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eBay Sniper Lesson

This doesn't have much to do with robots.  Nothing at all in fact-but let's face it, about half of the forum is only tangentially related any more (3d printing, remote control cars, quadcopters, LED cubes, etc.)  This is about a lesson I learned about eBay today.  Or maybe it's about arbitrage or something else-I'll let you decide.

L9110S logic level question.

Hi all,

For my robot I like to run my l9110s motor driver that I got from eBay and 2 dc-motors directly from a 7.2 volt battery. This should work together with an arduino nano. 

 However.. will this motor driver accept the 5v signals that come from the arduino? Or will I need a voltage level shifter?


Any advice welcome :-)


First timer and hopeful enthusiast

So I go to school at ITT Tech and after turning in our project I now get to mess with the remnants of what we built.  Now what I have built and will put a picture in of is a basic water sensor and arduino package.  This worked fine and the teacher liked it but I have always been worried that the LED was so dim when it turned on that we could barely see it.  The teacher said it was fine and let us go.  I on the other hand am not happy.

Quadcopter PWM frequency problem?

Hello Everyone,

I've started building a micro quadcopter. The main body is about 4.5cm long, and 4.5cm wide. Below is a picture.

Openscad PhoneHolder

Link to github
Actually modeled after a NGM Legend 2(an android phone), but i added a height parameter, so it can be modified.
I count to add more files later to the repo.

STL Viewer (beta)

Rotate: |
A common requirement is to add ranging to a Pixy so you can detect an object and determine it's distance. This is a bracket to firmly mount the commonest types of … Read more

why dont I see robots with turning wheels like rc cars do

I understand that some robots just use motors all four or two wheels but why not make a more commonly used practice of making the stering wheels turn

problem with robodog project

hi there

I'm building a robodog which have a car body, I used a servo to move it's tail, and easyvr shield to listen and execute voice comands, and motor shield to move the 4wd chassis, but whenever I say start the servo get stuck at the last rotation and starts vibrating, I tried to increase or decrease the times the servo move but I get the same problem each time, can anyone help me?  

roves on the moon
An old video of moon rover I submitted to the Google 30 Million Dollar Lunar Lander competition and never heard back from them. It is somewhat amateurish and … Read more