Let's Make Robots!

Picture Time

Just some pictures from when I was getting ready for the games.  They officially start on Friday.  My teammate has gone to the event site for weigh in.  Enjoy

Off to robogames

Sitting here at the airport waiting for my flight. Just cleared security and customer with 4 robots in tote. Will have some pictures soon
Hello all, Driller Shark has been upgraded, and here are some pictures for your visual enjoyment. The original Driller shark base. Now souped up with a higher … Read more

Making parts

I spent Thursday night making hubs for new robots.  Enjoy the video.

SI1120 Sensor

This is a new sensor I'm testing out.  Hopefully will be ready to go into the new sumo soon.

Robogames getting closer

The Robogames are coming up pretty soon.  Here is my team almost finished.  You can see Driller Shark on the left after the board and sensor overhaul.  The trusty Blaster Shark on the right.  And the new guy in the middle which still needs some stuff but is coming along.  That is all for now.

SI1120 Sensor working

Developed the code some more to determine which side and how far an object is. The green LEDs signify whether or not either side detects an object. The yellow LEDs signify which side the object is. Lastly the red LED indicates of the object is really close.



Getting ready for San Francisco

I've been busy lately getting a hacker space set up here in Saskatoon, so I haven't made much progress on my robots.  But now that the RoboGames in San Francisco is coming up, I'm getting my butt in gear.  Here are some of the things I'm working on.  A sensor board and my new sumo.  Blaster shark and Driller shark(currently getting rebuilt) are going as well.  TTFN

More Pictures of CNRG 2010

Back from holidays working on lots of stuff in the mean time here are some more pictures from the Robot games, enjoy.