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Farrusco, Your First Robot

Farrusco, Your First Robot

Farrusco, Your First Robot

where to find a specific DC motor

I just found this two rc cars, and I want to give them a new life. The small one seems to be working ok, but the motor of the biggest one doesn't want to work.


I removed the dc motor and noticed one thing I never saw, there are the two wires that connect to the motor pins, and there was a third wire but got loose. I think it was soldered to the motor body, and I wonder where must it be connected.. ground? I try to ground it but the motor still doens't work.

smoothing servo movements

Finally I finished zezinho's hardware and now heading to the software. 

When I have it programmed to jump into random poses I would like him to move smoothly instead of quickly jump into another pose.

Someone have any tip to achieve this using Arduino code?

Help with Mr Basic

I have assembled Mr Basic with 4xAA bateries, and tried L293D and L298N but with no luck, seems that it needs more power.

I would love to have some help building an H-Bridge with some kind of transistors, I know a lot of websites with lots of schematics, but I don´t know what are the best transistors to use, any help would be appreciated  :-)

using a microphone as sensor

I have a couple of headset microphones, and I would like to use them as sound sensors..

I tried to amplify the signal using LM386, but it doens´t work.. can someone help me on this?

Tanks, 4WD, 6WD

for those who like all terrain vehicles:


separating several sensor values

I´m starting a project were 2 Arduinos comunicate through wireless modules (XBee Pro).

Arduino #1 has two potenciometers and sends their values
Arduino #2 recieves the values like this:


Now I need to separate this values and assign each one to a variable.
But I´m stuck here.. any help would be apreciated!! 

DC motors ideas

couple of months ago, i knew i want to start to make things move, work, interact, etc... and i´ve made my first order, so i bought this lovely motors.. i never dreamed that i would need gears, or transmissions boxes.. so it was a big dissapointment when I found out that a motor woudn´t drive any wheel just because it is a motor...

so, I want to give life to this guys, and without having gears.. anyone have ideas or suggestions for what can I do with these?   :)


L293D question

I´m trying to make my own motor driver, and this is what i could do until now by following some tutorials.

Happens that i can drive the motor in both ways with no problem!

If i connect the servo, and the motor, they both run for a couple of seconds and then stops... i think i should use a power supply for the motor but i´m lost in here..




battery / power question

i´ve made this post, maybe in the wrong place.. if so, i kindly ask to the admins to please fell free to change its location