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Western Canadian Robot Games = Great fun

Hello all,

The Western Canadian Robot Games in Calgary was a great success in Calgary for my new robot.  I will be updating this post with more videos and pics soon and also making a new robot entry for my sumo.  Enjoy the video I found on youtube.  I think Samm is in there too.

Attempt At Making Robot Wheels

Hey guys,

It has been a while since my last post.  The Vulcan Five is not looking too good beacuse of the PCB fiasco.  I'm trying to salvage that situation, but its going slowly.  So unfortunately for this coming up competition it will not be entered.

However recently I have been experimenting with making my own robot wheels for maximum grippage on my sumos.  Here are some puctures of the results.

Hello All,  This is my first, hopefully of many, robots I am posting at this site.  I am part of the University of Saskatchwan IEEE Robotics club and have been … Read more

Dimensional Ultralancer: Vulcan Five PCB

My PCB is finally finished however there is one major problem with it.



I just finished my the board for the Vulvan Five and had it sent away to get CNCed.  I have the capability to do homemade PCBs but this one was a little big.  So … Read more

Computer Parts Salvaging

My work occasionally has a surplus computer sale, where they get rid of old or non functioning computers.  So I picked up a nonfunctioning one complete with keyboard and mouse for free.computer_salvage_010.jpg

 This is also probably a good time to show you my basement workshop.


The whole setup takes up a corner in the basement next to the central vac.

Dimensional Ultralancer: Vulcan Five - Update 2

Hello all,

 Just an update at where I am at with the Vulcan Five.  I've written and tested some timers to generate the 38KHz output needed to drive the IR LEDs.  The motor controls, digital and Analog I/O all work great.  Now its on to making the PCB.  Low_Profile_Sumo_043.jpg

The first thing I did was cut out some paper to and try to determine a good fitting top cover.


Weekend at WalMart

The new WalMart just opened last week here in Saskatoon.  I decided to visit it which was probably a mistake cause most of my time was spent looking for a parking spot and waiting in line to pay for stuff.  The reason I went was because supposedly this one is the largest one in western Canada.  I probably should have stayed home because I wasn't able to make any progress on my sumo last weekend, however I did find something cool.

Dimensional Ultralancer: Vulcan Five Progress Update

Just a little update on the progress of Vulcan Five.


Part of my robot workshop.  The rest of it is in the basement.


Robot assistant Tanpopo posing with Vulcan Five.


Oscilloscope set up ready to debug.