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this would make a great hack for tracking

this could be a great tracking device if it was hacked and added to a robot. would be great to know how to install the technology it uses into a robot



help needed with stepper motor code

i plan to build a robotic arm which is moved using a stepper motor and a pot is used to give its posotion, it will use a 08m and the speed and set position will be sent by serial, the 08m will then turn the motor towards the setposition at the speed sent when it gets closer to the set position the 08m will slow the motor down twice, stop at the set position and send a message saying its there. The code below is just a test code for controling the motor speed and direction and is on a 28x1.

how do i do a walk through

hi im ready to do a walk through for a simple line follower, but im not sure how to make my uploaded images sit against the correct text. iv got quite a few so it would look like a mess if they dont.


sound help needed

im waiting on parts to finish my blimp bot and to make a line follower walk though. but whilst thinking about the line follower i came up with wacky racer crazy line followers. This is something im sure every one will like. what im after is code for a horn sound and a plane engine running sound and a car engine running sound plus a skiding sound. i havent  tryed to code for these sounds myself yet but it would save me alot of time if some one has already got them and i can post the walkthouhgh quicker. also im only useing a peizo not a speaker

thanks in advance