Let's Make Robots!

Thinking of ways to run 2 continuous servos.

2 questions that should tell me wether this is possible or not.


1.  Is it possible to connect 2 servos to the same potentiometer?  

2.  Is it possible to connect the signal lines of 2 servos to the same servo pin on a PICAXE?  Or would this overload the         poor little chip?


Pretty amazing robot video

 While I don't think they're as advanced as they look at first sight, they are still pretty darned impressive.  They must be using some tiny processors and servo controllers.



Promising Wheel and Track set for bigger, more robust robots

I had an idea for an outdoor ROV and decided that a tracked vehicle would be best suited for the job.  It would need a track set much more robust than the little Tamiya set, but I wouldn't want to drop big bucks on tracks and the YDR tracks couldn't handle wet grass.  I found these.  They look promising for outdoor projects or even just a larger project that might be a bit heavy for the Tamiya tracks.  When assembled the track base would be a bit under a foot long.  This makes way for the use of bet

Serial to Ethernet adapters work with picaxe?

Will a picaxe work with a standard serial to ethernet adapter?  I thought it would be nice to be able to connect it to my laptop via ethernet since my laptop doesn't have a serial port.  I have a usb-to-serial adapter but I'm always forgetting the damn thing and since I'm a network admin I've always got ethernet cables lying around.  I've done similar things with reprogramming dead routers remotely (have modems connected to the serial ports and just dial in to reprogram)