Let's Make Robots!
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Arduino connecting grounds

Hi all,

I have a question here, which is probably simple to some of you, but I'm going to ask it anyway.

When using multiple servos from an Arduino, I use an alternative power, to the Arduino's on board power, however Arduino and servo power all derives from the same battery. I also connect the grounds, from the servos to a ground on the Arduino. I assume this to be correct, as it works and all the information I have viewed supports that.

Line follower using three line sensors with a Dagu Micro Magician on an Actobotics Runt Rover Sprout chassis. Uses 6v NiMNH battery pack
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3-Axis Joystick with Button

Edit: Here's link to the Aliexpress seller I purchased the joystick from.

I saw this joystick in a Hackaday article and I thought it looked cool. I really liked that it had a knob on the joystick.

A track to provide locomotion.
  OK, I've been asked a few times about the tracks I made from bicycle chain. It's probably easier if I just make a tutorial and then I can direct anyone … Read more

Arduino motor schield

I bought a new l293d motor shield when I connect it uno board the led of both board are turn off and the pc can't find com3 port.

Is it damaged one?

Navigate forward and if detects an object it turns right.
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