Let's Make Robots!
This Challange is to see the craftsmanship of the robot along with the programers abilty to know the details of there robots movements. Basic Start in the middle … Read more


This is a eletrionic manual from the navy. Feal free to ask questions and i will do my best to answer them.


Nothing worth reading

Boe bot arived and will be learning how to program. Thank you i will keep at it pictures will come later.

Just got thru the first chapter of the boe bot and there is alot in the form of programing to learn i a bit I will be starting lesson 2 and i belive it is going to cover servo zeroing. Huhh.   Oh well i guess it is important. 

Servos zeroed. Under stand the principles of them now. In laymans terms they are varible speed motors. Still at it thou.

Nothing as free as the start here robot. But i had all ready invested in it before i found this site. And  as it turns out there seams to be a lot of things left … Read more