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Talk with Arduino via Speech / Voice Recognition Module
How to: Arduino Voice / Speech Recognition  with Geeetech Module [Tutorial].  This video will show you how to talk with your Arduino with the (cheap) Geeetech … Read more

Good Motor Controller?

I've been looking for a motor controller that I can use for my Arduino. I've been over multiple stores, but I'm not sure which would work best for an Arduino Uno. I'm also looking for a Triple h bridge or higher so I can control more than 2 DC motors. Range needed is at least 5v- 12v. Anyone have any good suggestions, first time using a controller that doesn't have motor controls built in.

For the tl:dr; version:
*I need a motor controller that fits on an ardunino uno
*Works at least in the 5v min range
*Needs to control 3 or more DC motors if possible

     Hello guys!      I'm starting the big project for this year: MDi #4.      It will be a tracked robot with chest and two functional arms.      Will … Read more

Trouble getting Redbot to turn using encoders

I am trying to turn a redbot precisely (relative) 90° using the encoders but I cannot figure out how to do this using the encoder tutorial. Any thoughts on how to do this?

I think i am getting lost in the serial side of things. Pretty much i want the robot to drive straight turn 90° drive the same disrance back and end up back at the start. 

This is my smallest robot 20x20cm and 9cm hight. You can control it via WIFI like the other robots but this also has 8 HC-SR04 distance sensors. The distance will … Read more
Drive 4wd robot via wifi and html5
Using a
It is about 50x50cm with 20cm wheels and uses PiBorg Diable DC motor controller. It has the same control system as the Small Rover but it do not use the internal DC … Read more

Botboarduino drivers

Ok guys it's been a while since I've been on I'm glad everything is picking back up.

I recently had to wipe my computer after getting a virus. Which means I lost all my drivers and code and etc. I managed to get arduino up and running but my botboarduino needs drivers to work. I'm kinda freaked out about catching another virus and I can't seem to find the correct drivers for ft232 uart. I tried one place but it keeps asking me for a password to open it. And when I point the device manager it refuses to see the zip file.

Wha are the basics of robotics that I've to start learning

Hi, I'm a biginner in robotics, so I don't know what are the basics that I should learn, or start with, so please can you guide.

Robot Voice
This tutorial shows you how to use the cheap mp3 shield from Ebay to add music or a robot voice to your next Arduino Project. I am going to try to do more of these … Read more