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Plamoo, this guy makes the best Gundam Stopmotion EVER!!! It's never a slideshow!!!

Loads more where these two came from.

Search for PLAMOO on youtube.

G U N D A M!!!

They're the most popular Anime to ever exist!!!

Here are examples of What Gundams look like.


RX-78-2 The very first Gundam!!!   GAT-X105 Strike Gundam From the First season of Gundam SEED

PCF8574 topic, Basic Stamp 2 interfacing.

Okey I want to know about these pins.

SDA, SCL , A0, A1, and A2.

What are they used for?


What's the difference between PCF8574AP and PCF8574P?

Okey, I'm going to buy from


It has the PCF8574AP and PCF8574P.

But what is the difference between the two?

And Does anyone know how to interface it to the Basic Stamp 2? 

DIY MOTOR CONTROLLER!!! I use a Basic Stamp 2!!! I want it to be able to control 3 motors!!!

Okey guys, I'm having a little problem here, I'm low on cash and I want to build a DIY motor controller.

However, I need it to be able to control three or four motors.

Even the cheap Pololu MOTOR CONTROLLER (EDIT) won't fit the bill!!!

If I buy two, It'll end up spending around AU$83 !!!

And the ones I found on instructables are manually controlled (By hand)!!!

And I want to put my new soldering iron to the test!!!

Can somebody give me the list of parts, where to get them (in Australia) and the schematic for it?

I'm really desperate!!!

What is the smallest, lightest, cheap and inexpensive servo I could buy?

Okey, when the going gets tough.

The tough needs to go on a diet.

So if I'm to build a super insane robot with 30 something servos.

It would be darn obese.

Anyone have any idea which mini servo I should use?

I live in Australia and shipping leaves me wallet oh so empty.

How do you Fit A Omniwheel from www.omniwheel.com on a futaba servo?

How do you fit it on a futaba servo? And which one would be the best buy for fitting it on the futaba servo?

Can somebody give me a clue? I'm planning on to buy 12 of these wheels.

Where do I get metal Omniwheels?

Where do I get them in Shenzhen in china?

Chinese farmer and his homemade chopper


Notice that the guy is actually sitting on the chopper, not remote controlled.