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Electrical noise

I love this forum of LMR, because i can ask you guys all the questions that i cannot understand with a google serch, and you guys don't make me feel stupid!

I'm working on a bot with a robotc arm; this means a lot of servos(actually, just 7). The first thing is that they are weaker, how can i make them stronger? I mean, can i set the voltage higher than 6V? Without damanging the servos?

Questions on servos

Here, i have two questions regarding the servos.\

1- What do i have to do to hack a standard servo for a 360 degree rotation? I don't mean the continuos rotation. Do i have only to cut the plastic part that stop the gear from turn? and than send the signal out of the boundaries 225/75? I just want to make sure before i procede with the hack.

How do they work?

Well, yesterday i was cleaning the basement of one of my friend's house when i found this:


A very good looking box with a lot of interesting stuff in! Motors, mechanics, gears, belts...and whatever people can drem up! Perfect for some cool robotic projects! So i brought everything in my house and i started testing it. I have no idea of where all this stuff came from, it seems a sort of photocophy machine, or something like that. All the guesses are welcomed!

Problem on the Picaxe softwere

Well, some days ago ago i was happily writing a code on the Picaxe programming editor when an unexpected problem showed up.

The problems came when i started to simulate my code: after some time this thing appeared:


What does it mean? What i can do to avoid it?

Thanks for the future answers