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arduino language

hi friends. i ask all of u, that can i use the coad written for arduino environment to another controller(atmel-40pin) through keil-c softwar environment. if no then what kind of changes take place.

about arduino-uno

how many time i transfer i transfer program to the arduino-uno board via usb cable.

i have using arduino-uno. i program to drive two DC motor, intially it work sucssesfully. But after transfering program 20 time, same program is not executed for both motor. the program is loded sucssfully which indicated on screen.

plz help me. i am waiting for u.............!

arduino with sensor

hi frinds, i am ne bee in this world. i have some idea about programing in arduino. but i have encounter some problem in programing it. i have use sonic sensor it has 3 port. name of sensor GH-311RT. but i have found in discution it should not be use to distance measurement. but it should sense the value high withine 25cm and low beyound 25cm when i use control pin to analog input 'A0'. so i have plane to drive two motor with this sensor logic as explane above. so i have write program for it. but problem is that, it does not function according to sensor.

arduino with servo

hi friend i am new bee. i have problem in servo programing.my connection of servo is as, i have connect control pin(yellow) to pin 9 with my arduino uno board. i have power my servo with arduino board is at 5v and GND. i have program to go from 0 to 180 forward at 20degree step and then after som time delay go from 180 to 0 reverse. but in actually my servo goes forward continuously 0to 180 without step, also it does not reverse back. for my program is like,



arduino with firefighter

hi, friends i am new user of robotic builder. i am going to build firefighter with arduino.

i am using ultrasonic sensor to detect obstecl around 3m. i am very confusing about

fire sensor. what kind of sensor i use in this project board. i want to detect the fire/ hot iron road

from 2m. plz help me. also tell me how i conect this my arduino_uno.

thanx for help.

arduino with servo and gear motor

 hi friends, i am new user of arduino. plz tell me how i program three servo. can i directly connect servos to arduino board to operate it. Is voltage regulator and capacitor required for it, if it is, then what's the value of regulator and capacitors. also provide information (with diagram) how to connect three servos to arduino uno.
there is one question, i want to use two geared motor to arduino. how can i control the speed of motors individually. is any motor drive circuit is required. how can i design this circuit. plz provide all parts details and conection details.

about arduino kit

hi frinds, i am new user to build robot. i want to ues arduion uno ATmega328.

there is confusing about coding. can i program it in .php. if it can be, then plz

tell me about how it can be load this program(i.e in .php) in my arduino board.

can programmer is required to load this program? how could i fetch his program

 in arduino softwar environment.