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Geneva mechanism on Arduino

I am trying to make a Geneva wheel using Arduino.

The hexagon Geneva magnificent mechanism allows a rotating wheel to stop at each of 6 steps on the wheel for a short while and them move to the next one. It can be designed for octagon, pentagon, or anygon..

see this link abot Geneva mechanism


Below is a suggested code for a 4 stops using a sensor on arduino. Can anyone comment if it works ?



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Worm Brains!

Nemesis2065 showed me this project.  Awesome! Thank's Nemesis.

I say we implement MarkusB's alogrithm on an FPGA and make our own worms. :)

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3D Design work in exchange for parts - PopPet

Hello all,

Just thought I'd let you all know things are going well with PopPet. They are going to be shipped out by the end of this month and all is working out after this long time!

Because I have been so busy cutting and packing them up, I haven't had much time to just muck around and design bits and pieces as add-ons. I wasn't feeling so good today so I sat down and designed this little breadboard holder.

Mobile Robotics Outreach Lab

Howdy fellow roboticists. So, I'm trying to put together a robotics workshop based on a modified "Start Here" bot. I want to give elementary and high school students in my area the opportunity to do some hands-on robotics and coding. I live in a rural area where there aren't a lot of opportunities in that vein. It'd be part of my college's Science Outreach Club. If any deep-pocketed robot-loving pro-STEM individual wanted to help with kit costs, the link to follow would be here:


Thanks for all you do, LMR.

How to Identify a Location

Hi All,

  I am planning to create a robot which can create a 2D map of an environment(Outdoor) rough surface which will be walled. I will be using atleast 2 or 3 ping sensors to navigate inside the wall to avoid obstacles. I am planning to make the robot run around the edge of the wall to create a 2D map of the area. To do so I want to make the robot identify the localtion where it started, so when it reached the location where it started from it will stop and the map will be generated. The problem here is I am not sure how to identify the start location.

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Reflections on Hoff

I haven't been able to substantiate or dispel the note about our friend and my likely relative hoff70. What I can say is that repraff.com lost its place on the web two days ago. It's safe to say that if hoff isn't dead, in some sense he's killing his online identity.

Geologic Inspection Rover


I am planning to build a rover that is based on the design that was conceived by OddBot with his Wild Thumper platform.

My rover will be constructed from sheet aluminum and will be quite simple in overall design.  I will use six motors with three on each side of the rectangular-shaped chassis, to be steered in skid-steer fashion.