield. As the name suggest the shield is designed for motion control but as I ended up with 2 spare serial ports I decided to add communications abilities to the shield hence the name ComMotion.

Detecting someone is using a Desk. [Sensor Advice]

I want to do a system or robot that detects someone is using a desk. My question is which sensor or type of detection you would recommend me to use to allow to know someone is using a desk.


My choice are:

-Using an LED and LDR under the table if a person sits, it will detect. (If they wear a black cloth maybe it will not reflect back).

-Use an RFID tag, the person that uses the desk's touch with a tag.

-Distance sensor, in ebay this sensor is very cheap.


Not Automatic choice

Again ... Encoder Counts Problem

I am again… !

Encoders problem again…!

Odometery problem again…!


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