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"baratinha" fase 2

I thought this was a closed project... i was wrong!! :]

I decided to change the structure and the geometry of the chassis.

Now the gravity center is lower wich performs more stability.





i´ve decided to remove the other power switchs and put this smaller ones, and one below the other, so that i can switch on all the system at once.


battery / power question

i´ve made this post, maybe in the wrong place.. if so, i kindly ask to the admins to please fell free to change its location


battery / power question


my first post here!!

i´m glad to find letsmakerobots!!!!!


i´m an electronics newbie, i´ve made my 1st robot wich i´ll post photos as soon as i find out how to create a blog entry :)


now, i´ve started a new project, wich is an offroad car, and i want to add brains (arduino) and some sensors (ultrasonic and infrared).

the first problem is, i´m using 9v batteries, and the steering motor seems to need more power, a noise comes out and it only moves a little..